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Administration . 
Campus Events . 

Arts r. 



Student Life . . . 


Closing ....... 

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The Seniors of 1984 are proud to have this 76th 
edition of the HACAWA dedicated to Acting President 

President Allran is a graduate of Lenoir-Rhyne 
College with a degree in Business Administration. He 
is married to Mary E. Houser who also graduated 
from Lenoir-Rhyne College. He has four children, 
two boys and two girls. 

President Allran is a member and Sunday school 
teacher at United Church of Christ. He is a member of 
Lenoir-Rhyne Board of Trustees, Lenoir-Rhyne 
Finance and Investment Committee, Development 
Board, Budget Committee, and Chairman of 
Promotion and Development Committee. 

He is a valuable asset to our school and his many 
activities which help our school have not gone 
unnoticed. The seniors recognize President Allran 's 
contributions and thank him by dedicating this 
annual to him. 




Fair star of Carolina, our college glorious. 

Our College loved by all, to thee we sing. 

May she forever shine, clear and bright, victorious, 

To her our song of loyalty we bring. 

Fling wide the red and black. 

O sing aloud her praises! 

This is the song we sing. 

Lenoir-Rhyne to thee! 

Fair star of Carolina, our Alma Mater, 

Our college best of all in this broad land, 

Thou best beloved of every son and every daughter. 

Thy children hail thy name on every hand. 

Fling wide the red and black, 

O sing aloud her praises! 

This is the song we sing, 

Lenoir-Rhyne to thee! 



(1 1 

■ . J; 




The summer had ended and college age students began 
preparing to return to "their" respective colleges and 

About 1400 of those direct their attention to a "Small liberal 
arts college in Hickory, NC . . . Lenoir-Rhyne college. 

Arriving on the campus of any institution for the first time 
can be somewhat of an overwhelming experience in different 
ways. So it is at Lenoir-Rhyne. 

For some it may be that frightening experience of being 
separated from the security of home and still others are 
flabergasted by the unlimited freedom that college life 
seems to offer. 

Although the student arriving on L-R's campus may 
experience the aforementioned feelings, or any combination 
of feelings, there is that atmosphere of friendliness and 
general concern among the faculty, staff, and students. 

Wandering around campus the first few days of school, I 
noticed excitement about the beginning of a new year. One 
that promised graduation for some and another step up the 
educational ladder for all. 

With these questions and other concerns neatly addressed by 
President AUran, the year progressed with students and 
faculty/staff generally feeling good about another year. 

In a matter of days the Freshman and Transfers had 
accoustomed themselves to the campus with the returning 
students "easing" back into the groove of studying and 
taking advantage of the other activities offered to L-R 

—Donald Anthony 


I have often wondered if Lenoir-Rhyne being a Christian 
school meant something to the high school senior deciding 
on where to spend the next four years ... a decision which 
affects a lifetime. For many, including myself, I think it did 
(sometime count how many PKs-preacher's kids— there are 
on campus). For the rest, I think that the church has influ- 
enced them in many ways since August of their freshman 

What does it mean to be a Christian college? I think it is 
much more than wearing a suit or dress to lunch on Sunday 
or muttering over the momentary chaos created by a Luth- 
eran Youth Day. The Lutheran Church was very intentional 
in having a Christmas philosophy along side the liberal arts 
philosophy at Lenoir-Rhyne. We are challenged by Christ's 
message in Biology, Accounting, and on the athletic field. It's 
not just whether we make a profit in business or whether we 
master the Spanish language. Because we are Christians we 
have a responsibility to view other human beings as children 
of God. The concept of "Love Thy Neighbor" must be real- 
ized at the office, in the classroom, on the residence hall, and 
with the nameless face staring at us from a Third World 
country. The Christian philosophy at Lenoir-Rhyne enables 
us to develop the goal: W^e must radically change the way we 
treat our fellow humans and our earth. The liberal arts 
education wc receive equips us with the knowledge we need 
to accomplish is the office of the chaplain. Since January, 
1983, the Rev. Don Just has been a highly visible and ener- 
getic pastor to the college community. He has helped the 
manv student religious groups on campus 
(FCA, LSM, BSU, the Canterbury club. 
Fools for Christ and others) aside from 
the multitude of worship experience he 
has set up during the week. Chapel on 
Wednesday morning, Thursday night 
communion, and an informal 8:30 Sunday 
morning service, attract campus partici- 
pation. Just has also begun evening devo- 
tions in a different residence area each 
week night. The chaplain's concern has 
not been on large numbers at each event, 
but rather for the quality of the worship 
experience for those who choose to at- 

—Luther B. Faggart 

As an Incoming freshman, I came to Lenoir-Rhyne not 

really knowing what to expect. Like most freshmen, I 

didn't know anyone but from the moment I arrived, 

everyone was so friendly and I came to feel right at home. 

There is a genuine sense of caring, friendship and 

togetherness that everyone feels at Lenoir-Rhyne. College 

is such an important and challenging part of every 

individual life— it's a time to begin a new way of life, a life 

when one is caught between old traditions and new 

challenges, searching for a new identity and chartering a 

course for the future. Students come to college searching 

for friends to share experiences and who will listen and 

heli> solve problems. The search for a meaningful 

relationship to society and with friends begins and is 

fulfilled at Lenoir-Rhyne. Not only are strong and real 

friendships among students a dominant feeling on this 

campus, but the relationship between the faculty and 

administration with the students also shows the feelings of 

caring and togetherness that Lenoir-Rhyne can be proud 

of. Personally, the close friendships I've developed over 

the last four years here have made a considerable impact 

and have been a very valuable part of my life. These 

memories will never be forgotten. 

— Patty Anthony 

Going to college is fun. 
We try to make the best 
of our time and have fun 
while doing it. We know 
we have to study, so we 
discover ways to make it 
fun, like with a friend or 
with someone we would 
like to know better. 

While in school we make 
new friends — ones that 
will last. We can remem- 
ber the times we laughed 
while walking to class or 
going out and hitting the 
town. What we make of 
our years spent here at 
Lenoir-Rliyne are memo- 
ries that we think of as 
campus life. 

—Catharine Johnston 





Lenoir-Rhyne is more than just tests, 
books, and classes. Many activities take 
place that help to broaden our educational 
experiences and provide fun and 

Convocations are scheduled throughout 
the year and include performers, political 
and motivated speakers, and scholars. 
Forums on topics ranging from athletics to 
our national and world problems are held 

On the lighter side, L-R has an excellent 
athletic program. Our facilities are 
exceptional for a small college and they 
are open to all students. Our varsity 
iports are very competitive and attract 
many fans from the Hickory area. Our 
intramural program gives every student 
the opportunity to participate and enjoy 
sports ranging from flag football and 
soccer, to swimming, volleyball, Softball 
and others. 

Program Board and different organizations 
on campus sponsor many different events 
including dances, open houses, male 
beauty pageants (Mr. LRC), pig-pickins', 
etc. One of the biggest happenings each 
year is Homecoming with M*A*S*H being 
this years theme. A great deal of hard 
work is put into the pep rally, parade, 
dance, etc. and it is always a success. 

So there is more to L-R than just hitting 
the books ... a lot more. 

—Jerry Nordsiek 

A Brief Look at the 
History of Lenoir-Rhyne College 




Courses for degrees with electives. Commercial, Music, 
Art, and Preparatory Departments. Able and ex- 
perienced Professors who have done 
post-graduate work in 

Leading American Universities 

A. B. Degree Admits to Graduate Work irt U, of N. C. 

Library and Reading Room, Chemical and Physical 
Laboratory, Eleven Churches (four Lutheran.) Healthful 
location, on Southern and C. & N.-W. Railways, in the 
famous Piedmont section of North Carolina, 1,250 feet above 
sea level. Beautiful new Chapel erected during the past 
year at a cost of $7,000. 

Elegant New Brick and Stone Dormitory for Young Men. Steam Heat, 
Electric Lightt, Batht, Etc., in Both Dormitoriei 


In Young Men's Building, per month - - - $9.50 

In Young Ladies' Building (Steam heat) per month $8.50 

Tuition in College, a year $40.00 

Catalogue and full particulars free. Address 

R. L. FRITZ. President 

Hickory, N. C. 

The following pieces of dialogue are from the book 
Traces. This is a book with the oral history of Lenoir- 
Rhyne College. It is written by the Oral History Class of 


Group picture 
of student 
body during 


"We never needed to ivorry about 
clothes for Sunday. We all wore uni- 
forms. Each fall the girls were lined up 
and measured for dark blue serge suits. 
When spring came many bolts of white 
material were ordered, a heavier type 
for skirts, a daintier type for blouses. They were made by a Miss None Miller who lived on campus in a house which stood where 
the south side of Cromer Center now stands. 

"Girls could not walk up town or anywhere off campus unchaperoned. Walking behind them must either be a faculty member or a 
senior wearing cap and robe. Also caps and robes were worn by the seniors to church during the senior year in college. 

"It was definitely against the rules for the boys and girls to have dates, except each first Monday night which was termed 'call 
night.' At that time the boys went to the dormitory and rang the bell. It was answered by an especially appointed person who asked 
whom they wished to see, then the girl was summoned. s 

"However after call night if the boys and girls were permitted to attend a performance together, as a lecture, a musical or debate, 

the next call night was cancelled. 

"Everyone attended church on Sunday. Sunday afternoons were lovely. We were not supposed to study on Sunday. It was sinful. 
We had no classes on Mondays. That day was set aside for studying, cleaning rooms and washing any clothes necessary. There was 
no visiting between boys and girls on Sunday, except brothers and sisters could visit during certain hours. It was rather amusing to 
see some students who claimed relationships with others. 

"On Sunday afternoons the students walked back 'and forth for hours on what was then called 'The War Path. ' This path (dirt) be- 
gan on the corner of the campus next to St. Andrew's Church and curved around by the girls' dormitory and back to the starting 
point. The students were not supposed to stop or talk, but one would be amazed at how notes, etc. could be passed from one hand to 
another without stopping or saying a word. 


^^fe§L».:^2.%:' v.- s-^^j:*s. 


INTERVIEWER: What was dating like? How did the 
boys and girls get together? 

NARRATOR: Oyjce a month we were permitted to have 
call night. The boys wrote formal notes to their girls asking 
permission to call. The girls responded in the same formal 
mamier, accepting or rejecting. And for those who were 
going steady as Craig and I did for the last two and a half 
years we zvere there, why, it was different. 

Craig continued to write the formal note each time. And he 
was very precise and sedate, but he ended it by saying, if it 
was alright and I would accept for me not to bother to 
answer And so I didn't answer. Aside from formal dates, 
another time we could talk with one another was in the 
evening after dinrier All the students got out and walked 
back and forth — rather, strolled up and down the Warpath, 
which was the driveway from Old Main to the entrance of 
the campus, at the corner down where St. Andrew's is. We 
couldn't ivalk with the boys, but they walked just behind us 
and we could have many good talks together. Back and forth 
and back and forth we strolled. 

There was also another (pause) date that we had each 
spring, we had a faculty-student picnic. It was out on the 
Catawba River There was no dam on the river then, so 
there was no lake. The College furnished the picnic lunch. 
That was always a happy time, a gala time because we were 
with our lovers all day long. We walked to and from the 
river It was a delightful time. 


The old 

St. Andrews 



INTERVIEWER: Were your rooms checked to see if you were in the bed? 

NARRATOR: Yes, they would usually check once in a while, and if you were making too much noise, they 
loould come and shoo us down. And if we were in another room after ten o'clock, we were supposed to be in 
our rooms by a certain time, and if somebody slipped up from another hall, you know, from the back hall 
came up to the front — if they were in the wrong room, sometimes they'd land up in the closet and hide. And 
the teachers would look in, they didn't find them of course, so they would go on. They checked to see that ev- 
ery one was in their rooms at a certain time. 


INTERVIEWER: Do you remember any of the stories about Freshman hazing? 

NARRATOR: Oh yes. We didn't have too much of it among the girls, but the boys did a good bit of this. We can remember the boys 
being paraded around the dormitory in their shorts . . . underclothes. Of course, we'd all run to the windows, if we could keep any- 
body from seeing us, to find out what was going on. Then they had certain flag pole incidents. The Sophomore Class would have to 
keep their flag up over night on a certain special day and the boys would struggle all night long to see that the flag was kept on the 
top of the pole. I remember one girl in our dormitory. The Sophomores took her a great bunch of shoes to polish as one of her. . .tobe 
accepted into the class. She polished some of them and on some she wrote, "Merry Christmas" on them and different things like 
that. But I think the girls enjoyed wearing a dress backwards or something like that once in a while. 


Daniel Efird 
Rhyne Building 
completed in 

Old Main burns 
January 6, 1927. 

INTERVIEWER: Could you describe any of the activities going on at the College? Chapel? Luther 

NARRATOR: Yes, we had compulsory chapel every morning whether you had class or not that 
morning. To me, this was very meaningful. I learned a great variety of hymns that I would never have 
known if it hadn't been for those exercises. The fact of the matter, if you went to church at night, you 
could have a date. You could get to see the hoys, which was quite a unique experience. But these were very 
meaningful to me and then we did have some other religious activities . . . groups that would meet for 
special purposes. 


4 hm^in 




A Legend of Lenoir-Rhyne 

The story goes, that on the right night, one can hear sounds in Highland: sounds of talking, laughter and weeping. Possibly, you 
may hear something or someone walking the halls, closing doors, or climbing stairs. What is it that roams the half-century old 
building? No one really knows, but one explanation is that there is a presence here, someone who does not want anything in High- 
land Hall to change. A presence who jams doors, short circuits lights, and plays havoc on furniture, windows, and unwelcome visi- 

As in most legends, here on the campus, the most recent and investigatable reports of strange activity come from users of the build- 
ings and security guards: those who spend regular amounts of time in the buildings. Highland is no exception. 

L.R.C. Playmakers, who in recent years have used third floor Highland for make-up rooms and costuming — have experienced the 
presence of the Highland ghost. Doors that have no locks on them have been found unopenable on many late night working 
sessions. Foot steps heard in the hall, are never seen. Furthermore, L.R.C. security reports similar occurences on their nightly 
rounds through the building. The Highland legend is the only spectre whose actions sometime take on aggressive tendencies. 

On a relatively quiet night, a security guard on a regular check of Highland, encountered footsteps on the stairs. Investigating, he 
climbed the stairs to the third floor landing, only to have the fire door slam shut in his face. Finding the door free to the touch, he 
entered onto the hall, only to hear movement at one end. Proceeding down a maze of stored furniture, the guard found lamps, 
chairs and other furniture strewn in his way. Finding lights and switching them on, he searched the entire hall — finding nothing. 
So, with this in mind, we'll leave the mystery of Highland Hall to your solving. 




In Memoriam 

Edsel Hoyle 


Professor Edsel Hoyle taught Marketing, Business Law, and 
Real Estate to a generation of students. Joining the faculty in 
1953, he served his alma mater with a loyalty that impressed 
all who knew him. Few have, for so long, had so close an 
association with Lenoir -Rhyne; and few have had such a deep 
and abiding interest in the College's many activities. His un- 
timely death on June 26, 1983 took this quiet yet vigorous man 
from our midst. We will miss him. 



During Acting President Allran's two years at 
Lenoir-Rhyne a number of outstanding new facilities 
have been added to the campus. A beautiful new 
academic complex has been completed, a new learning 
resource center, a part of the Carl Augustus Rudisill 
Library and the Belk Centrum, a small auditorium. 
Included is the renovation of the Daniel Efird-Rhyne 
classroom building and Mauney resident hall. 

He would like to see Lenoir-Rhyne continue the em- 
phasis on renovation. Beyond this President Allran 
wants to see the college increase the financial aid for 
students, uphold excellent academic standards, strive 
for a better athletic program, and increase academic 

The entire Lenoir-Rhyne community thanks Acting 
President Allran for his unending dedication and 
commitment to improving our campus. 


Robert Spuller, Acting Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs 

W. Clyde Taylor, Jr, Director of Teacher Education 

Stephen Monroe Shuford, Registrar 

James Liechtenstein, Director of Lifelong Education 

William M. Mauney, Director of Broyhill Institute 

J. Larry Yoder, Director of Lineberger Center 

Donald G. Hayes, Director of Graduate Program 

Academic Administration 


immmmsssm\X x> 




Jeff L. Norris, Vice-President for Administration and Finance 

Harry S. Livengood, Plant Operations Manager 

Annie Lea Lentz, Assistant Treasurer 

George L. Frock, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds 

Arthur G. Sutherland, Jr, Director of Food Service 

Bobby Lee Peeler, Book Store Manager 

Ed Coates, Printer 

Billy Little, Data Processing 

Edward F Smith, Director of Security 

Business and 

Plant Administration 


Margie E. Scott, Director of Career Development and Placement 

Michael F. Riley, Coordinator of Counseling Services 

Don Miller, Director of Residence Life/Intramurals 

Vickie Cockerham, Resident Director Isenhour 

Denise Edwards, Resident Director Price Village 

Aaron Lewis, Resident Director Mauney-Schaeffer 

Robert B. Nieland, College Physician 

O'Lena Cox, Resident Nurse 

Betty Clark, Part-time Nurse 

Becky Hall, M.A., Resident Director Fritz-Conrad 

W. Shuford Brown, Resident Director Morgan 

Student Personnel Services 


Admissions and Financial Aid 

Richard P. Thompson, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid 

Robert S. Barkley, Associate Director of Admissions 

Janet C. Kiser, Admissions Counselor 

J. C. Epting, Director of Financial Aid 

Academic Services 

Jeanne C. Ingold, Supervisor of Language Laboratory 

Athletic Office 

Keith M. Ochs, Director of Athletics 

Admissions and Financial Aid 


Development and Public Information 

Clarence L. Pugh, Vice President for Development 

Terry F. Pitts, Director of Alumni Affairs 

John F. Hall, Director of Publiciti/ 

Raymond M. Strunk, Jr., Associate Director of Publicity 

Opal ]. Moretz, Coordinator of Church Relations 

Library Administration 

A. Curtis Paul, Director of Learning Resources 

Margaret F. Cline, Audio-Visual Librarian 

K. Burl McCuiston, Acquisitions of Reference Librarian 

Dorothy Karaites, Head Cataloger 

Library Administration 
Development and Public Information 


Bohdan Kuropas, John Blakcy, Laura Clayton, Werner Keller, Jeanne Ingold, Lee Dubs, Friederlke 
Baker, Augustin Quillcl, Robert Eckard, William Shuford 


John Blakey 
Associate Professor 
Ph.D. UNC-Chapel Hill 
At Lenoir-Rhvne since 

Laura Clayton 

Ph.D. UNC-Chapel Hill 
At Lenoir-Rhyne since 

Robert Eckard 
Associate Professor 
Ph.D. UNC-Chapel Hill 
At Lenoir-Rhvne since 

Werner Keller 

M.A. University of Leipzig 
At Lenoir-Rhyne since 

Bohdan Kuropas, 

Associate Professor 
Ph.D. Western Reserve 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 


Augustine Quilici 
Associate Professor 
Ph.D. University of 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 


William Shuford 

Ph.D. UNC-Chapel Hill 
At Lenoir-Rhyne since 

Lee Dubs 
Associate Professor 
Ph.D. University of 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 


Friederlke Baker 


Barbara German 
Assistant Professor 
Ph.D. Candidate UNC- 
Chapel Hill 
At Lenoir-Rhyne since 

John Kenny, 

Associate Professor 
Ph.D. University of 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 


Suzanne Jeffers 
Associate Professor 
Ph.D. Candidate UNC- 
Chapel Hill 
At Lenoir-Rhyne since 

Ron Mahan Associate 

M.A. University of 

Tennessee — Associate 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 


Rose Mahan 


Ph.D. University of 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 


Kermit Turner 
Associate Professor 
M.F.A. UNC-Greensboro 
At Lenoir-Rhyne since 

Keith Wood 

A.B. Biscayne College 
At Lenoir-Rhyne since 

R. VanSant 



Larrv Yoder 

Rufus Moretz, Richard Von Dolen 

Theatre Arts 

Douglas Burton 
Assistant Professor 
M.A. University of Iowa 
At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1969 

Jane Johnson 

Costume Designer 

A.B. Lenoir-Rhyne College 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1982 

Silvia Hoffmire 


A.B. Columbia College 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1979 

Marion Love, Chairperson 
Associate Professor 
Ph.D. Ohio State University 
At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1972 

Ray Mills 

Assistant Professor 

M.F.A. University of New Orleans 

At Lenoir-Rhvne since 1981 

Religion and 

Emmanuel Gitlin 


Ph.D. Duke University 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1968 

Joseph Glass 


Ph.D. Yale University 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1964 

Rufus Moretz, Chairman 


Ph.D. Duke University 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1968 

Eric Sandberg 

Assistant Professor 

Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1980 

Richard Von Dohlen 


Ph.D. Boston University 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1970 

Larry Yoder 
Assistant Professor 
Ph.D. Duke University 
At Lenoir-Rhvne since 1977 


Thomas Huss, Dale Burnslde, Charles Wells, Robert SpuUer, Marsha Fanning, John Blsbee 

Mathematics and 
Computer Science 

Thomas Blackburn 


M.A. Western Reserve University 

At Lenolr-Rhyne since 1946 

Jerry Bolick 
Assistant Professor 
M.S. Clemson University 
At Lenolr-Rhyne since 1964 

Virginia Hawn, Chairperson 
Associate Professor 
M.A. Appalachian State University 
At Lenolr-Rhyne since 1957 

Helen Knight 


M.S. Auburn University 

At Lenolr-Rhyne since 1981 

Lloyd Smith 

Assistant Professor 

M.S. Louisiana State University 

At Lenolr-Rhyne since 1967 

Robert Hoyle 


John Blsbee 

Associate Professor 

Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh 

At Lenolr-Rhyne since 1974 

Dale Burnside 
Associate Professor 
Ph.D. University of Florida 
At Lenolr-Rhyne since 1974 

Marsha Fanning, Chairperson 
Associate Professor 
Ph.D. LTniverslty of Georgia 
At Lenolr-Rhyne since 1973 

Thomas Huss 

Assistant Professor 

M.A. Appalachian State University 

At Lenolr-Rhyne since 1966 

Robert Spuller 


Ph.D. University of Michigan 

At Lenolr-Rhyne since 1968 

Charles Wells 


Ph.D. University of Arizona 

At Lenolr-Rhyne since 1969 

Steve Seagle 



Charles Cooke 

Physics and 
Earth Science 

Charles Cooke, Chairperson 


Ph.D. UNC-Chapel Hill 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1964 

John Eoll 
Assistant Professor 
Ph.D. Indiana University 
At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1980 

James Kern 

Assistant Professor 

Ph.D. Candidate, Clemson University 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1976 

Robert Hoyle 

Edwin Cooke 


David Chou, Chairman 


Ph.D. Ohio State University 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1956 

Howard Craig 


Ph.D. UNC-Chapel Hill 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1968 

George Max 

Associate Professor 

Ph.D. Kansas State University 

At Lenior-Rhyne since 1970 








■■ \ ,..' 

Theodore Thuesen, David Ludwig, Herold Haas, Harold Kupke 

Economics and 
Political Science 

Lowell Ashman, Chairperson 


Ph.D. University of Utah 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1975 

Russell E. Brown 


M.A. Bucknell University 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1947 

James Icenhour 

Associate Professor 

Ph.D. George Washington University 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1972 

William Mauney 

Associate Professor 

M.A. Appalachian State University 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1967 

Sociology and 

Dale Abernethy 


M.A. Wake Forest University 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1979 

Harold Haas, Chairperson 


Ph.D. University of Buffalo 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1979 

Harold Kupke 


Ph.D. University of Nebraska 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1972 

David Ludwig 


Ph.D. Washington University 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1976 

Robert Razner 

Assistant Professor 

M.S. University of Wisconsin 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1979 

Theodore Thuesen 
Associate Professor 
M.A. University of Iowa 
At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1967 





Russell Benton 

Associate Professor 

Ph.D. Louisiana State University 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1967 

Ellis Boatman 


Ph.D. University of South Carolina 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1966 

John Fogarty 
Associate Professor 
M.A. Brandels University 
At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1967 

Carolyn Huff, Chairperson 


Ph.D. UNC-Chapel Hill 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1969 


Lorenc Painter, Barbara Andrew, Donald Hayes, Joan Parkinson, Clyde Taylor, James Lichtenstein 


Barbara Andrew 

Assistant Professor 

M.A. Appalachian State University 

At Lenolr-Rhyne since 1977 

Donald Hayes 
Associate Professor 
Ph.D. UNC-Chapel Hill 
At Lenolr-Rhyne since 1971 

Glenn Lloyd 


Ed.D. University of Tennessee 

At Lenolr-Rhyne since 1977 

James Lichtenstein 

Assistant Professor 

Ph.D. University of Illinois (Urbana) 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1980 

Lorene Painter 
Associate Professor 
Ed.D. UNC-Greensboro 
At Lenolr-Rhyne since 1959 

Joan Parkinson 


Ph.D. UNC-Chapel Hill 

At Lenolr-Rhyne since 1963 

Clyde Taylor, Chairperson 


Ph.D. UNC-Chapel Hill 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1963 

William Welner 


Ph.D. Syracuse University 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1971 

Jane Williams 
Associate Professor 
M.Ed. UNC-Chapel Hill 
At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1969 





Beverly Craig, Chairperson 
Associate Professor 
M.S.N. UNC-Chapel Hill 
At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1971 

Kathryn Collins 

Assistant Professor 

M.N. University of South Carolina 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1975 

Linda Lewis 
Assistant Professor 
M.S.N. UNC-Chapel Hill 
At Lenior-Rhyne since 1978 

Diane B. McElroy 

Assistant Professor 

M.S.N. University of Pennsylvania 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1983 

Margaret May 


M.S.N. UNC-Chapel Hill 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1982 

Betty Parker 


M.N. University of South Carolina 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1975 

Linda Reece 

Assistant Professor 

M.S. Texas Women's University 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1973 

Priscilla C. Shepard 
Assistant Professor 
M.S.N. Medical College of Georgia 
At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1983 

Sharon Smith 

Assistant Professor 

M.S. Texas Women's University 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1972 

Rufus Dalton 

Visiting Professor 

L.H.D. Lenoir-Rhyne College 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1980 

Frances Fitz 

Associate Professor 

M.A. Appalachian State University 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1966 

Robert Simmons 

Assistant Professor 

M.A. Appalachian State University 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1976 

Raymond Strunk, Chairperson 


M.B.A. UNC-Chapel Hill 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1956 

Sarah Wallace 


M.A. Appalachian State University 

At Lenoir-Rhyne since 1976 





Dedication Service 

R, A. Yoder Memorial 
November 11, 1983 

One of the founders of Lenoir-Rhyne, Dr. Robert 
Anderson Yoder (1853-1911), was honored during 
the dedication of an armillary sundial. Dr. Yoder, 
along with Pastor A. L. Crouse, Pastor W. P. Cline 
and Pastor J. C. Moser, founded the college in 
1891. Dr. Yoder was Lenoir Rhyne's first president. 
He was also a teacher and architect. He designed 
the Old Main, which served as the college's main 
building until it burned in 1927. 


The massive armillary sundial, standing four feel 
and weighing 900 pounds, is made of hoops and 
rings and symbolizes the arts and sciences, which 
were so dear to Dr. Yoder The monument now 
stands on the site of the former Yoder Science 



-» *• .15— •^., ■ j«>?^->->-' ■*•.- ■ - - ■ ■ ■ . - 14''. ■ .' M»' -i*-"i?t^- ■' ' ^i?f* 


Opportunity for ivorship each evening is pro- 
vided on campus. Students, with the help of 
Chaplain Just, are responsible for devotions one 
night a week in each dorm. 

The campus communion takes place each 
Thursday evening in the Cromer Center Area; 
clergy and ordained clergy on the Lenoir-Rhyne 
faculty participate with students serving as 
worship assistants. 

Each Wednesday during the 10:00 am break, 
Chapel is offered to all in the Belk Centurum. 







J*/ S do not believe ai you believe, it provei 
tnat uou ao not oeiieve ai 3 believe, ana tnii ii 

all that it provei. 
ZJnotnai f-^aine 





I -REAL i. ■.- 

U,1,-:.J,.-.I -..,,, 

*«( a- h- CUB I 



li/e are not primarily put on Ihli earth to 
iee tnrougn one another, but to see one 
another through. 

f-^eter de Uriei 





tJLife ti either a darina adventu 

J4elen ^J\t 



Meal aeneroiitiJ toward the future 
liei in giving all to the preienl. 

^Jrlbert Camui 


i^ome ^ mau, but ao JT tnuit^ and, if men 
aik uou wtiu, uou put the oiame on the ilan 
ana the iun ana the white road and the ih^. 

emerald Cfould 




^"i^*^* ^**v 

^^T^\^ -* 

^ ' ^ :-•«>• *«. 

«.«fe»:,#, s .<• 




* ■#■> 








■#*, * 

> iP '^ % *^v "^^ <ss*>» 

■■^ .J^ ji^ Ji 

^ ^.^^'g;rfr"< 


"* ..^^f-*' 



^.mA. ^ ^ 



Lenoir-Rhyne College A Cappella Choir 

Under the skillful direction of Professor E. Ray McNeely, ]r., a 
native of North Carolina and 1963 graduate of Lenoir-Rhyne, 
the A Cappella Choir is one of the prominent college activities. 
Nozv in its forty-eighth year, the nationally known choir is 
noted for its musical ability. 

The Lenoir-Rhyne Choir is one of the original a cappella 
choirs in southeastern U.S. and has grown in size and excel- 
lence. Long months of diligent practice are climaxed by the 
annual Christmas concert, Sunday tours, and week long tour 
in March. This year the choir tour included singing at 
churches in New York. 


Terrell Gates Chcrryvllle, N.C. 

Cheryl Janisko Boynton Beach, Fl. 

Kay Ledbetter Hickory, N.C. 

Kelley McFarland Baltimore, Md. 

.Michelc Ovcrcash Troutman, N.C. 

Nancy Semones Fancy Gap, Va. 

Marlene Speech Union Grove, N.C. 


Deborah Beamer Mt. .\iry, N.C. 

Sharon Callender Waynesboro, Va. 

Susan Castor KannapoUs, N.C. 

Betsy Clark Raleigh, N.C. 

Kathleen Cleary Lake Park, Fl. 

Tracy Eckard Conover, N.C. 

Allison Ritchie Iron Station, N.C. 

•Carol Ritchie Concord, N.C. 

Michele Stanley .... Wlnston-Salem, N.C. 
Vickie Swartzcl .... Hendersonville, N.C. 
Laureen Tonnesen Raleigh, N.C. 


Cindy Allen Charlotte, N.C. 

Kathy Barron Warrington, P.A. 

•Section Leaders 

Loretta Beam Vale, N.C. 

Karen Blume China Grove, N.C. 

Susie Clement Canton, N.C. 

Nora Fulmer Lenoir, N.C. 

.\nne Helms Matthews, N.C. 

Emily Moretz Hickory, N.C. 

Marilyn Purdham . . . Virginia Beach, Va. 
Teresa Spears Wilkesboro, N.C. 

Emily Stirewalt Landis, N.C. 

Liza Watkins Eden, N.C. 


William Clark Philadelphia, Pa. 

Joey Munday Mt. Holly, N.C. 

Paul Pruett Mt. Airy, N.C. 

Adam Sucher Dcland, Fl. 


Richie Blevins Hickory, N.C. 

Luis Caraballo Hickory, N.C. 

•Tim Collingwood Wilson, N.C. 

Paul Conradt-Eberlin Clinton, Md. 

Marshall Mauney Hickory, N.C. 

George Mull Vale, N.C. 

Richard Simmons Staley, N.C. 

Professor E. Ray McNeely Dk-ector 


Beth Cline Belmont, N.C. 

.Vnne Fell Reading, Pa. 

Sharon Foster Troutman, N.C. 

Nancy Frazler Miami, Fl. 

Shelley Griffin MooresviUe, N.C. 

David Trexler Norrlstown, Pa. 


Paul Herzog Hamlet, N.C. 

David Keck KannapoUs, N.C. 

Tim Ludwig Hickory, N.C. 

Tim Martin Cherryville, N.C. 

Brent Roland Lenoir, N.C. 

David Schmidt RockviUe, Md. 

Steve Wakeman Hickory, N.C. 


Harold Cantrell . . . Connelly Springs, N.C. 

Luther Faggart Greensboro, N.C. 

•Chuck Foster Troutman, N.C. 

Rusty Frazier Mt. Holly, N.C. 

Tim Hinz Burke, Va. 

Steve Shackelford . . Colonial Heights, Va. 


Choir Director E. Ray McNeely, Jr. 

Manager Richard L. Simmons 

Assistant Manager David Trexler 

President Brent Roland 

Vice President Sharon Foster 

Secretary David Trexler 

Treasurer Beth Cline 

Chaplain Steve Shackelford 

Rehearsal Accompanist Allison Ritchie 






Wind in the Willows 


Kim Moye 


Claudia Ward 


Brook Davis 


Kerry Hayer 


Margaret Landrus 


Cathy Butler 

Steve Hunter 


Kim Stinson 

Laura Weeldreyer 


Laura Weeldreyer 


Janet Weeldreyer 


Sylvia Hoffmire 

Artistic Director 

Marion H. Love 

Stage Manager 

Michelle McKiernan 


Kim Stinson 

Scenic Design 

Ray Mills 


Audrey Duda 

Kris Gross 


Sandy Brenner 


Sharon Callender 

C. Jane Johnson 

Box Office 

Michele Stanley 

Dawn Sapp 



A Taste of Honey 



Sandra Brenner 


Margaret Landrus 


Thorn Hutchens 


Donald Anthony 


Jeffrey Kunze 

The Jazz Trio 


John Coffey 


Larry Hipps 


Harry Hipps 



Marion H. Love 

Assistant Director 

Aaron Lewis 

Stage Manager 

Pam Martin 


Directors' Showcase is the culmination of Drama 308, an upper 
level directing class here at L-RC. The plays are completely 
directed and staged by students as part of their theatrical educa- 
tion. The Directors' Showcase gives these students the opportu- 
nity to put into practice the skills they have learned through 
careful classroom study of the directing process. Directors' Show- 
case is a fine demonstration of the quality of education available 
at L-RC. 

The Actors Nightmare 

Directed by Claudia Ward 

Assistant Director/Stage Manager 

Kim Moye 


George Spelvin 


Sara Siddons 

Dame Ellen Terry 

Henry Irving 

Charles Whitley 
Barbara Best 
D. Shawn Davis 
Dawn Mitchell 
Glenn T. Rupert 


Directed by Cathy Butler 

Assistant Director/Stage Manager 

Pamela Adams 


Carol Mindler Sue Kayser 

Bernie Gary Aaron Lewis 

Comanche Cafe 

Directed by Aaron Lewis 

Stage Manager Michelle McKiernan 


Ro7viie Claudia Ward 

Mattie Cathy Butler 


Glenn Rupert In seene from Tennessee Williams' "This Property Is 

Claudia Ward and Cathy Butler In "Comanche Cafe" directed by Aaron Lewis. 

Domino Courts 

Directed by D. Shawn Davis 
Assistant Director/Stage Manager 
Michelle McKiernan 
Properties Margaret Landrus 
Costume Design D. Shawn Davis 

Floyd Don Jarboe 

Ronnie Claudia Ward 

Roy Ned Thigpen 

Flo Edie Schronce 

Vm Herbert 

Directed by Patty Blackwell 

Assistant Director/Stage Manager 

Sheryl Melchor 


Herbert Dan Green 

Muriel Audrey Duda 

The Jewish Wife 

Directed by Sandra Brenner 

Assistant Director/Stage Manager 


Wife Patty Blackwell 

Husband Thorn Hutchens 

This Property Is Condemned 

Directed by Thorn Hutchens 

Assistant Director/Stage Manager 

Patn Martin 


Willie Margaret Landrus 

Tom Glenn T Rupert 


Loves Strange Ways 

Geoffrey Rose — Guest Director from Ireland 

above center Glenn Rupert, Geoffrey Rose 
above left Claudia Ward, Aaron Lewis 
right Aaron Lewis, Charles Hoffmire 


Mime Workshop 

The Lenoir-Rhyjie Players presented a Mime 
Workshop, which was free to the community, on 
January 7, 8 and 9. C. Jane Johnson artist-in- 
residence for Lenoir-Rhytie Playmakers, led the 
zoorkshops. The cast for the Playmaker production, 
"Beyond Words: Mime and Friends," assisted in 
the workshop. 

The workshop included instruction in mime tech- 
niques. Body control, self-awareness exercises and 
creative space exploration were some of the tech- 
niques participants learned. Participants also 
learned to work ivith others, who experience dif- 
ferences in potential to hear the spoken word. Par- 
ticipants were encouraged to communicate in other 
ways other than just talking. 


Lenoir-Rhyne College Marching Band 






i * >^''*^*- 




Head Coach 
Henry Vansant 












Terrence Steward 



Eddie Riley 



Brad Benton 



Sam Benson 



Marvin McGhee 



Mark Booth 



Arthez Woodruff 



Bruce Ikard 



Ronald Lundy 



Jim Thick 



Chris Thomas 



Mark Ebbers 



Eddie Hickman 



Troy Roane 



Mickey Stevens 



Brian Dalen 



Frank Surface 



Paul Pendleton 



Jeff Long 



Joe Wille 



Barry Shuford 



Matt Klenke 



David Moose 



Fred Hines 



Clay Ogata 



Steve Allison 



Jim Dickerson 



Ricky Camp 



Kevin Hunt 



Richard Frye 



Jimmy Fletcher 



Brett Williams 



Ned Thigpen 



William Campbell 



Brad Griffith 



Allen Puch 



Mark Holder 



Mike Hylton 



Neill Kivett 



Britt Griffith 



Butch Gunter 



David Henderson 



Oscar Daniels 



Tom Paris 



Barry Spofford 



Kevin Herndon 



Sam Chambers 



David Lewis 



Lemont Jones 



Tom Wrenn 



Kerry Buchanan 



David Sigmon 



Wade Barrett 



Ronnie Hill 



Gordon Walters 



Robert Glenn 



Scott Killian 



Aaron Venson 



Kyle Patterson 



Tony DiMercurio 



Dennis Fleshman 



Eddie Boyd 



Jim Swegheimer 



Perry Fewell 



Mark Setzer 



Jose Palacio 



Kenny Dean 



Carson Gowan 



David Allen 



Mark Friday 



Allen Pace 



Larry Crouch 



Stacey Harden 



Jack Patterson 
Defensive Coordinator 

Jeff Hill 
Defensive Line 

Hal Shider 
Defensive Backs 

Steve Strickland 
Offensive Line 

nr ■ :.:|rt"-*,-- 

■ 'ill iMlU"'" ' 





^'"^ - ---j.^ i ^. ---K _ 










Homecoming '83 

The theme of Homecoming 1983 is Salute to M *A *S*H* and All the Armed Forces. Kellei/ Nakahara, Nurse Kellye, is the special 
guest to our campus to help iriitiate the Homecoming activities and to cap off Spirit Week. 

Kelley Nakahara is known for her role as an operating room nurse. The M *A *S*H* series earned an Emmy award for an episode, 
"Hey Look Me Over," which told of Nurse Kelly e's background. 

Friday Afternoon, November 11, Kelley Nakahara kicks off the festivities with an autograph session. Later at the pep rally 
bloopers from M *A *S *H * is shown, along with features from the cheerleaders and the Dance Company. Following the pep rally is 
a beautiful fireworks display, and a "Section Eight" (Klinger) dance. 

Saturday is the parade with Kelley Nakahara as the grand marshal. Along with the floats made by the students are five local bands 
under the direction of Lenoir-Rhyne's band director Joe Secrest. Later in the evening is a semi-formal dance for the campus. 

The highlight of the weekend is the crowtiing of the new Homecoming Queen, Julie Acquino, during halftime of the football game 
played against Newberry College. 


Joe Bear 



Honey Bears 

Lenoir-Rhyne Cheerleaders 

The faithful group of supporters for the Bears are 
the Lenoir Rhyne Cheerleaders. The 1983 cheer- 
leaders won a number of awards and a Spirit Stick 
during the summer, at the big Virginia Tech. cheer- 
leading camp. Joe Bear earned honors for the sec- 
ond straight year Members of the squad include 
Jim Adams, Dale Brill, Jill Feeman, Scott Fohl, 
Alex Harbinson, Kim Knipperberg, Pam Martin, 
Mindy Rohrbach, Cindy Roper, Jill Scroggs, and 
Scott Shannon. 



Lenoir-Rhyne Track 1983 

*at Gardner-Webb 22 March 

1. Mars Hill JSli; 2. Lenoir-Rhyne 
61; 3. Gardner-Webb 49li. Rick Siall- 
ings won five events and scored 27 
points in this season opening meet. 
His wins came in the 120y high hur- 
dles, 440y intermediate hurdles, high 
jump, triple jump, and javelin throw 
Other winners for LR were Alan Sig- 
mon in the 880y run and Don Sille- 
man in the 3 mile run. 

*at Gardner-Webb 26 March (Bull- 
dog Invitational) 

Only three LR athletes attended this 
meet. Senior Alan Sigmon took 5th in 
the 880y run, with freshman Mike 
McLean 6th. 

*at High Point College 29 March 
1. Livingston 101; 2. High Point 95; 3. 
Lenoir-Rhyne 39; 4, Elon 23. Rick 
Stallings scored 11 points and Alan 
Sigmon 10 to lead the Bears here. 
Stallings' win in the 440y intermedi- 
ate hurdles ivas the Bears' only win of 
the day. Sigmon added runner-up ef- 
forts m the mile and 3 mile runs. 

'at Davidson College 2 April (Da- 
vidson Relays) 

Lenoir-Rhyne's 2 mile relay team, 
consisting of Mike McLean, Rick 
Stallings, Don Silleman, and Alan 
Sigmon, finished 11th in competition 
here. The team's time of 8:32.1 is ap- 
parently a school record for the event. 

'at Mars Hill 21 April 
1. Mars Hill 127; 2. Lenoir-Rhyne 
45; 3. Milligan 6; 3. Maryville 3. Less 
than a full team went to Mars Hill 
due to scheduling conflicts. Rick 
Stallings led the way for LR, scoring 
29 points in taking three firsts (high 
jump, 120y high hurdles, and 440y 
intermediate hurdles), two seconds, 
and a third. Mike McLean added an- 
other win for LR with his victory in 
the 880 yard run. 

Despite Stallings outstanding compete- 
tive efforts, senior Alan Sigmon ivas se- 
lected as LR's Most Valuable Performer 
for the third consecutive year Accord- 
ing to Coach Jeff Hill, Sigmon's selec- 
tion was based on his competetive ef- 
forts and his continued enthusiasm for 
and contributions to the track team. 
Said Hill, "The first thing I think of 
when I think of Alan, is that he is the 
mainstay of the track team. He's always 
shown the most interest and has really 
been a large part of our program." 

Best Lenoir-Rhyne Performers of 1983 



Barry N orris 



Mike McLean 



Alan Sigmon 



Alan Sigmon 

3 mile 


Don Silleman 



Rick Stallings 



Rick Stallings 



Jimmy Thick 



Rick Stallings 



Rick Stallings 



Denny Nay 



Rick Stallings 



Rick Stallings 


Alan Sigmon 


Mike McLean 


Denny Nay 


Don Sille 



Dave Knecht 


Jimmy Thick 


Barry Morris 


Brian Shi 



Fred Hines 




Lenoir Rhyne College Golf 1983 

John Barringer 
Dane Bayag 
John Ferguson 
Zack Harris 
Kevin Michael 
Tim Naumann 
Mike Rempe 

Coach: Hanley Painter 


Lenolr-Rhyne College Tennis 
The Lady Bears 

Jalmie Austin 
Jill Coulter 
Cynthia Covington 
Jill Cranford 
Rose Crawford 
Lisa Ehrenreich 
Kim Knippenberg 
Julie Held 
Marguerita Schoch 
Susanne Sifford 
Connie Wagner 

Head coach: Dot Beshara 

Lenolr-Rhyne College Tennis 
The Bears 

Craig Bollinger 
J. B. Bricklemeyer 
Sonny Carter 
John Edmiston 
Jeff Greer 
Barry Kennedy 
Davis Rice 
Jim Short 
Bill Thompson 
Scott Worrell 

Head coach: Dich Thompson 
Assistant coach: Dr. Joe Glass 

Lady Bear Softball 

Lenolr-Rhyne College Lady Bear Softball 

Trish Furr 
Nancy Bridges 
Mischa Williams 
Diane Williams 
Malinda Jones 
Lee Ann McCall 
Cindy Schwarz 
Ashley Perdue 

Head coach: 
Alice Averitt 

Angle Mull 

Jackie Brown 
Lelsa Norris 
Michele Jones 
Kris Gross 
Amy Robbins 
Jeanne Holt 
Sherry Cash 
Angela Brown 

Linda Hulsey 


Cindy Davisson 







Greg Flannery 
Ronnie Gillespie 
Joe Maultsby 
Mark Quinn 
Steve Richter 
Rodney Stinson 


Steve Smith 
David Willard 

Brian Dalen 
Jeff Long 
Sam Massie 
Grant Matthews 
Ed Merrigan 
Eric Nichols 
Rocky Tew 

Ashby Blakely 
Britt Griffith 
Eddie Hickman 
Robert Lapp 
Derek Latham 
Kevin O'Brien 
Juan Perkins 
Stewart Whitfield 








Coach Gale Kerbaugh returns for her second 
year with the Lady Bear Basketball. 

The senior hustling player, which provides 
support and strength throughout the season, is 
Sherry Cash. Angie Mull, Kris Gross, Lora 
Gunsallus and Felicia Roberts prove to be ex- 
cellent guards. Frontcourt players consist of 
senior Margaret Broadwell and sophomore 
Angie Linebarger. The center is Karen Thomp- 


The newcomers include point guard Tanya 
Clontz, post player Janet Stinson and fresh- 
man Brenda Robertson. 




The Lenoir-Rhyne Bears are coached by Lee Gibbs 
again for the third year. 

The returning players this season include an ail- 
American candidate Jeff Jones, a senior guard and 
fine defensive player. 

The junior Pete Davis is follozoed by sophomores 
Jerome Branch, Ron Carson, Ray Moore, Ralph 
Bunch, Kevin Barnhouse, Jerry Livingston, and Al 
Hurt ado. 

The newcomers who contribute significantly are: 
William Jones, the starting line-up; James John- 
son, defensive player; and Skip Hill, a strong 
swingman. The two freshmen include Brian 
Broion and Chris Poole. 


'> ■ . _>•■». 


. ■*/ » . ■ . "ar 







"---si*- *"■ ■ "'''■' ■ 


a^ •■>■■■' .--r'ijj^ti.^'fl^-^,,.^-' jSfe*. 

< -^ 

, -.♦^ *v 

una?*- ' .^ > "^Tf^t^ '•■ -^ .-.-v.. s-y •; -*^.' \ ~^il 

x*-— '^ 



A4>< . y 


i)t- ' 

V-^ #' 

»«■ i.'^JtV -.*-r. 



-Ifc/i^Mi;^:^' , -4v 




y^ri. ' ' i' 

•'JKT' ■;Ci^-r-^-?:liiA ■ x.'.. 



v^\ \v ^\ ,^ffl 


^ inj 

^ ■• 



*^^.:,J ,:;;: ;^;-.f ■«':?.*=;>« 

\ / 

■i*>^v -y 

•* jst-»r . 



Lenoir-Rhyne had a soccer team for the 
first time in several years this fall. 

The Bears played on the club level this 
season in the North Carolina Soccer 
League (NCAL). The season ended with a 
3-5-1 in overall play. 

The Lenoir-Rhyne squad is coached by Dr 
Howard Craig. The members are; Ken- 
neth Benzmiller, David Charlton, Carlos 
Liatti Diaz, Juan Falcon, John Ferguson, 
David Greenwood, Jim Holland, Athana- 
sios Kalimeris, Richard Lackey, Robert 
Modtes, Jerry Nordsiek, Steve Richter, 
Jim Short, Steven Wakeman. 


The Lady Bears concluded their season 
with a 19-17 overall record and a second- 
place finish in District 26. This is the best 
finish of a Lenoir-Rhyne Volleyball Team 
since 1978. 

Both senior co-captains Kelly Bashlor and 
Sherry Cash are named to the six-member 
all-tournament team. 

Throughout the year these two seniors 
performed with consistency and excel- 
lence. Joining in the effort to make it a 
winning season are LuAn Hobson hand- 
ling spiking. Kris Gross saw action as a 
setter with Diane Williams and Angle 
Linebarger as middle blockers. Barbara 
Miligram showed much skill at blocking 
and serving. 

The newcomer LaFonda Jones contributed 
with her strength in spiking the balls. The 
freshmen newcomers Brenda Robertson 
and Janice Church also played well 
throughout the season. 







-j/a« ijoun^ oij hanging on to uour areami. Z/nere 
ii not much to ao but buru a man when the iait of 
hii areami are dead. — Wilfred f-^eti 

I If red Heterion 


I ^S>ri-i 


fc^ # 


g^Ai^ ■■■■■■■■■■■'»* 

V^-fJk ■■■■■■>■■■■■■« 
V >■«■■■■■■■■•■■■■■ 

3>. ■■■■■■■■■■>■■■ 

"^^ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ 


I «■■■■■■■■■»■ 

^ ■■■■■■■■■■■■ 

imagination ii more impor- 
tant than knowledge. 

— ^/Tlberl (Linitein 





Student Government Association 

Chief Justice 
Senior Class 

Junior Class 

Sophomore Class 

Freshman Class 





Price Village 

Program Board 



Commider Student Rep.'s 

Faculty Advisors 

Donald Anthony 
Luther Faggart 
Patty Anthony 
Robert Rhyne 
Jerry Nordseik 
JUl McWhirter 
Nathan Frambach 
Cyndi Chancy 
Scott Hoivarth 
Beth Loadholdt 
Lisa Jones 
Jerry Garrett 
Stephanie Talbot 
John Conn 
Stan Combs 
Julie Acquino 
Catharine Johnston 
Patty Blackivell 
Donna Mellen 
J.V Huffman 
Gilda Bolick 
Kacy Crabtree 
Dr ^Dubs 
Ray Mills 

The Student Government Association represents each 
student on campus. It meets every other Tuesday night 
throughout the year It encourages participation campus 
wide so students may know the current issues concern- 
ing them. 

The executive Cabinet is made up of representatives 
from all constituent bodies. The Student Court is the 
judicial branch of the SGA which is adminstered by a 
student elected to the position of Chief Justice. It tries 
cases of student infractions. The legislative responsibil- 
ities include revising policies ivhich affect students. SGA 
acts as the students' voice in the administrative policy of 
the college. 

Each year the SGA sponsors the Organizations Fair for 
freshmen and transfer students and the rental of refrig- 
erators. The SGA also held a reception on Parents' Day 
and loas involved in the Phone-a-thon sponsored by the 
Alumni Office. 

Funded by the students, the SGA is responsible for dis- 
tributing money to campus organizations. This year the 
SGA took on the responsibility of the Resident Area 
CouncU which is represented in the SGA meetings by 
each Resident Area President. 

SGA President Donald Anthony 

Isenhour Resident Area Council 

Mauney-Schaeffer Resident Area 

Price Village Resident Area Council 

Program Board 

The Program Board had a fresh start under the leadership of 
Julie Acquino, and advisor Ms. Ripley. The Program Board is 
responsible for the movies and dances on campus. The high- 
light of the entertainment provided by this group is Home- 
coming Week. 






THELtNOI^- ^^nv^JF^v 

I N * I" l ^ 0* *' 

^£*V >H (**,< 

«lA.-)4«t^. *■ ^ **«' 

.<..^<* <^ in u iii j > i rr wii rtWK 

UH ii ^ w njumr iii . > «■■■■ I ^ ^; * 

Patty Blackwell editor 

Donna Mellen editor 

Dane Bayag business managers 

Richard Simmons 

Rhonda Stlrewalt, Cynthia Baker, . advertising 

Adam Draper, Shawn Tldwell 

Dave Roslnskl circulation 

Kathy Plercy 

Aaron Lewis photography 

Lynn Anderson 

Dr. John Kenny advisor 

Keith Wood consultant 

Staff writers 
Stephanie Beasley, Chris Bomba, Robin Denton, Adam 
Draper, Sarah Fesperman, Kris Gross, Lora Gunsallas, 
Richard Lackey, Aaron Lewis, Susan Llewellyn, Donna 
Mellen, Angle Mull, Mark Murphy, Kathy Plercy, Dave 
Roslnskl, Edle Schronce, Joe Smith, Lorl Starbuck, 
Ginnifer Stephens, Mickey Stephens, Ned Thlgpen, Jeff 
Walker, Kirk Wall. 


Chi Beta Phi is a national honorary science society designed to honor individuals who have 
achieved a GPA of 3.0 in science and math courses and an overall cumulative GPA of 2.6. A 
minimwn of tiventy hours of science and math courses are required. The Alpha Beta Chapter of 
Chi Beta Phi co-sponsors the Freshman Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Math Aivards, and 
also supports the annual Lenoir-Rhyne Science Fair. 

Robert Auton President 

Carol Swanson Vice President 

Libby Vanhoy Secretary/Historian 
Brenda Deal Treasurer 

Rosemary Agner 
Robert Auton 
Brian Baker 
Kimberly Chapman 
Steve Cruz 
Brenda Deal 
Lynn Dengler 
Richard Duesing 
Elizabeth Garo 
David Greenwood 
Karen Hall 
Patricia Morton 
Patrick Benfield 
Anita Stikeleather 

Linda King 
Bernhard Lampert 
Jeff McBride 
Jeniffer McNutt 
Mary McDaniel 
Wendy Pharr 
Cindy Schwartz 
Robert Sims 
Wanda St. Clair 
Carol Swanson 
Libby Vanhoy 
Larry Whitson 
Dr. John Bisbee 

Prof. Tom Blackburn 
Dr. Dale Burnside 
Dr. David Chou 
Dr. Charles Cooke 
Dr. Hozvard Craig 
Dr John Roll 
Dr. Marsha Fanning 
Prof. Virginia Hawn 
Prof. Jim Kern 
Dr. George Max 
Prof. Lloyd Smith 
Dr Robert Spidler 
Dr. Charles Wells 


Bear Trackers 

Bear Trackers are a selected group of students who assist in giving tours and providing 
bousing for prospective LR students. The Bear Trackers are sponsored by the Admissions Office 
and work closely with Mr Richard Thompson, Dean of Admissions. They help with such events 
as Lutheran Student Day, Open Houses and others throughout the year 

Becky Brodon — Coordinator 

Shelly Abee 

Lynn Anderson 

Al Andrews 

Debbie Beamer 

Keith Beindorf 

Mary Blocker 

Gilda Bolick 

Craig Bollinger 

Dale Brill 

Mary Beth Brown 

Sabra Brown 

Dennen Carreiro 

Chris Cheniae 

Janice Church 

Cindy demons 

Jill Cranford 

Alan Deal 

Cheryl Dellinger 

Dianne Diussa 

Tonya Eckard 

Cheryl Fender 

James Ford 

Chuck Foster 

Sharon Foster 

Johnna Fox 

Rick Hammer 

Sonya Honeycutt 

J. V. Huffman 

Pete Killam 

Richard Lackey 

Laura Littrell 

Tim Ludivig 
Doris McLean 
Jennifer McNutt 
Heidi Meeks 
Sheryl Melchor 
Bruce Million 
Michele Molitor 
Margie Pitzer 
Martha Pless 
Scott Pope 
Kim Price 
Paul Pruett 
Marilyn Purdham 
Allison Ritchie 
Mindy Rohrbach 
Brent Safrit 
Nancy Semones 
Julie Sheperd 
Nancy Simmons 
Jo Stamey 
Connie Switzer 
Stephanie Talbot 
Brian Thompson 
Dell Ruth Walker 
Kirk Wall 
Becky Warlick 
Lisa Welch 
Patti Whitner 
John Williams 
Kathie Wetzel 



Santa Filomena is a honor- 
ary nursing organization 
whose purpose is to recog- 
nize achievement and pro- 
mote nursing and higher 
nursing standards. 

Iota Epsilon Omega 

Iota Epsilon Omega is a hon- 
orary society for the promo- 
tion of journalistic activities 
at Lenoir Rhyne College. 



Kenneth B. Lee 


Music Club 

The Kenneth B. Lee Music Club is a cam- 
pus organization open to all students who 
enjoy and appreciate music events and 
guest artists. The club also supports cam- 
pus concerts, recitals, and other musical 

Richard Blevins 
Karen Blume 
Jackie Bost 
Betsy Clark 
Elsie Clements 
Harold Cantrell 
William Clark 
Tim Collingwood 
Tracy Eckhard 
7" Ford 
Nora Gates 
Rena Graves 
Shelley Griffin 
Curtis Maddy 

Jenny Martin 
Tim Martin 
Emily Moretz 
Joe Munday 
Michael Riggs 
Michele Overcash 
Allison Ritchie 
Carol Ritchie 
Brent Roland 
Steve Shackleford 
Teresa Spears 
Marlene Speece 
Adam Sucher 
Emily Stirewalt 
Loretta Beam 


Circle K 

Circle K is a collegiate service organization. Through service projects and fund raisers, its members 
learn leadership skills, form lasting friendships, and attempt to increase awareness of needs through- 
out the world. Together, Circle K members ivork to assist the underprivileged and aid all sectors of our 
campus and community. 

Lynn Anderson 
Carol Anthony 
Kathy Barron 
Deborah Beamer 
Keith Beindorf 
Barbara Best 
Karen Blume 
Gilda Bolick 
Craig Bollinger 
Judy Bowles 
Gail Brown 
Lee Carpenter 
Frank Cartwright 
Susan Castor 
Kim Chapman 
Chris Cheniae 
Janice Church 
Susie Clement 
Cindy demons 
Alan Deal 
Chris Dodge 
Debbie Drummond 
Julie Everidge 
Luther Faggart 
Cheryl Fender 
Cbuck Foster 
Sharon Foster 
Jeff Harris 
Zack Harris 
Jacqueline Harper 
Angela Heard 
J. V. Huffman 

Wendy Isenhour 
Kathy Karriker 
Dave Keck 
Lora Ann Kimrey 
Joyce Klemm 
Richard Lackey 
Kay Ledbetter 
Virginia Link 
Chris Man 
Barbara Mayne 
Elizabeth McGaughey 
Doris McLean 
Michele Molitor 
Michael O'Kunola 
Lisa Parks 
Margie Pitzer 
John Policke 
Scott Pope 
Marilyn Purdham 
Karla Risdon 
Julie Shepherd 
Richard Simmons 
Jo Stamey 
Ginnifer Stephens 
Adam Sucher 
Vicki Swartzel 
Connie Switzer 
Laureen Tonneson 
David Trexler 
Ann Wright 
Kelly Young 


The History Club's purpose is to pro- 
vide a framework to discuss interests, 
philosophy and concerns in History. 
The club also promotes the study of 
Man in the past, present and future. 

Mark McSwain 

Cindy Chancy 

Luther Faggart 

Charlotte Chaffee 

Teresa Johnstoit 

Charles Mackey 

Kay Williams 

Lisa Vanderlinden 

Suanne Winter 

Dr Carolyn Huff — Advisor 

Mark Owens 

foe Smith 

Leslie Keller 

Lori Warlick 

Nancy Semones 

Kevin O'Brien 

History Club 

Psychology Club 

This year the Psychology club has also included all 
Sociology majors, making a total of over 80 mem- 
bers. They meet once a month at various depart- 
mental professor's homes. Presentations given to 
the club include careers in the future. Speakers are 
professionals from the Hickory area. 


Lutheran Student Movement 

LSM is a fellowship for all Chris- 
tians of any denomination designed 
to give students an opportunity to 
share their faith. The highlights of 
1983-84 were a retreat, a hayride, 
participation in the celebration of 
Luther's 500th birthday, a can food 
drive, and a day of ringing bells for 
the Salvation Army kettle program. 
The officers of the group are: Eliza- 
beth McGaughey, president; Paul 
Conradt-Eberlin, vice-president; 
Alison Ritchie, secretary/treasurer; 
and Tim Ludwig, spiritual advisor. 




BSU is an interdenominational group of students 
who want to grow in Christ and help others in his 
name. Weekly meetings provide an opportunity 
for fellowship , Bible study, and fun service projects 
for the community are also an important part of 

Richard Hayes 

Deborah Knight 

Mary Helen Wells 

Lora Ann Kimbrey 

Dell Walker 

Nancy Simmons 

Amy Ralston 

Angle Caraway 

Wendy Houston 

Sherryan Yarbrough 

Cheryl Tender 

Advisor — Dr. Marsha Fanning 


SNCAE is a pre-professlonal organiza- 
tion composed of college students 
training for Jobs in the field of educa- 
tion. It serves as a representative body 
for voicing the needs and concerns of 
future educators as well as means of 
communication between students and 
professional educators. 

Marilyn Purdham 

Beverly Hefner 

Anne McFofyen 

Ann Miller 

Jewel Davidson 

Lynn Williams 

Amy Dagenhart 

Cresconda Digh 

Lora Ann Kimrey 

Christine Link 

Elizabeth Setzer 

Sherryan Yarbrough 

Dell Walker 

Janis Ahrens 

Karen Frazier 

Melanie Mitchell 

Francis Cartwright 

Heather Mertz 

Amy Broom 

Dianne Diusse 

Dawn Truitt 

Catherine Dolan 

Toni Crump 

Loretta Beam 

Collette Reynolds 

Marsha Lineberger 

Sean Brennan 

Lore Whiteside 

Advisor — Barbara Andrew 


Sign Troup 

The purpose of the Sigh Troup is 
to promote and teach the use of 
the American Sign Language. 
The highlight of 1983-84 was a 
trip to Florida. 


Fools for Christ 

Apostle Paul writes, "We are 
fools for Christ's sake ..." 
I Corinthians 4:10-13 

Debbie Stivland 
William Clark 
Nancy Simmons 
Paul Pruitt 
Virginia Link 
Connie Sivitzer 
Shelly Abee 

Leaders are; 
Joel Kepley 
Tim Lugwig 
Keith Beindorf 

I Dance Company 

Lynn Anderson 

Carol Anoff 

Lois Baucom 

Nicole Brenteson 

Renee Brenteson 

Michelle Chalker 

Lynne Dengler 

Linda Hunt 

EHsa Jones 

Judy Sigmon 

Donna Stafford 

Paula Young 

Kacy Crabtree — Choreographer 

Dr. Jane Jenkins — Advisor 



The Chapel Council works with the Chaplain to 
plan the Chapel Services throughout the year. 

It consists of students in various religious organi- 
zations along with other interested students. 

These students, with the assistance of the Chap- 
lain, sponsor forums and concerts on campus. 


Phi Beta 

Phi Beta Lambda is a national business organiza- 
tion which promotes free enterprise. The organiza- 
tion stays busy providing programs for the campus 
throughout the year 


Canterhury Club 



Bonaventure Club 




Panhellenic Council 


Patti Anthony 

Vice President 

Lynn Shore 


Diana Sox 


Cyndi Chancy 

junior Delegates 

Sigma Kappa 

Lori Welker 

Kappa Delta 

Judy Boivles 

Delta Zeta 

Rebecca Jones 

Zeta Tan Alpha 

Terry Roth 


Greek Organizations 


Greek Awards Ceremony 

Dr. Jane Jenkins 
Advisor, Panhellenic Council 


Dr Ellis Boatmon 

Founder of the Greek Awards 

"America, the Beautiful 

The Invocation 
The Reverend Doctor Michael McDaniel 
Bishop, North Caroline Synod 
Lutheran Church in America 


Miss Sandra Krajcik 
Mr Jim Hinkeldey 

Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority 

Mr. John Coffey 


The Sorority Leadership Gavel Award — Judy Bowles 

The Fraternity Leadership Gavel Award — Kirk Wall 

Panhellenic Pledge Award — Becky Hinsman 

I.F.C. Pledge of the Year Award - Dale Brill 

The Al Carelli Jr., Memorial Award — Jeff Long 

Panhellenic Sophomore Award — Kacy Crabtree 

Sophomore Greek of the Year — Jeff Shew 

Panhellenic Junior Award — Jill McWhirter 

Junior Greek of the Year — Ted Kurtz 

The President's Cup — David Anderson 

The Ellis Boatmon Greek Award — Lynden Hall 

The David Michael Adams Memorial Award — Frances Roy 

Panhellenic Senior Award — Mary Jane Lawson 

Senior Greek of the Year — Glenn Holston 

Woman of the Year — Sarah Moller 
Man of the Year — David Anderson 

John H. McDaniel Memorial 
Citizenship Award — Tony Sipe 




Becky Hinzman 
Karen Mandish 
Ann Miller 
Claudia Ward 
Lori Welker 
Beth Botzenhart 
Michele Hensby 
Sheri Sullivan 
Patty Blackwell 
Cindy Abbott 
Janet Painter 
Diana Sox 
Kacy Crabtree 
Lisa Johnsoti 
Tracy Eckard 
Carol Richie 
Diane Williams 
Debbie Brown 
Valerie Finneran 
Carol Swanson 
Debbie Stivland 
Frances Roy 
Libby Vanhoy 
Susan Dean 
Linda Coxe 
Cindy Fagerberg 
Lori Deal 
Heather Crorken 
Donna McAfee 


Vice President 

Rush Chairman . . . . 


Pledge Trainer 


Recording Secretary 

Kacy Crabtree 
Janet Painter 
Debbie Stivland 
Cindy Abbott 
Karen Mandish 
Diana Sox 
Diane Williams 


Sigma Kappa was found on November 9, 1874 at 
Colby College in Waterville, Maine and has existed 
on the Lenoir-Rhyne campus as the Epsilon Alpha 
Chapter since 1964. The colors are lavendar and 
maroon, and the jewel is the pearl. The Mascot is 
the owl. 



Cheryl Dellinger 
Kim Moye 
Lisa Welch 
Audrey Darriker 
Janet Robinson 
Mischa Williams 
Jill McWhirter 
Sabra Broivn 
Kim Chapman 
Cindy Davidson 
Diane Driscoll 
Martha Hinson 
Chris Mau 
Patty Anthony 
Becky Brogdon 
Sandy Friday 
LuAn Hobson 
Lisa Hudson 
Sue Kayser 
Michelle McKeirnon 
Wendy Pharr 
Kathy Price 
Yvonne Robinson 
Rebekah Smart 
Peggy At well 
Elisa Endicott 
Tina Mackey 
Margo Stephenson 
Lori Warlick 
Molly Agner 
Carol Anthony 

— President 

— Vice President 

— Secretary 

— Treasurer 

— Asst. Treas. 

— Editor 

— Membership 
Susan Aurand 
Kelly Bashelor 
Judy Bowles 
Sally Chapman 
Audrey Duda 
Mary Federle 
Johnna Fox 
Lara Gusallus 
Jane Huggins 
Laura Littrell 
Margie Pitzer 
Jill Scroggs 
Lori Turner 
Pattie Whitener 
Jayne Williams 
Deaune Wilson 
Susanne Sifford 
Cathy Lance 
Jennifer Rader 
Jenny Martin 
Rosemary Agner 
Regina Martin 
Lisa Jenkins 

Kappa Delta is a national sorority which has been a part of the 
LR campus since 1962. The sorority colors are olive green and 
pearl white. The Kappa Delta works for the benefit of two na- 
tional philanthropies, crippled children and the prevention of 
child abuse. The activities for the Kappa Delta include the Mr 
LRC Pageant, White Rose Formal, and the Kountry Rush Party. 



Beth Cline 
Lori Buie 
Myra Jenkins 
Lisa Watkins 
Laura Pate 
Deanne Schelberg 
Cyndi Chaney 
Chris Wenz 
Julie Acquino 
Sarah Vogelsberg 
Lori Starbuck 
Valerie Austin 
Melanie Smith 
Nina Carnes 
Elisa Jones 
Pam Martin 
Carolyn Lyons 
Carol Bennett 
Betsy Besalski 
Jill Feeman 
Keva Caddis 
Elisa Ham 
Lorrie Hopkins 
Jennifer Jones 
Sandy Letson 
Janet Sale 
Edie Scronce 
Holly Sink 
Sherry Sipe 
Cheryl Smith 
Debra Staeker 
Ginger Yelton 
Cynthia Allen 
Sally Bower 

Tracy Demer 
Dianne Diussa 
Rebecca Jones 
Kim Knippenberg 
Penny Manlove 
Angle McGee 
Kathy Piercy 
Kim Price 

Mindy Rohrbach 
Cindy Roper 
Paige Thomas 
Laureen Tonneser 
Cathy Wetzel 
Trish Purr 
Cheryl Smith 


=^1=111=111=111=111=1';;= ! 
iiili^=|i=!ii=^i=iM=iTi : 


N=iii=m= =Ty='Li = 
=Ni=m=m=iTi = i71=m = 

" = ILI = IIIEIII = lll = i||=m 


[1 = 111=111 = 111 = , || = |7j = .-;^ 


:li^ = lll = lM = l||=|[|=lll = 

1 111=111=111=111=111=111= 

l = NISMI = lll = li| = i7^=lT 
:lll = IM = IIIHIII = ill = ~ 


:lll = [[| = ||| = |||- 





=111=111 = 

111 = 111 = 111 


iiiEiiiEiir=iit . 

ill = IIIEIII=M 
ll = IIIEIII= 

j= Ml =111 ^^^H^^^H 




W^^^^^^^^^^M 1 









A - 


Janice Whitson 
Mitzi Farley 
Mary Eckelman 
Ann Fell 
Karen Starnes 
Shannie Jones 
Andrea Marrison 
Lynn Shore 
Terry Roth 
Eugenia Yount 
Rose Crawford 
Becky Warlick 
Karen Ondich 
Dana Barsington 
Patty Lowrie 
Connie Wagner 
Jennifer McNutt 
Sharon Musick 
Lynn Lackey 
Celeste Twiford 
Gina Wooten 
Dru Tucker 
Kelley McFarland 
Kathleen Cleary 
Patty Deese 
Sue Groezinger 
Gail Rary 

Debbie Drummond 
Tina Carlton 
Lisa Jones 
Carol Smith 
Kay Ledbetter 
Daphne Eudy 
Catharine Johnston 
Emma Schrum 


Jeanne Campanella 
Jacqueline Harper 
Kendyl Crozier 
Dawn Thornburg 
Jeanne Marie Holt 
Marlyn Mink 
Brook Megargle 
Gai Brown 


Ted Kurz 
Chris Bomba 
Harry Faggart 
Marshall Mauney 
Porter Miller 
Alan Pierce 
William Clark 
Charles Kraciuk 
Billy Hammett 
David Longacre 
Kerry Hayer 

Sigma Phi Epsilon is a group of unique indi- 
viduals sharing a common brotherhood. The 
Cardinal principles are virtue, diligence, and 
brotherly love. These standards are lived up to 
as much as possible each day. Sigma Phi Epsi- 
lon offers advancement for any young inter- 
ested individual. They have been active in the 
past with the heart fund and they raise money 
to send children to summer camps. Sigma Phi 
Epsilon is also the sponsor of the book ex- 
change in the fall. 


Vice President . . 



Pledge Educator . 

Ted Kurz 

.... Chris Bomba 
. . . Harry Faggart 
Marshall Mauney 
. . . . Kerry Hayer 



Stan Combs 
David Rosinskl 
Bryan Baker 
Steve Hunter 
Robert Kepley 
Kirk Wall 
John Bell 




Charles Cannon 
Scott Conger 
Jim Dickerson 
Perry Fewell 
Briti Griffith 
Greg Guthrie 
Alex Martinson 
Kenneth Hill 
Mark Holder 
Cliff Kayser 
Derek Latham 
Jeff Long 
Robert Lutz 
Robert Lockridge 
Bobby McCall 
Robert Lenn 
David Moose 
Steve Osborne 
Tom Paris 
Mark Setzer 
Jeff Shew 
Eddie Snuggs 
Frank Surface 
Mark White 
Joe mile 
Tom Wrenn 




Jim Adams 
Walter Black 
Dale Brill 
Robert Cleveland 
Kevin Conway 
Keith Cooper 
Alan Davis 
Nate Frambach 
Scott Fohl 
David Glasgow 
Jeff Greer 
Bill Hackett 
Philip Haire 
Nate Hammer 
Ed Hauser 
Scott Howarth 
Kevin Jones 
Pete Killam 
Kenton Kreager 
Eric Love 

Barry Munsey 
Dana O'Hair 
Tim Propst 
Scott Reilly 
Mike Rempe 
Robert Rhyne 
John Rouser 
Steve Self 
Wes Settlemyre 
Kyle Sigmon 
Steve Siminski 
Scott Smith 
Bill Thompson 
John Wood 
Jimmy Yount 
Bruce Million 
Tim Ludwig 
John Ferguson 
Steve White 
Charles Whitley 


..-'.-: .jjc- f- r .i. .'^au^. ••*': 




Ashby Blakey 
Keith Brown 
Kenneth Brown 
Ralph Bunch 
Steve Caple 
Jeff Clanton 
Ron Cloiido7i 
Larry Crouch 
Rusty Frazier 
foe Friday 
Jeff Harris 
Pat Hickey 
Don Jarboe 
Steve Krassas 
Carlos Liatti 
Curtiss Massie 
Ed McCollough 
Ed Merrigan 
Mark Mullane 
Doug Myers 
Kevin O'Brian 
Bruce Royer 
Fred Sandor 
Scott Shannon 
Joe Smith 
Charles Wacenske 
Joseph Welsh 
Stewart Whitfield 
Jeff Wiles 







\fc-l: K 

ZJhe Zrace oj- ^rienddkip 

^^-A -7 r-' ' 

.'«.'4i;7r~'' ^ 





ZJke ZJ-ace of ^cnolav^hip 






^he ^ace o/ ^J4applne5A 


Beth Loadholt 



Abee, Shelly 
Adams, Pamela 
Allman, Franklin 
Anderson, Lynn 
Andrews, Al 

Annas, Stephanie 
Anoff, Carol 
Austin, Kimberly 
Austin, Sharon 
Auten, Chuck 

Baker, Stephen 
Barron, Kathy 
Bauer, Kathleen 
Beam, Susan 
Beamer, Deborah 

Beasley, Suzanne 
Belue, Clint 
Benson, Sam 
Benton, Brad 
Bcnzmiller, Ken 

Bergh, George 
Best. Barbara 
Blackwcll, Rich 
Blocker, Marty 
Blyler, Justine 

Boone, Sarah 
Booth, Mark 
Bradshaw, Kimberly 
Brenteson, Renee 
Brown, Lee 


Brown, Mary Beth 
Bumgardner, Susan 
Bumgarncr. Beth 

Caroway, Angela 
Carpenter, Lee 
Carrciro, Deneen 
Carroll, Steve 
Carter, Carla 

Callender, Sharon 
Campanella, Joy 
Campbell, Bill 
Canlpe, David 

Cartwrlght, Frank 
Chalker, Michelle 
Church, Elizabeth 
Church, Janice 

Clark, Betsy 
Clark, William 
Clemmons, Cindv 



Conn, John 
Cox, Jeff 
Cunningham, Kathy 



^^^K .^B 


^^M ' ' ' {^ 





^^^wL ^B '^^ '^'- 

Crawford, Kimberly 
Dalcn, Brian 
Davenport, Tony 
Deagon, Ellen 

Deal, Alan 
Deal, Lorl 
Devine, Mary 
Dlckerson, Jeff 
Dodge, Chris 

Eller, Jcaneane 
Englander, Nik 
Falcon, Juan 


Fanaijlan, Wendy 
Fender, Cheryl 
Ferguson, Suzanne 
Flncannon, Kim 
Fletcher, Jlmmv 

Frlck, Jay 
Friday, Mark 
Frye, Richard 
Fulmer, Norma 
Gates, Terrell 

Fleshman, Denni^ 
Ford, Jay 
Franks, Beth 
Frazier, Nancy 

Gentry, Melissa 
Gragg, Lisa 
Graves, Rena 
Griffith, Brad 
Griffin, Shelley 

Helms, Anne 
Helms, Betsy 
Hendrlx, Beth 
Herzog, Paul 
Hill, Ronnie 


ft^. ^^1 


i '*'^'l 


V •' 


\ t i 





Hinz, Tim 
Holland, James 
Hollar, Dawn 
Honeycutt, Sonyt 
Hoover, Amy 

Irwin, Kelly 
Isenhour, Wendy 
Jackson, Tom 
Jenkins, Sandra 
Jensen, Molly 

Joyee, Beth 
Karriker, Kathy 
Keck, David 
Killian, Scott 
King, Darren 

Kunze, Jeff 
Lackey, Lisa 
Lancaster, Wendy 
Lance, Cathy 
LcGrande, Charles 


Little, Robbin 
Llnebarger, Angela 
Link, Virginia 
Llewellyn, Susan 
Loadholdt, Beth 

Lohniann, James 
Maddy, Curtis 
Manlove, Penny 
Marlow, Tamara 
Martin, Tim 

Mayne, Barbara 
McGliee, Marvin 
McLean, Doris 
McNeill, Julie 
Meelts, Heidi 

Mclchor, Sheryl 
Mertz, Heather 
Mllihram, Barbara 
Mitchell, William 
Molitor. Michele 

Monday, Crystal 
Mull, George 
Mullinax, Sheila 
Munday, Joseph 
Munsey, Beth 




9<^ ^^l^^^l 

' fl 

BL ^- ^^1 

R^ ^^H 









Nguyen, John 
Owens, Lori 
Palacio, Jose 
Parks, Lisa 
Pasour, Tammv 

Patterson, Jerri 
Patterson, Kyle 
Phelan. Kelly 
Platz, Stacey 
Pless, Martha 

Polndexter, Brad 
Policke, Jonathan 
Pope, Scott 
Porter, Chris 
Powell, Juan 

Pruett, Paul 
Quach, Hlep 
Ramsey, David 
Ray, Luther 
Reed, Carl 

Reep, Amy 
Renfro, Jeff 
Richardson, Alma 
Richter, Steve 
Riley, Eddie 


Rlnchart, Sheila 
Rlsdon, Karla 
Roane, Troy 
Robertson, Jeanne 
Rogers, Maria 
Rupert, GJen 
Safrlt, Brent 
Sapp, Dawn 
Schmidt, David 
Schutte, Andv 

Semones, Nancy 
Shaw, Carol 
Shcpard. Julie 
Sheppard, Doug 
Sherer, Lisa 
Shipp, Clinton 
Shoberg, Constance 
Shomaker, Lisa 
Shook, Polly 
Short, Marti 

Simmons, Nancy 
Slmms, Debbie 
Sipe, Susan 
Siska, John 
Small, Vicki 
Smith, Clal 
Smith, Roy Jr. 
Speecc, Marlene 
Spofford, Barry 
Stamev, .Johanna 

Stephens, Ginnifer 
Stlnson, Janet 
Stutts, Gregg 
Sucher, Adam 
Sutton, Mike 
Swartzel, Vicky 
Switzer. Connie 
Tatsapaugh, Erik 
Taylor, Danielle 
Taylor, Shirley 

Thomas, Joy 
Thompson, Brian 
Thompson, Jennifer 
Tull, Stephen 
Vanderlinder, Lisa 
Wallers, Gordon 
Ward, Angle 
Weaver, Lorl 
Whitmorc, Dwayne 
Williams, Brett 

Williams, John 
Willis, Pamela 
Willis, Stacie 
Winter, Suzanne 
W'oodson, Terri 
Workmclster, Tim 
Wright, Ann 
Young, Kelly 
Young, Lynettc 
Young, Paula 

Scott Howarth 



Agner, Molly 
Alder, Carolyne 
Allen, Cindy 
Austin, Jalmle 
Baker, Leigh Ann 

Bolton, Laura 
Bower, Sally 
Bowles, Judv 

Bowles, Margaret 
Brenteson, Nicole 
Brewer, Jan 

Baucom, Lois 
Iteam, Becky 
Bell, John 
Bolick, Gilda 

Bridges, Nancy 
Brill, Dale 
Brown. Gail 
Buncli, Ralph 

Burgess, Joy 
Burns, Drenda 
Cadwell, Charles 
Campanella, Jeanne 
Chaffee, Charlotte 


Chapman, Sally 
Chenlae, Chris 
Cleary, Kathleen 

Coxe, Linda 
D'Avanzo. Susan 
Crawford, Lillian 
Crorken, Heather 
Crump, Tonl 
Davidson, Jewel 

Deese, Patty 
Demer, Tracy 
Dletz, Rosemary 
Dlgh, Cresconda 
Dlusse, Dlanne 
Draper, Adam 
Drummond, Debbie 
Duda, Audrey 
Echerd, Lisa 

Eckard, Tracy 
Edlngton. Cathy 
Edwards, Judith 
Elledge, Tracy 
England, Peggy 
Eudy, Daphne 
Everldge, Julie 
Faggart, Harry III 
Federle, Mary 

Gee, Marty 
Goddard, Eileen 
Groezinger, Sue 
Harmon, Kenneth 
Harrington, Angela 
Harris, Jeff 
Hayes, Lynn 
Helms, Jerry 
Henson, Robin 
Hickman, Eddy 

Ferguson, Christine 
Ferguson, John 
Fletcher, Kelly 
Fox, Johnna 
Fralcy, Jackie 
Frazler, Rusty 
Friday, Joe 
Furr, Trlsh 
Gahagen, Amy 


'I'll' W \ //P'' I/'' f^-^v-v 



Hill, Kenneth 
Hoke, Tare 
Holder, Mark 
Holt, Jeanne Marie 
Howard, Sharon 
Howarth, Scott 
Hubbard, Sandra 
Huffman, J.V. Jr. 
Hunter, Steve 

Ikard, Bruce 
Irewolede, Misitura 
James, Lorrle 
Janisko, Cheryl 
Jarboe, Don 
Jenkins, Lisa 
.Johnson, Rcnae 
Johnston, Catharine 
Jones, Elizabeth 

Jones, Lisa 
Jones, Rebecca 
Jones, Tammy 
Kanoy, Cindy 
Keller, Leslie 
Kelley, Vanessa 
Kepley, Joel 
Klllian, Pete 
Knecht, Jon 

Knepp, Greg 
Kneppenberg, Kim 
Krassas, Steve 
Lackey, Richard 
Landrus, Margaret 
Ledbetter, Kay 
Liatti, Carlos 
Littrcll, Laura 
Lombard, Ann 

Ludwig, Tim 
Mandish, Karen 
Martin, .Jennifer 
Martin, Pam 
Masters, Carol 
Maynard, Susan 
McAfee, Donna 
McFarland, Kelley 
McGalliard, Lori 



Sn ■■ ■■.-■ .J 

i- ; y 



* j^f^^'^S 

■■J- llfflt*"* " 


^Ci^WpQyV '*-"i-^ 





McGee, Angle 
McGuffln, Sherry 
McLean, Mike 
McMurry, Angle 
Megargle, Brooke 
Mellan, Donna 
Midgett, Mike 
Miller, Ann 
Million, Bruce 

Mink, Marilyn 
Mitchell, Lisa 
Moretz, Annette 
Mullane, Mark 
Newbury, Beth 
Norman, Katie 
O'Brien, Kevin 
Oehler, Laura 
O'Halr, Dana 


Okunole, Michael 


Oliver, Richard 


Osborne, Steve 

u. "'^ i^H 

Overcash, Mlchele 

-» '¥^■^^1 

Paris, Tom 

Peters, Trlsh 
Plercy, Kathy 

^^' ^^^^1 

Pltzer, Margie 

- * ' ^^^ 

Price, Kim 


Prultt, Susan 
Propst, Steve 
Puch, Alan 
Pugh, Amy 
Rader, Jennifer 
Rader, Lisa 
Ramseur, Doug 
Rempe, Mike 
Reynolds, Paige 

Richardson, Louise 
Rlggs, Michael 
Ritchie. Allison 
Robbins, Lynne 
Roberts, Felicia 
Rohrbach, Mindy 
Roper, Cindy 
Rudisill, Deanna 
Scacr, Susan 


Schronee, Edle 
Scroggs, Jill 
Self, Stc-vc 

Shumate, Brian 
Slfford, Susanne 
Smith, Carol 

Smith, Cindy 
Snuggs, Eddie 
Spears, Teresa 

Stafford, Donna 
Stanley, Michelc 
Talbcrt, Jenny 
Terrell, Kathryn 

Thomas, Paige 
Thornburg, Dawn 
Tonneson, Laurecn 
Turner, Lori 


Veil son, Aaron 
Wakeman, Stephen 
Cvndi Walker 

Walker, Dell 
Wall, Kirk 
Wallaee. Chris 

Weatherford, Irl 
Welker, Lori 
Welsh, Joe 

Wetzel, Kathy 
Wheless, Michael 
White, Steve 
Whitner, Patti 

Whitley, Charles 
Worrell, Scott 
Wilson, Deaunc 
Yount, Jimmv 


Cyndl Chaney 




Abbott, Cindy 
Adams, Jim 
Allen, David 
Atwell, Pcggy 

Aurand, Susan 
8aker, Cynthia 
Beam, Loretta 
Beard, Eddie 

Belndorf, Keith 
Blakely, Ashby 
Bollinger, Brad 
Bowen, Susan 

Brasington, Dana 
Brogdon, Becky 
Brown, Amanda 
Brown, Jackie 



Brown, Sharon 
Butler, Cathy 
Caple, Stephen 
Chalton, Tina 

Carnes, Nina 
Casterllne. Rex 
Chaney, Cindy 
Childers, Debbie 

Clement, Susie 
Cook, Janie 
Cook, Jeff 
Crabtree, Kacv 

Dagenhart, Amy 
Daywalt, Vickie 
Dengler, Lynne 
Denny, Janice 



Dlneen, Bill 
Drexler, Dawn 
Dueslng, Richard Jr. 
Dyson, Cathy 

Egan, Erin 
Erlckson, Tina 
Erwln, Amy 
Fagerberg, Cindy 

Faggart, Luther 
Fell, Anne 
Flnley, Mary Beth 
Floyd, Bambl 

Friday, Sandy 
Frlnk, Caroline 
Foster, Sharon 
Gaddls, Keva 



Genaway, Kim 
Greer, Jeff 
Griffith, Britt 
Good, Debbie 

Haire, Phillip 
Hall, April 
Hall, Karen 
Ham, Elise 

Hammer, Nat 
Harper, Jacqueline 
Hauser, Ed 
Hensby, Michelle 

Henson, Susan 
Herold, Cheryl 
Hobson, Luan 
Holbrook, Alisa 



Hudson, Lisa 
Huss, Phillip 
Irlarte, Macela 
Itterly, AUyn 

Jenkins, Myra 
Jessup, Leanne 
Johnson, Anne 
Johnson, Lisa 

Johnson, James 
Jones, Elisa 
Jones, Lamont 
Jones, Shandron 

Klcmm, Joyce 
Klepper, Susan 
Knight, Deborah 
Link, Christine 



Longacre, David 
Lowman, William 
Lowrie, Patty 
Lutz, Robert 

Mackey, Tina 
Martin, Jenny 
Martin, Pam 
Martin, Regina 

Massie, Samuel 
Matheson, Jane 
McBrayer, William 
McFadyen, Anne 

McGaughey, Elizabeth 
McSwain, Mark 
Mees, Debbie 
Miller, .John 



Moretr, Emily 
Muslck, Sharon 
Myers, Doug 
Nichols, Robin 

Painter, Janet 
Parlier, Natasha 
Parris, Gayla 
Pearce, Allan 

Pendleton, Laura 
Pierce, Christine 
Price, Kathy 
Purdham, Marilyn 

Ralston. Amy 
Rary, Gayle 
Reynolds, Colette 
Robinson, Janet 



Robinson, Yvonne 
Roth, Terry 
Rover, Bruce 
Schrum, Emma 

Setzer, Lisa 
Shew, Jeff 
Shore, Lynn 
Sipe, Sherry 

Sox, Diana 
Starbuck, Lori 
Stephenson, Margo 
Stirewalt, Darlene 

Strange, Blake 
Sutton, Tina 
Swanson, Carol 
Thigpen, Ned 



Trexler, David 
Wacenske, Jeffrey 
Walscr, James 
Ward, iLlaudla 

Warllck, Becky 
Welch, Lisa 
Wells, Mary 
Wiles, Jeff 

Williams, Jaync 
Williams, Lynn 
Williams, Mischa 
Williams, Susan 

W'ilmoth, Thea 
Winemillcr, Jim 
Yarbrough, Sherryan 
Yount, Eugenia 


Jill McWhirter 

Nathan Frambuch 



Julie Acquino 

Rosemary Agner 

Janls Ahrens 

Jeffrey Auton 

Robert Auton 

Bryan Baker 

Kelly Bashlor 

Dane Bayag 

Betsy BesalskI 

Walter Black 

Patricia Blackwell 

Karen Blume 

Craig Bollinger 

4 it^ : ?^'V 







Jacqueline Bost 

Sandra Brenner 

Kathy Broadway 

Marguerite Broadwell 

Amy Broome 

Debra Brown 

Keith Brown 

Kenneth Brown 



* ^1' 










It \l' 


Nan Brown 

Sabra Brown 

Lori Buie 

Susan Bullard 

Sherry Cash 

Susan Castor 

Klmberly Chapman 

Aileen Chin 

Brenda Church 

Linda Clark 

Robert Cleveland 

Beth Cline 







Tim Collingwood 

Stan Combs 

Keith Cooper 

Mary Crawford 

Lynn Crump 

Stephen Cruz 

Debra Davis 

Cynthia Davisson 

Nathan Franbach 

Brenda Deal 

Cheryl Dellinger 

Diane Driscoll 

Steven Drum 

Mary Eckelman 

Lisa Ehrenrelch 

Perry Fewell 

Valerie Flnneran 

Scott Fohl 

Charles Foster 

Mitzl Fraley 

Karen Frazier 

Margot Galbreath 

Elizabeth Garo 

Jerry Garrett, Jr. 

Joby Glaclone 

David Glasgow 

Butch Gunter 

Alex Harblnson 

Richard Hayes 

Mary Head 

Angela Heard 

Tammy Henderson 

Rebecca Hinzman 

Lorrie Hopkins 

Teresa Johnston 

Jeff Jones 

Kevin Jones 

Mlchele Jones 








% ^^^V^d^l 



j^' ^Jf ** jJCbBmI 



i^.A s^^mJJm 

^-_^ ^^^^^^^^^B 

k^"" T~^^^ 





' flHI 

Athanaslos Kallmerls 

Audrey Karriker 

Lora Kimrey 

Barry Kennedy 

Linda King 

Ralph Koch, III 

Lynn Lackey 

Susan Ladrie 

Rhonda Lall 

Allsa Leonard 

Marsha Llneberger 

Michael Loyd 

Carolyn Lyons 

Charles Mackey 

Chris Mau 

Stephanie McBee 

Jennifer McNutt 

Jill McWhlrter 




Edward Merrlgan 

Mary Miller 

Melanle Mitchell 

Terr! Monter 

Andrea Morrison 

Kim Move 

Barry Munsey 

Gregory Muzi 

Timothy Naumann 

Jerry Nordslek 

Karen Ondlch 

Mark Owens 

Blake Pate 

Laura Pate 

Norman Peeler 

Cindy Perkins 

Wendy Pharr 


If -■ 

M' -T J 



^ 1 

Tim Propst 

Cheryl Rlbelin 

Lesley Richards 

Carol Ritchie 

Silvia Rivers 

Brian Roberts 

David Roslnskl 

Becky Rowe 

Corinne Roy 

Frances Roy 

Fred Sandor 

Dlanne Schelberg 

Cindy Schwarz 

Gordon Scott, III 

Melanie Setzer 

Stephen Shackelford 

Sara Hill Shore 

Kyle Slgmon 

Steve Slmlnski 

Richard Simmons 

Margaret Sinclair 

David Sinn 

Melanie Smith 

Terrl Sonner 

Karen Starnes 

Cynthia Staton 

Mickey Stevens 

Anita Stlkeleather 

Emily Stlrewalt 

Rhonda Stlrewalt 

Debbie Stlvland 

Jeffrey Stout 

Sherl Sullivan 

Kathy Teague 

Karen Thompson 

Tracey Thompson 

Renee Triplet! 

Dawn Trultt 

Celeste Twlford 

Donna Tynes 




Marv Underwood 

Llbby Vanhoy 

Linda Vitamuas 

Sarah Vogelsberg 

Cornelia Wagner 

Lorl Warllck 

Chris Wenz 

Stuart Whitfield 

Janice Whltson 

Rodney Wike 

Diane Williams 

John Wood 

Glna Wooten 

Tony Worley 

Chris Wright 

Best Ail-Around Seniors 

The Senior Class of 1984 chose Jill McWhirter and 
Nathan Frambach as the Best-All-Aroimd Sen- 
iors. Each has shown leadership in academic and 
extracurricular activities. Jill and Nathan were 
also selected to the 1983-84 Who's Who Among 
Students in American Universities and Colleges. 

Jill is the membership chairman of Kappa Delta 
sorority, secretary of Phi Beta Lambda, senior class 
president during the fall semester, and an account- 
ing student aide and tutor She is active in SGA, 
Iota Epsilon Omega, and Mu Sigma Epsilon. 

Nathan is a member of Theta Chi fraternity. Na- 
tional Model United Nations. He is a Varsity 
Cheerleader, Prologue Leader, Resident Assistant 
and Senior Class president during the spring se- 


Who's Who Among American College Students 

Jerry Garrett, Mark Owens 
Kelly Bashlor, Patty Blackwell 

Members Include: 
Donald Anthony 
Patty Anthony 
Kelly Bashlor' 
Craig Bollinger 
Patty Blackwell 
Sherry Cash 
Stan Combs 
Chuck Foster 
Nathan Frambach 
Jerry Garrett 
Joby Giacalone 
Susan Ladrie 
Lisa Mattson 
Jill McWlurter 
Mark Owens 
Barry Shu ford 
Bob Sims 
Melanie Smith 
Karen Starnes 
Kathy Teague 
Sarah Vogelsburh 
Chris Wenz 

Donald Anthony, Stan Combs 
Patty Anthony, Jill McWhirter 

Donald Anthony 
Student Government 
Presidential Search Committee 
Minority Awareness Organization 
Chapel Council Committee 
Lutheran Student Movement 
Academic Program Committee 

Patty Anthony 

Kappa Delta 

Student Government Association 

Panhellenic CouncU 

Spanish A.T. and Tutor 

Foreign Study 

Phi Beta Lambda 

Kelly Bashlor 
Kappa Delta 

Craig Bollinger 

Admissions Internship 

Co-Coordinator of Prologue 



Circle K 

Bear Trackers 


Jerry Nordsiek, Craig Bollinger 
Nathan Fratnbach, Melanie Smith 

Patty Blackwell 

Alpha Psi Omega 

Iota Epsilon Omega 


Sigma Phi Epsilon Golden Hearts 


Sigma Kappa 

Chuck Foster 

Mu Sigma Epsilon 

Circle K 


A Cappella Choir 

ZTA Big Brother 

Prologue Team Leader 

Bear Trackers 

Nathan Frambach 

Varsity Cheerleader 

Resident Assistant 

Senior Class President 

Theta Chi 

Prologue Team Leader 

National Model United Nations 

Chuck Foster 
Bob Sims 

Jill McWhirter 

Kappa Delta 

Phi Beta Lambda 

Student Government Association 

Mu Sigma Epsilon 

Iota Epsilon Omega 

Accounting Student Aid and Tutor 

Jerry Nordsiek 

Studeitt Government Association 

Soccer Team 

Joe Bear 

Resident Assistant 


Mu Sigma Epsilon 

Mark Owens 
History Club 
Newman Circle 
Student Recruitment 
Radio Club 

Melanie Smith 
Mu Sigma Epsilon 
Delta Zeta 
Varsity Cheerleader 
Honor Scholar 
Prologue Team Leader 
Theta Chi Little Sister 



ZJhe present time hai one advantage over everu otne 
J^t ii our own. 

Cnarled Collo 





SCIENCE CLASSES 1913 - 1959 



RAZED 1983 


Student Directory 

2 Abbott, Bobby D., 360 Wood Rd. Box 12, Taylorsville, NC 28681 

3 Abbott, Cindy Ann, Rt. 7 Box 90, Henderson, NC 27536 

1 Abcc, Shelly Gwen, 150S 21st Ave. NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

a Abcrnethy, Carolyn Joyce, 1*85 6th St. Ct. NW. Hickory, NC 28601 

3 Abcrnethy, Elizabeth Anne, 1078 Itth .\ve. Dr. NW, Hickory, NC 28601 

7 Abcrnethy, Flora, 330 S. College Ave., Newton, NC 28658 

3 Abcrnethy, Rachel Cutinc, 1601 N. Hewitt Ave., Newton, NC 28658 

1 Abcrnethy, Sara, Rt. 3 Fairway .\eres, Newton, NC 28658 

3 Acqulno, Julie L., 4999 Pine Ridge Way, Stuart, FL 33494 

7 .\dams, John Douglas, 425 21st .-Vve. NW, Hickory, NC 28601 

1 Adams, Pamela Lynn, 8602 Oaklclgh Rd., Baltimore Cty,, MD 21234 

3 Adams Jr., James Mathew, 241 Desota Rd., W. Palm Beach, FL 33405 

2 Agncr, Moll; Eugenia, 617 Mocksville .\ve., Salisbury, NC 28144 

4 .\gner, Rosemary, 617 Mocksville Ave., Salisbury, NC 28144 
4 Ahrcns, Janis Lynn, 3 Andrea Ln., Smithtown, NY 11787 

1 Al-All, Khalld, 405 17th Ave. NE AP4, Hickory, NC 28601 
a Alder. Carolync Ruth, 718 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15219 

1 .\lexandcr, Hugh Carter, 6213 Carriagchouse, Charlotte, NC 28201 

2 Allen, Cynthia Lee, 3513 Highview Rd., Charlotte, NC 28210 

3 Allen, David Lee, 325 Box 6311, Marshvllle, NC 28103 

4 Allison, Steven Mark, .3970 Ebcnezcr Rd., Marietta, GA 30066 

1 Allman, Franklin Lee, Rt. 7 Box 166, Concord, NC 28025 

2 .\lton, Michael Lawrence, 25 Coffman Ave., Hagerstown, MD 21740 

3 Amburn, Ken, Rt. 5 Box 130, Hickory, NC 28601 

1 Anderson, Jamie Lynn. Rt. 7 Box 546. Mocksville, NC 27028 

1 Andrews Jr.. Alfred Eugene. 3 P.O. Box 852. Moravian Falls. NC 28654 

1 Annas. Stephanie Sue. Rt. 2 Box 198, Hudson. NC 286.38 

1 Anoff. Carol Marie. 1635 Cavendish Ct.. Charlotte. NC 28211 

2 Anthony. Carol Marie. 2 Nisro-Box 76. FPO Seattle. WA 98762 

4 Anthony. Donald Eugcnc,333 Esther Clr, Kannapolls, NC 28081 

4 .\nthony, Patricia Stewart, Nlsro-Box 76. FPO Seattle. ViA 98762 

3 Anthony. Robbie R.. PO. Box 184. Glen Alpine, NC 28628 

3 Anthony, Shirley. 612 2and St. S«. Hickory, NC 28601 

1 Arament, Ania, 1980 10th St. Blvd. NW, Hickory, NC 28601 
a .\rndt. Sue Denlsc E, Rt. 1, Clarcmont, NC 28610 

5 Arnold, Susan, 418 6th St. NW, Hickory, NC 28601 

4 Ash. Theodore D.. 2321 Forrest St.. Hollywood. FL 33020 
3 Atkins. Mary Ann. Rt. 6 Box 391, Ml. Airy, NC 27030 

3 Alwcll. Peggy. 1700 Colesberg St.. Silver Spring. MD 20904 

3 Aurand. Susan L.. 505 10th Ave.. Huntington. WV 25701 

2 Austin. Jalmic Mac. 510 W. Main St.. .Maiden. NC 28650 
1 Austin, Klmbcrly, Rt. 6 Box 867, Hickory. NC 28601 

5 Austin. Mavis. 135 Sunshine Lane. Lenoir. NC 38645 

1 Austin. Sharon Yvettc, 11413 Hilblngdon Rd.. Richmond. VA 23233 

4 Austin. Valerie Cheryl, Rt. 11 Box 470. Hickory. NC 28601 

1 Autcn. Charles Edward. 1445 4th St. Dr. NW-,38, Hickory, NC 28601 

1 Autcn. Christopher L . 107 E. Main. Maiden. NC 28650 
4 Auton. .Jeffrey W.. Rt. 2 Box 114. Maiden. NC 28650 

4 Auton Jr.. Robert Glenn. Rt. 3 Box 307, Maiden. NC 28650 
4 Baker. Bryan Scott. 408 Phlfer Rd.. Kings Mtn.. NC 28086 

3 Baker. Cynthia D.. 1815 27th St. PI. NE. Hickory. NC 28601 

2 Baker. Darlenc A.. Rt. 1 Box ,537, Conovcr, NC 28613 

a Baker, Leigh Ann Dclllngcr. Rt. 9 Box 680. .Morganton. NC 28655 

4 Baker. Linda A . Rt. 6 Box 523. Hickory. NC 28601 

1 Baker. Stephen Alan. 408 Phlfer Rd.. Kings Mtn.. NC 28086 
1 Ball. David Allan. Rt a Box 491B. Connelly Spring. NC a86ia 
4 Bamc .Jr.. James H.. Rt. 5 Box 4.57-E Hickory. NC 28601 
1 Banaszcwskl. Ednlna. Rt. 2 Box 352. Valdcse. NC 28690 
8 Bandy. Rebecca Hlggins. PO. Box 25. Newton. NC 28658 

1 Barger, Beverly S.. Rt. 3 Box 569G. Newlon. NC 28658 

2 Barger. Gary. Rt. 1 Box 215. Newton. NC 28658 

1 Barnes. Susan. Rt 9 Box 344. Hickory. NC 28601 

1 Barnctt. Gaye «.. Rt. 1 Box 704-C. Taylorsville. NC 28681 

2 Barnhardt. Randall Allen. 807 Carolina .\ve. N.. Statesville, NC 28677 

3 Barrett Jr., Wade, Rt. 4 Box 169. Marshvllle. NC 28103 

3 Barrlngcr, .John Chris, 525 25th Ave. NW. Hickory. NC 28601 

1 Barron. Kathleen Hope. 2129 Greyhorsc Dr.. Warrington. PA 18976 

4 Bashlor. Kelly Sue. 2845 Dutton Dr.. Tltusvlllc. FL 32796 
4 Buss. Lisa Anne. Rt. 4 Box 733, Hickory, NC 28601 

7 Bates, Christine, 851 8th St. NW, Hickory. NC 38601 

a Baucom. Lois V. 310 Main St.. Freemansburg. P.\ 18017 

1 Bauer. Kathleen Jcanette. 236 Garrison Rd., Morganton, NC 28655 

1 Baxlcy, Stephen .\ustln, 7 Longmeadow Rd., Taylors, SC 29687 
4 Baxter Jr., Gerald, Rt. 3 Box .53.3. Chcrryville. NC 28021 

4 Bayag. Dane, 15620 SW 86 Ave., Miami. FL 33157 

3 Beach, Greetlc Beatty, 400 Garrou Ave. SE, Valdcse, NC 28690 

3 Beam, Loretta Ann, Rt 4 Box 57, Vale, NC 28168 

2 Beam, Rebecca Madeline. Rt. 1. Chcrryville. NC 28021 

1 Beam. Susan Gay. Rt. 2 Box 114. Llncolnton. NC 28092 

1 Bcamcr. Deborah Louise. Rt. 6 Box 55. Mt. Mry. NC 27030 

1 Bean. Michelle Williams. 6442 Morven Lane. Charlotte, NC 28211 

1 Beard, Dwaync Uwls, Rt. 1 Box 558, Hickory, NC 28601 

3 Beard, Edward Lee, 818 2nd St. PI. NE '6, Hickory. NC 28601 
1 Bcasley. Elisc. Rt. 3 Box 331-E Conovcr. NC 28613 

1 Bcasley. Suzanne Lashay. 105 Madrid Ct.. Garner. NC 37539 
7 Beaver. Roger, Rt. 11 Box 30. Hickory. NC 38601 

a Beck. Amy Lynne, St. Rt. Box 24 B Cove. Cherokee, NC 28719 

3 Beindorf, Keith William, 585 Kent Brook Terr., Klnnclon. NJ 07405 

2 Bell. .John Erie. 453 Ridge Rd.. Watehung. NJ 07060 

1 Bcluc ,lr.. William Clint. 305 Pryor Rd., Taylors, SC 29687 

3 Bcnedlkter, Teresa T. 121.5C 10th St. BIdv. N, Hickory. NC 28601 

3 Bcnflcld. Molene. Rt. 3 Box 179. Vale. NC 28168 

4 Bennett. Margaret Carol. 708 Hillside Dr.. Kings Mtn.. NC 28086 

1 Benson. Samuel Klmbrough, 1243 Roblnhood Cir.. Charlotte. NC 28212 

2 Bentley. Joy MoreU. Rt. 2 Box 53-68. Taylorsville. NC 28681 
1 Benton. Bradford Ellis. 11 Sturgeon Dr., Leiand, NC 28451 

1 Bcnzmlller Jr.. Kenneth J.. 3600 Huckleberry Rd., Charlotte, NC 27210 

1 Bergh, George Kristofer, ,5414 Mt. Greenwich Ct., Burke. VA 22015 

2 Bcrgholz. Carol S., Rt. II Box a91. Hickory, NC 38601 

1 Berry. Diane Cheryl. 65 Pinewood Dr. Granite Falls, NC 28630 
4 Bcsalskl. Betsy Lynn. 4520 NW 16th PI.. Gainesville. FL 32605 
1 Best. Barbara Ellen. Box 42 Berca College. Berea, KY 40404 

7 Bixby. Janet Vanwert. 726 East St.. Newton. NC 38658 
4 Black. Walter Alan. 109 Allen St.. Belmont. NC 38013 

8 Blackmon. Ann Marie. Rt. 1 Box 637-C. Conover, NC 38613 

4 Blackwell, Patricia M., 7833 Harps Mill Rd., Raleigh, NC 37609 
1 Blackwell, Richard. 2 Wheeler Way Apt. lA. Princeton. NJ 08540 
3 Blakely. Ashby Lee, 335 Workman Avenue, Woodruff, SC 29388 
3 Blalock, Darin Lee, Box 188 Rt. 1, Denver, NC 28037 
8 Bledsoe, Leah Ijung, 1750 4th St. Clr. NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

3 Blevins, Richard .Jeffrey, 1040 6th Av. NW. Hickory. NC 28601 

1 Blocker, Marty Beth, 1135 Lake Charles Dr., Roswell, GA 30075 

4 Blume, Karen Elaine. 114 Park St.. China Grove. NC 38033 

1 Blyler. Justine Riehl. 349 Grovanla Dr.. Bloomsburg. PA 17815 
7 Bobak. Rodney. Rt. 4 Box 313-B. Hickory. NC 38601 

3 Bolick. Elaine Moritz. Westminster Pk. Bx. 43. Hickory. NC 28601 

2 Bolick. Gilda Leigh. Rt. 4 Box 110. Conover. NC 28613 

a Bolick. Timothy Ray. Westminster Pk Bx. 43. Hickory. NC 38601 

3 Bollinger. Bradley. 2616 NW Blvd.. Newton. NC 28658 

4 Bollinger. Craig. Rt. 3 Box 187. Dallas. NC 28034 

1 Bollinger. Rosclla Maiine. 370 18th Ave. NE. Hickory. NC 38601 

2 Bolton. Laura L.. 410 Mocksville .\ve.. Salisbury. NC 28144 

3 Bomba. Christopher .\nthony. P.O. Box 99. Ceder Mtn.. NC 28718 
1 Boone. Sarah Jacqueline. Rt. 8 Box 359. Burlington. NC 37215 

1 Booth, Mark Craig, 1518 Touehton Road, LuU, FL 33,549 

3 Borst. Mary Elizabeth, 507 4th Ave. NE, Conover, NC 28613 

4 Bost, Jacqueline L., Rt. 1 Box 183, Mt. Holly, NC 28130 

2 Bost, Stephanie Rainey, 929 Hemlock Dr. NE, Lenoir, NC 286*5 
4 Bott, Donna Rae, Rt. 1 Box 60J. Valdcse. NC 38690 

3 Botzenhart, Beth Ann, 1007 SW 37th Ave., Boynton Beach. FL 33435 

4 Bowen, Susan Moore. 607 S. Central Ave.. Belmont, NC 38013 
a Bower. Sally Lynne. 7622 SW 169th St.. Miami. FL .33157 

a Bowles. Judith Elaine, 34.37 SW 43 Terrace. Ft. Lauderdale. FL 33317 

3 Bowles. Margaret L.. PO. Box 124. Morganton. NC 28655 
1 Bowman. Brett. 428 Thompson St.. Stanley. NC 28164 

4 Bowman. Rhonda Beth. 1732 3l8t St. NE. Hickory. NC 28601 
4 Bowman. William Shuford. P.O. Box 7410, Hickory. NC 38603 

1 Boyd. Eddie Dwayne. 1940 Tripped Woodstk.. Marietta. GA 30188 
1 Boyles. Helen. Rt. 5 Box 64-C. Hickory. NC 28601 
1 Bradshaw. Klmbcrly Katrlna, Rt. 3 Box 95. Vale. NC 28168 
7 Brady. Douglas. Rt. 7 Box 4S9. Hickory. NC 28601 
3 Branch. Jerome F. 319 Cavalier Blvd.. Portsmouth. VA 23701 
1 Brandau. Rose. Rt. I Box 54S-19. Conover, NC 28613 
3 Brasington. Dana Marie. Rt 7 Box 130. Chapel Hill. NC 27514 
1 Braswcll. Paula Rena. Sherrilwd Ter. CB3314. Hudson. NC 28638 
1 Brennan. Sean Padrale. 3865 Tiffany Lane, Virginia Beach, VA 23456 
Brenner, Sandra Lynn. 3347 Camino Rey, Fullerton, CA 92633 
BrentcBon, Nicole Suzanne, 5190 SW 93rd St., Coral Gables, FL 33156 
Brenteson, Renee Cristine, 5190 SW 93 St., Miami, FL 33156 
Brewer, Brenda, 206 Spainhour St., Morganton, NC 28655 
Brewer, Jan Ellsa, Box 352, Banner Elk, NC 28604 
Bridges, Danctlc Steelman, 1905 29th St. NE, Hickory, NC 28601 
Bridges, Nancy Marie, 1714 Fairfield Dr., Gastonia, NC 28052 
Brill, Dale Allen, 2310 Springvalley Dr, Clemmons, NC 27013 
Bristow, Susan D., PC Box 850, Newton, NC 28658 
Broadway, Kathy Rains. 207 Dillon Drive. Statesville. NC 28677 
Broadwell. Marguerite B.. Rt. 4 Box 251. Clyde. NC 28721 
Brogdon. Rebecca A.. Rt 6 Box 375A. Winston-Salem. NC 27107 
Broome. Amy E.. Rt. 1 Box 71B. Conover. NC 28613 
Brown. Amanda Carol. 1003 3rd St. SE. Conover. NC 28613 
Brown, .\ngela L . 134 Styers Rd.. Wlnston-Salem. NC 37105 
Brown. Brian Thomas, North 10th Ext.. Maiden. NC 38650 
Brown. Carole C. Rt. 11 Box 715. Hickory. NC 38601 
Brown. Debra C. 1006 Crawford Dr. Rockvllle. MD 30851 
Brown. Gail Ilene. 1408 S. 10th St.. Dade City. FL 33535 
Brown. Jacqueline M . Rt. 1 Box 119C8. Mardela Spr.. MD 21837 
Brown. Joyce P, 242 8th Ave. Dr. SW, Hickory, NC 38601 
Brown, Keith B., 309 Magnolia St., Statesville, NC 38677 
Brown, Kenneth C, Rt. 3 Box 3359, Clayton, GA 30525 
Brown, Leslie, P.O. Box 507, Lenoir, NC 28645 

Brown, Mary Elizabeth, 1165 Lakccharles Dr., Roswell, GA 30075 
Brown, Mary Rebecca, 239 Wilkesboro Rd., Taylorsville, NC 28681 
Brown, Nan, 661 6th Ave. PI. NW, Hickory, NC 28601 
Brown, Phyllis Smith, PO. Box 532, Rutherford Col., NC 38671 
Brown, Sabra D., ,36.38 Gaye Lane SW, Roanoke, VA 24018 
Brown, Sharron D., 1030 26th St. NE, Hickory, NC 28601 
Brown Jr., Gerald Lee, Rt. 1 Box 289B, Belmont, NC 28012 
Buchanan, Kerry Allen, P.O. Box 21, Plumtree, NC 28664 
Buie, Lori Doneeic, 9313 Old Line Ct., Columbia, MD 21045 
Bullard, Susan H., 79 Providence Sq. Dr., Charlotte, NC 28211 
Bumgardner, Susan Ruth, Rt. 1 Box 488.\, Hudson, NC 28638 
Bumgarner. Amy. 1530 19th St. SW. Hickory, NC 28601 
Bumgarner, Patty Beth, Rt. 2 Box 485. Newton. NC 38658 
Bumgarner, Susan W., Rt. 7 Box 337, Hickory, NC 28601 
Bunch, Ralph Laurence, 4565 Brldgcwater Dr., Clemmons, NC 27012 
Burgess, Joy D., 6131 Coach Hill Ln., Charlotte, NC 28212 
Burkart, Gary A., 7501 Va. Brook Rd., Charlotte, NC 28311 
Burke. Loretta Huggins. Rt. 11 Box 684. Hickory. NC 38601 
Burket, Donald, Rt. 6 Box 973, Hickory, NC 38601 
Burns, Drenda Leigh, 23 Dogwood Dr., Rhodhiss, NC 28667 
Burroughs, Tina Joy, PO. Box 368, Wendell, NC 27591 
Burton, Keith, 557 5th St. NW, Hickory, NC 38601 
Busroe, Carol, 45 33nd Ave. NW, Hickory. NC 38601 
Buss. Elizabeth Swan. 118 Maple Dr. NW. Lenoir. NC 38645 
Butler, Catherine J., 10612 Harborough Rd., Richmond, VA 33233 
Byerly, Wesley Grimes, 1446 6th St. Cir. Ct. N, Hickory, NC 38601 
Byrd, James K., 18 Sunset Dr., N. Wilkesboro, NC 28659 
Byrnes, James Brian, 13901 Briarwood Dr., Laurel. MD 20708 
Cadwell. Charles Hardee. Rt. 2 Box 275. Blonts Creek. NC 87814 
Caldwell, Lindy, 614 South Brady Ave., Newton, NC 28658 
Callahan, Nola, Rt. 11 Box .306, Hickory, NC 38601 
Callender, Sharon Marie, 838 Gwynne Ave,, Waynesboro, VA 32980 
Cjimiehos, Lisa C, 1513 S. Hackney Dr., Orlando, FL 32806 
Camp, Ricky J.. 817 New Hampshire St., Spindale, NC 28160 


3 Campanella, Jeanne Marie, 161 Adams St. East, East IsIIp, NY 11730 
1 Campanella, Joy Marie, 161 Adams St. East, East Isllp, NY 11730 

8 Campbell, Amy, 309 W. 9th St., Newton, NC 38658 

1 Campbell, William L., 2909 SW 144 Terr., Davis, FL 33330 

1 Canlpe, David Wayne, 803 17th St. NE, HIekory, NC 28601 

4 Cannon, James C 939 Hawthorne Dr NE, Lenoir, NC 38645 
4 Cantrcll, Harold, Rt. 3 Box 127, Connelly Spring, NC 28612 
3 Caple, Stephen Anthony, P.O. Box 594, Madison, NC 27025 

1 Capleltc, Amy, Rt. 10 Box 213, Hickory, NC 38601 

3 Caraballo, Luis Alberto, P.O. Box 1684, Hickory, NC 28603 

3 Carlton, ChrisUna N., RO. Box 76, Keysvllle, VA 23947 

3 Carnes, Nina Denlse, Gen. Delivery, Hlldebran, NC 28637 

1 Caroway, Angela Joan, 5434 Chicoppee Dr, Charlotte, NC 38212 
1 Carpenter, James, Rt. 6 Box 116, Gastonia, NC 28052 

4 Carpenter, Roberta Lynn, Rt. 2 Box 800, Hickory, NC 28601 
1 Carreiro, Deneen, 71 Odessa Dr., East .\mherst, NY 14051 

3 Carroll, Connie Iscnhour, Rt. 1 Box 638-B, Taylorsville, NC 28681 

1 Carroll, Stephen Edgar, 3250 Peppcrhlll Dr, Lexington, KY' 40502 

2 Carson, Ronald McArthur, 2815 10th Ave. SW, Hickory, NC 38601 
1 Carstens, David, Rt. 3 Box 582E, Connelly Spring, NC 28612 

1 CailcT, Carla Meehcllc, PO. Box 145, Lansing, NC 2864;} 

2 Carter Jr, Lannie Dean, 307 Redcllff Dr, Lenoir, NC 38645 

1 Cartwright, Francis Edward, 5308 Ravensworth Rd., Springneld, VA 33151 

3 Cash, Patricia W., Rt. 8 Box 873, Llncolnton, NC 28092 

1 Cash, Rcgena, 755 5th Ave. SW, Hickory. NC 28601 

4 Cash, Sherry Ann, Rt. 1 Box 639, Troutman, NC 28166 

3 Casterllne, Rex Larkin, 6902 Decatur PL, Hyattsvlllc, MD 20784 

4 Castor, Susan Dewalna, RO. Box 548, Kannapolls, NC 28081 

4 Caugh, Isabella, Rt. 10 Box 216A, Hickory, NC 38601 

2 Chaffee, Alma C, 381 14th Ave NE, Hickory, NC 38601 

1 Chalker, Michelle Lee, 771 NE .\ppleby St., Boca Raton, FL 33431 

3 Chambers, Samuel James, Rt. 1 Box 82, Marshvillc, NC 28103 

5 Chambers, Shirley, 308 Mapleleaf Dr, Statesvllle, NC 28677 

3 Chancy, Cynthia, 116 Partridge Trail, Hagerstown, MD 21740 

1 Chapman, Elizabeth Mayfield, RO. Box 32, Norven. NC 28119 

4 Chapman, Klmberly E., 121 Shannon Rd., Hendcrsonville, NC 287.39 

2 Chapman, Sarah Gall, 4533 Old Stage Rd., Klngsport, TN 37664 

3 Charlton, David Allen, 2371 Denn John La., Klsslmmee, FL 32741 

1 Chenlae, Christopher Blake, 17112 Olde Mill Run, Rockvllle, MD 208.55 

3 Chllders, Debra J., 920 Pennell St., Lenoir, NC 28645 

4 Chin, Alleen, Box 7385 LRC, Hickory, NC 28603 

3 Church, Brcnda Tipton, 316 12th Ave. NW, Hickory, NC 28601 
1 Church, Gena Elizabeth, 105 St. Marys Ct., Morganton, NC 28655 
1 Church, Janice Ann, Rt. 5 Box 145, Lenoir, NC 28645 

3 Clanton, Jeffrey Frank, 346 S. St., Elkln, NC 38631 

1 Clark, Deborah E., 130 Salem Cir A3, Raleigh, NC 27609 

4 Clark, Linda A., 1330 4 St. Dr NW 'llD, Hickory, NC 28601 
1 Clark, Randy Scott, 1330 4th St. Dr NW, Hickory, NC 38601 

7 Clark, VIekl, 330 10th Xve. PL NE. Hickory, NC 28601 

1 Clark, William, 2536 W. Nicholas, Phlla., PA 19131 

4 Clark, Jr, Charles Lee, 22 3rd Ave. NW, Hickory, NC 28601 

3 Clarke, Klmberly, 201 7th St., Conovcr, NC 28613 

4 Claudon, Ronald R., 5656-B W. Market St., Greensboro, NC 37409 

2 Cleary, Kathleen Marie, 12030 Colony Ave., Lake Park, FL 33410 

3 Clement, Gwendolyn Sue, Rt. 1 Box 485. Canton, NC 28716 
2 Clements. Elsie Dale, RO. Box 473, Hlldebran, NC 28637 

1 Clcmons, Cindy, 351 Iowa .\ve.. Ft. Laud., FL 33312 

4 Cleveland, Robert Gregg, 900 Qucensferry Rd., Cary, NC 27511 

4 Cllne, Beth M., P.O. Box 866, ,\rden, NC 28704 

2 Clodfelter Kevin, 1733 3lBt St. NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

5 Clodfelter, Vicky, 1723 31st St. NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

3 Clocr, Tondra Holland, 1540 16th Ave. Cir NW, Hiekory, NC 28603 

3 Clocr, Vlckl L., Rt. 1 Box 116, Marion, NC 28753 

1 Clontz, Kyle Alden, Rt. 3 Box 640, Hudson, NC 28638 

1 Clontz, Tanya Denlse, 1819 14th St. NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

4 Cluelt, Judy Kim, 23 Woodfield R., Whippany, NJ 07981 

8 Cockcrham, Vickie. Box 7274 LRC, Hickory, NC 28601 
1 Coffey, Michael. 147 18th Ave. NW, Hickory, NC 28601 

4 Colllngwood, Timothy Clark, 2609 Canal Dr, Wilson, NC 27893 
1 Collins, Kelly Susan, Rt. 8 Box 472, Raleigh, NC 27613 
1 Combs, Nancy Lynn, Rt. 1 Box 380, Whlttler, NC 38789 
4 Combs, Stanley Wayne, Rt. 1 Box 280, Whlttler, NC 28789 

3 Conger, Kenneth S., RO. Box 5095, Statesvllle, NC 38677 

1 Conn, John Oscar, Box 70 Genksvllle Rd., Rutherfordton, NC 281.39 

2 Conradt-Eberlln, Viggo Paul, 9311 Cheltenham Ave., Clinton. MD 20735 

4 Conway, Kevin Lynn, RO. Box 424, New Market, VA 33844 

3 Cook, Jeffrey Craig, Rt. 4 Box 582, Granite Falls, NC 28630 

3 Cook, Lydia J., Rt. 1 Box 337, Dallas, NC 28034 

4 Cooper Keith W., 120 Lancelot Rt., Salisbury, NC 38144 
2 Copeland, Rcglna, 823 Oak St., Newton, NC 286.58 

1 Corcoran. Mathew Edward, 201 Lanyon Drive, Cheshire, CT 06410 
7 Cornwell, Deborah, RO. Box 675, Llncolnton, NC 28092 

2 Coulter, Jill Suzanne, 220 Sweetwater Ck. Dr, Longwood, FL 327.50 
1 Cox, .Jeffrey Eugene, Rt. 8 Box 419, Asheboro, NC 37203 

3 Coxe, Linda Mae, Qtrs. 4401-A MC Dec., Quantlco, VA 22134 

3 Crabtree, Kimberlee W., 143 Parkwood PL, Collinsvllle, VA 24078 

6 Craig, Stephen Lawrence, 1053 5th Ave. Ct. NW, Hickory, NC 28601 
3 Cranford, Susan Jill, Rt. 12 Box 369, Statesvllle, NC 38677 

3 Crawford, Julie, 50 19th Ave. NW, Hickory, NC 28601 

1 Crawford, Klmberly Ann, Route 8 Box 19, Hickory, NC 28601 

2 Crawford, Lillian Ruth, 434 Brettwood Ave., Florence, SC 29S0I 

4 Crawford, Mary R., Rt. 1 Box 4B, Elk Creek, VA 24.326 
a Crorken, Heather, Rt. 1 Box 608, PIttstown, NJ 08867 

3 Crouch, Lawrence A., 2711 Rothwood Dr, Charlotte, NC 28211 

2 Crozler, Kendyl Susan, 339 Mcdearis Dr, Charlotte, NC 38311 

5 Crump, Linda, Rt. 7 Box 245, Morganton, NC 28655 

4 Crump, Lynn Yarbro, Rt. 7 Box ,544E, Llncolnton, NC 28092 

a Crump, TonI Renee, 299 Spruce Ave. C84-1, Hudson, NC 28638 

4 Cruz, Steve Floyd, 50 Bridleshlre Rd., Newark, DE 19711 

1 Cunningham, Kathleen Anne, 8910 Coqulna Ln., Cape Canaveral, FL 32930 

3 D'Avanzo, Suzanne M., Naval Invest. Serv. 36, FPO NY', NY 09521 

3 Dagenhart, Amy Marie, 139 3rd Ave. Dr SE, Taylorsville, NC 28681 

Dalen, Brian Keith, 1705 Julia St., Green Cove SR, FL 33043 

Daly, Robin A., 520 7th Ave. NW, Hickory, NC 28601 

Daniels III, Oscar, 1018 Cass Street, Statesvllle, NC 28677 

Danner, Robin Berry, RO. Box 636, Hickory, NC 28601 

Davenport, James .\nthony, 901 Falconbridge Rd., Rural Hall, NC 27045 

Davidson, Jewel Renee, Rt. 1 Box 222, Stony Point, NC 38678 

Davis, Alan Redcn, 440 Caldwell Dr SE, Concord, NC 38035 

Davis, Cynthia E, 117 W. 6th St., Newton, NC 28658 

Davis, Debra S,, Rt 11 Box 877. Hickory, NC 28601 

Davis, Kathertne Burnell, 64« 6th St. NW, Hickory, NC 28601 

Davis, Laura Jean, P.O. Box 3045, Hiekory, NC 28603 

Davis, Paulettc, Route 11 Box 729-G. Hickory, NC 28601 

Davis, ReUr N., 1211 Falrlane Rd., Cary, NC 27511 

Davis, Sarah, 1612 12th St. Dr NW, Hickory, NC 28601 

Davisson, Cynthia A., 867 5th St NE, Hickory, NC 38601 

Daywalt. Carol, Rt. 1 Box 372, Mocksvllle, NC 37038 

Deagon, Ellen Lathrop, 803 Woodbrook Dr., Greensboro, NC 37410 

Deal. Alan Ray. P.O. Box 595, Mt. Pleasant, NC 28124 

Deal, Brcnda Kay, PO. Box 595, Mt. Pleasant, NC 28134 

Deal, Kathy W., Rt. 1 Box 694, Taylorsville, NC 28681 

Deal, Kaye S., P.O. Box 301, Valdese, NC 28690 

Deal, Lori Lynne, 41 Cherry Lane, Newton, NC 28658 

Deal, Norman L., 123 2l8t ,\vc. NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

Dean, Juanita, 1001 Racquet Rd., Boone, NC 28607 

Dean. Susan L., Rt. 5 Box 36C Lakevw., Hickory, NC 28601 

Dean Jr, Kenneth Jeffrey, P.O. Box 113, North Tazewell, VA 24630 

Deans, Bennett Scott, 1220 Jefferson Rd., Greensboro, NC 37410 

Dcbord, Ellen Brooke, Rt. 1 60MI, Valdese, NC 28690 

Decse, Patricia Bcrnice, Rt. 4 Box 136, Waxhaw, NC 28173 

Dehart, Anthony Ray, 2719.G-N Ctr St. •63, Hickory, NC 28601 

Deltz, Doug, 1315 2nd Ave NW, Hickory, NC 28601 

Delgado, MIsha, 1980 10th St. Blvd. NW, Hickory, NC 28601 

Delllnger, Cheryl Faye, 336 Stonehaven Ln., Gastonia, NC 28052 

Delllnger, Thomas William, RO. Box 922, Drexcl, NC 28619 

Deloriea, Wayne, Rt. II Box 66B, Hickory, NC 28601 

Demer, Tracy E., 4256 Autumn Wds. Ct., St. Mtn., GA 30083 

Dengler, Lynne A . Rt. 10 Box 267C, Morganton, NC 28655 

Denny. Janice Clara, 3670 Lakevlew Dr, Pfafftown, NC 27040 

Denton, Robin, 205 Woodlawn Dr, Morganton, NC 28655 

Derrick, James, 635 W. 8th St., Newton, NC 28658 

Devault, Bruce L., 1330 5th St., NE '81, Hickory, NC 28601 

Devault, Kathy Whltencr, Tara Woods '81, Hickory, NC 28601 

Devlne. Mary, Rt. 1 Box 155, Cherryvllle, NC 28021 

Dlekerson, James M.. 335 Holland Dr, Statesvllle, NC 28677 

Dlckerson, Jeffrey Scott, 2252 Berkley Ave. SW, Roanoke, VA 24015 

Dieter, Tim C, 217 4th St. NE, Conover, NC 28613 

Dietz, Rosemary, 746 14th Ave NW, Hickory, NC 28601 

Digh, Cresconda Jonavonne, Rt. 1 Box 601, Llncolnton, NC 38093 

DImercurto, Anthony Joseph, 6981 SW 134 St., Miami, FL 33156 

DIneen, William E., 34 Butler St., Cos Cob, CT 00000 

DIussa, DIanne Beveriy, 3 Erold Ct., Allendale, NJ 07401 

Dodge, Christine Marie, 3531 Johnnycake La., Charlotte, NC 38211 

Dolan, Ctjtherlnc Ann, 149 Second St., West Isllp, NY 11795 

Dotson, Harriet Oliver, Rt. 2 Box 69-D, Clarcmont, NC 38610 

Doty, Gillian Candlus, Rt. 7 Box 97E, Newton, NC 28658 

Draper, Adam Carroll, 1571 Kesteven Rd., Winston Salem, NC 27107 

Drennen, Robert, 304 32nd Av NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

Drexler, Dawn Angela, RD 6 Box 251, Shlppensburg, PA 17257 

Driscoll, Ruth Diane, 844 N. Craige, Salisbury, NC 28144 

Drum, Steven Corey, Rt. 3 Box 476, Maiden, NC 38650 

Drummond, Albert Wayne, Rt. 6 Box 1122, Hickory, NC 38601 

Drummond, Deborah Lynn, 2258 Kensington La., Orange Park, FL 32073 

Dudn, Audrey Ellen. Rt 3 Box 315, Ovledo, FL 33765 

Duesing Jr, Richard W., 4113 Majestic La., Fairfax, VA 22033 

Duke, Faith E, RO. Box 482, Hickory, NC 28603 

Dula, Darryl Lamont, RO. Box 252, Lenoir NC 28645 

Dupree, Blllye, 310 Texas Dr, Kannapolls, NC 28081 

Dye, David Allen, 192 Forest Ridge, Hickory, NC 28601 

Dye, JudI, 192 Forest Ridge Dr, Hickory, NC 38601 

Dyson, Cjitherine A., 4511 Cutshan ,\ve., Richmond, VA 23330 

Ebbers, Mark William, 1649 Magnolia .\vc., Wlntcrpark, FL 32789 

Ebert, Meredith Bowles, 1849 Buddlngbrook La., Wlnston-Salem, NC 37106 

Echcrd, Lisa, Rt. 2 Box 112, Taylorsville. NC 28681 

Eckard, LIbby, 55 31st Ave. NW, Hickory, NC 28601 

Eckard, Lori Jeannlne, 52 17th .Ave. Ct. NW, Hickory. NC 38601 

Eckard, Tonya Lisa, Rt. 4 Box 403, Conover, NC 38613 

Eckard, Tracy K., Rt. 5 Box 267, Conover, NC 28613 

Eckclman, Mary Ellen, 6826 Constlt. Lane, Charlotte, NC 38310 

Edington, Catherine Lynn, 1713 Northvicw Rd., Largo, FL 33540 

EdselL Amy Louise, 473 Hillside .\pts., MooresvlUe, NC 38115 

Edsell, .Anna Linette, 472 Hillside .\pts., MooresvlUe, NC 28115 

Edwards, Charles S., 1445 4th St. Dr NW91, Hiekory, NC 38601 

Edwards, Edna, 329 Newbold St., Llncolnton, NC 38092 

Edwards, Judith E, 215 Glen Eagle Rd., Statesvllle, NC 28677 

Eflrd, Ginger .Annette, Rt. 1 Box .584-.\71, New London, NC 28127 

Egan,Erin Patrice, 711 N. Shore Box 954, .Anna Maria, FL 33501 

Ehrenrelch, Lisa Ann. P.O. Box 8.50, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33303 

Elledge, Traccy Laura, Rt. 6 Box Mi, N. Wllkcsboro, NC 28659 

Eller James S., 2202 Norwood St SW, Lenoir, NC 38646 

Eller, Phyllis Jcancanc, Rt. 1 Box 529, Stanley, NC 28164 

Elliott, Tommle May, Rt. 9 Box 1038, Hickory, NC 28601 

Elmore, Glenn Alan, Rt. 11 Box 225A, Hickory, NC 28601 

Endlcott. Elisa D., 607 Red Sail La., Altamontc Sprgs., FL 32701 

England, Peggy Jean, 21 Coulter .Ave., Newton, NC 28658 

Englander, Nicholas Reld, Rt. 1 Box 58-B, Remington, VA 22734 

Ennis, Donna Jean, 3059 2nd St. Dr NW, Hickory, NC 38601 

Eoll, Diana, Rt. II Box 308, Hickory, NC 28601 

Eriekson, Tina Marie, 1300 E. Franklin St., Monroe, NC 38110 

Erickson Jr, Roy, 15 .A VIewmont Apts., Hickory, NC 28601 

Erwin, Amy Leigh, Rt. 4 Box 121 Beaty, Gastonia. NC 28052 

Eudy, Daphne Wynne, 109 Springway Dr., Concord, NC 2802,5 

Everldge, Julie A., Rt. 12 Box .367A, Statesvllle, NC 38677 


3 Everlcy, Eva Marlcnc, Rt. 10 Box 223, Hickory, NC 38601 

3 Fagerbcrg, Cynthia D., 1050 Kelwyn La., LcwisvllU, NC 87023 

3 Faggart, Luther Brady, 3206 Roblnhood Dr., Greensboro. NC 27408 

a Faggart 111, Harry Edward, 11600 Harrlsburg Rd., Charlotte. NC 28215 

3 Falrchlld, .Jeffrey Stuart, P.O. Box 366, Taylorsvllle, NC 28681 
1 Falcon, .luan. Box 2103, Lake Mary, FL 32746 

1 FanaiJIan, Wendy .\nn, 1690 Ramapa Way, Scotch Plains, N,J 07076 
5 Farley, ."Vmy, 212 Eastwood Dr., LIncolnton. NC 28092 

4 Farrell, David S., 40 a9th Av. NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

2 Federlc, Mary Theresa, 2020 Crouch Clr., Statesville, NC 28677 

3 Feeman, .Jill Marie, 4410 NW 33 St., Laudlakcs, FL 33319 

2 Fell, .\nnc W., 1624 N. 12th St., Reading. P.\ 19604 

1 Fender, Cheryl Lynn, 6425 Lynnwood Dr., Harrlsburg, NC 28075 
a Ferguson, Christina Lynn, 711 Bauer Ave.. Charleston, WV 25302 
a Ferguson, ,Iohn Reld, PO. Box 786 CCNC, PInehurst, NC 28374 

4 Ferguson, Monica Murphy, 3 Circle St. Apt. 'S, Granite Falls, NC 28630 
1 Ferguson, Suzanne Louise, P.O. Box 786, PInehurst, NC 28374 

3 Fesperman, Sarah Lee, Rt. 14 Box 858, Salisbury, NC 28144 

4 Fewell, Perry E., 549 Baltimore Dr., Cramerton, NC 88032 

1 FIncannon, Kim Elaine, Rt. 3 Box 180N, Newton, NC 28658 

3 Finger. Ronald Dwayne, Rt. 3 Box 18, Maiden, NC 28650 

1 Finger. Sharon Elaine, Rt. 4 Box 268B, Newton, NC 28658 

2 Flnley, Mary Beth, 308 Queens Rd., Lexington. NC 27292 

4 Flnncran, Valerie J., 10237 Wesleigh Dr, Columbia, MD 21046 
1 Fisher, Glenn, .547 3rd St. NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

4 Fleming, Steve, Hickory, Coulccmec, .\C 27014 

1 Fleshman, Erwln, Dennis, Rt. I Box 262, Appamattox, VA 24593 

1 Fletcher, .James R., P.O. Box 4, Minneapolis, NC 28652 

2 Fletcher, Kelly Rac, 3008 Ellse Re., Yulee, FL 32097 

3 Floyd, BambI L., 10.50 aand St. NE. Hickory, NC 38601 

3 Fohl. Robert S., 18904 N Meadow Fn. Rd., Galthcrsburg, MD 30760 
a Forbes, Vickie, Route 3 Box 414A, Hickory, NC 28601 

1 Ford, James Marshall, 1707 S. New Hope Rd., Gastonia, NC 28052 

4 Foster, Charles Tracy, Rt. 4 Box 567, Trinity, NC 27370 

2 Foster. Richard K., Rt. 3 Box 10, Advance, NC 27006 

3 Foster, Sharon Lee, Rt. 4 Box .567. Trinity, NC 27370 

1 Fox, Gretchcn, Box 683, Easton, MD 21601 

2 Fox, .Johnna Ann, 104 Highland Pk. La., Boone, NC 38607 
1 Fox, Vickie Lynn, 780 18th St. NE, Hickory, NC 38601 

a Fraley, Jacqueline D., PO. Box 28. Faith, NC 28041 

4 Fraley, .MItzl Ann, PO. Box 28, Faith, NC 28041 

4 Frambach, Nathan Carl, 1315-F Green Oaks Ln., Charlotte, NC 28305 
1 Franks, Elizabeth Kathleen, Rt. 8 Box 46, Hickory, NC 38601 

3 Frazler, Cyrus Field, Box B71, Mt. Holly, NC 38130 

4 Frazler, Karen Lea, 3035 Charles Rd., Shelby, NC 28150 
1 Frazler, Nancy Kay, 711 NE 107 St., Miami, FL 33161 

1 Freeman, Suzanne, 109 Elizabeth Ave , Hickory, NC 28601 

1 Frl, Perry Leigh, 6001 Overica Rd., Bethesda, MD 30816 

1 Frlck, Tevlence Frederick, 440 15th Ave. NW, Hickory, NC 28601 

I Frlck Jr, Charles Douglas, 122 N. Mllford Dr, Salisbury, NC 28144 

I Frtday, Mark Gardner, Rt. 2 Box 331, Dallas, NC 28034 

3 Friday. Sandy Ann, PO. Box 425, Dallas, NC 38034 

3 Friday Jr, .Joe David. PO. Box 43.5. Dallas, NC 280.34 

3 Frink, Caroline, Rt 1 Box 617, Dalevllle, VA 34083 

1 Frye, .Jacob Loren, 1338 Churchill Dr., Gastonia, NC 38053 

1 Frye, Richard Lee, Rt. 5 Box 1,56. Conover, NC 28613 

3 Fulbrlght, Donnle W , Rt. 3 Box 83.\. Maiden, NC 38650 

3 Fulbrlght, Kathy E , Rt 3 Box 83A, Maiden, NC 38650 

3 Fullwood, Ronald H., Rt. 2 Box 5IA, Harmony, NC 38634 

1 Fulmcr, Nora Lorene, 717 Scehorn St. NE, Lenoir, NC 38645 

a Forr, Patricia Lynn, 7132 Starvalley Dr., Charlotte, NC 28210 

1 Gabriel, Samir M., Rt. 2 Box 373, Connelly Spring, NC 38613 

3 Gaddls, Keva J. PO. Box 1313, Canton, NC 28716 

2 Gahagen, Amy Linn, 30 Eagle St., Greenville, PA 16125 

4 Galbreath, .Margol Diane. 413 Hubbard La.. WMBG, VA 23185 

5 Galllmore, Danny. 1902 Hickory Blvd. SW, Lenoir, NC 28645 

2 Gantt, .Jamie Lea, 531 West C Street, Newton, NC 28658 
1 Gantt, .John A.. 205 Hillside Lane, Newton, NC 28658 

1 Garber, Gary Michael, Rt. 6 Box 123, Laurnburg, NC 28352 

1 Garland, Beulah P., Rt. 4 Box 23. Taylorsvllle, NC 28681 

4 Garo, Elizabeth Ann, 10741 .John Turley PL, Fairfax, VA 22032 

3 Garrett, Thercsse Hunter, 66 So. Hlldebran .Ave., Newton, NC 28658 

4 Garrett Jr.. William Jerry. Rt. 1 Box 160, Eden. NC 37388 
8 Garrison. Margaret C, Box 605. Clarcmont, NC 28610 

1 Garrou, Louis, 405 Louise .Ave., Valdese, .NC 28690 

1 Gates, Terrell Ann, Rt. 4 Box 82, Cherryvllle, NC 28021 

2 Gee, John Martin, 1005 Allendale Dr., Shelby, NC 38150 

3 Genaway, Klmberly Marlenc, 2328 4th Ave. SW, Hickory, NC 28601 
1 Gentry, Melissa Ann, Rt. 3 Box 33, Candler, NC 38715 

1 Gerrard, Donna, Rt. 10 Box 578, Hickory, NC 28601 

4 Glacalone, .loseph, 2891 SW 1,56 Ave.. Davie, FL .3331 
1 Gilbert, Glna Maria, PO. Box 1213, Hickory, NC 28601 

1 Gilbert, Nancy, 617 20th .\ve. Dr NW, Hickory, NC 28601 

3 Giles, Bennle L., 2034 13th St. Dr. NW, Hickory, NC 38601 
7 GItlln, Emmanuel, 730 8th St. NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

4 Glasgow, David C, Rt. 1 Box 518A, Chester, MD 21619 

1 Glenn, Robert Dlion. 830 Shenandoah Rd., Lexington, VA 24450 

1 Goddard, Eileen M., 880 Greenlawn .Ave., Isllp Terrace, NY 11753 

3 Good, Deborah L.. Rt. 3 Box 356. Newton, NC 28658 

1 Gowan, .lohn Carson, 1666 Buck Creek, Marlon, NC 28753 

1 Grajgg, Lisa Lynne, Rt. 3 Box 284, Newland, NC 38657 

7 Graham Jr., William Thomas, 1000 Arbor Rd., Wlnston-Salem, NC 27104 

7 Gravclle, Shcryl, 1641 3rd St. NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

1 Graves, Davetta Rena, Rt. 2 Box 673, McLeansvllle, NC 27301 
3 Green, .James Joseph, Rt. 8 Box 231, Morganton, NC 28665 

2 Greene, Deborah Gall, 110 Fairbanks Dr., Lenoir, NC 38645 

8 Greene, Mary, 106 Fleldbrook Dr, Lenoir, NC 28645 

3 Greenwood, David George, 1131 Talleyrand Rd., West Chester, PA 19380 
3 Greer, Alda Sue, 108 Erwln St., Morganton, NC 38655 

3 Greer, Janet, 2266 9th Ave. Dr NE, Hickory, NC 38601 

3 Greer, .Jeffrey Paul, Crosstown Apts. Fl, Conover, NC 38613 

3 Griffin, Cynthia Ann, Rt. 3 Box 64, Conover, NC 38613 

Griffin, Shelley Lynn, Rt. 7 Box 368, Mooresvllle, NC 28115 

Griffin, Susan Yvonne, P.O. Box 36, Ft. Pierce, FL 33454 

Griffin, Trace Dale, 14 Connecticut Dr.. Greenville, SC 39615 

Griffith, Charles Brad, PO. Box 3424, Hickory, NC 28601 

Griffith, John Britt, PO. Box 3434, Hickory, NC 38601 

Grimlnger, Charles O., 305 Tenderfoot Ct.. Hampton. V.\ 33669 

Groezlnger, Sue Ellen, 1353 Red Pine Trail, W. Palm Beach, FL 33411 

Gross, Krlsten M., 1105 Forest Hill Dr.. Greensboro, NC 37410 

Gunsallus, Lora Anne, 734 Mecklenburg Ave., Easton, MD 21601 

Gunter, Larry Athel, P.O. Box 4125, Hampstead, NC 28443 

Guthrie, Gregory Lee, 301 Florida Ave., Morehead City, NC 38557 

Hackett Jr., George Wm.. 7431 SW 174 St.. Miami, FL 33157 

Hagan, Pamela Lynn, 5712 Eggleston Ave., Orlando, FL 32810 

Hagans, Heidi Helene, Rt. 1 Box 309, Kings Mtn., NC 28086 

Haire, Phillip J., PO. Box 248, Sylva, NC 38779 

Hall, April Lee, Rt. 1 Box 133, Bl. Ridge. VA 24064 

Hall, Karen Annette, Rt. 1 Box 485, Hudson, NC 38638 

Ham, Susan Ellse, 614 Oak St., Hamlet, NC 28345 

Hamilton, Susan W., Rt. 11 Box 41-WP. Hickory, NC 28601 

Hammer, Nathaniel Macon, 1208 Cleburne St., Greensboro, NC 17408 

Hammer Jr, James Richard, 3127 Lakevlew Blvd., Delray Bch., FL 33445 

Hammett, William A., 1445 4 St. Dr. NW '91. Hickory, NC 28601 

Hansll, Mary Susan, PO. Box 393, Huntersvllle, NC 28078 

Harblnson Jr, James .Alexander. 5718 LIndord Dr., Charlotte, NC 28210 

Harbour, Robert, PO. Box 1426. Morganton, NC 28655 

Harden, Stacey Lance, 3210 Melrose Dr., Marietta, GA 30066 

Hare, Dclores P. 536 29th St. PI. SW, Hickory, NC 28601 

Harmon, Kenneth E., 2020 Helen Dr, Gastonia, NC 28052 

Harned, Harold Hewitt, 326 Irvin Street, Reldsvllle, NC 27320 

Harper, Jacqueline, 704 Strafford Dr., Lancaster, SC 29720 

Harper, Pamala DcncBc. Box 20 Paradise Dr, Belmont, NC 28012 

Harrington, .Angela Dawn. Rt. 13 Box 81. Statesville, NC 28677 

Harris, Anita Elizabeth, PO. Box 531, Hickory, NC 28603 

Harris, John Jeffrey, 75 Patton Ct. SE, Concord, NC 28025 

Harris III, Zachariah, 1706 Mlddleton Rd., Goldsboro, NC 27.5,30 

Hartman, Jacqueline, 204 Heavner Rd., LIncolnton, NC 28092 

Hartness, David Mark, Rt. 1 Box 163 A2, Newton, NC 28658 

Hastings, Judy, Rt. 3 Box 770, Conover, NC 28613 

Hauser, Edwin J., 14«7 Westbrook Dr., WInston-Salem, NC 27103 

Hawks, Ronald, 818 2nd St. PI. NE A52. Hickory, NC 28601 

Hawks, Tammy H., 818 2nd St. PI. NE .52, Hickory, NC 28601 

Hayer, Kerry Nils, 30 Maple Ct., Newton, NC 28658 

Hayes, Geraldlne C, iHii 4th Ave. NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

Hayes, Lynn Carter, 343 4th Av. NE, Hickory, NC 38601 

Hayes, Richard Allen, 1838 18th St., NE, Hickory, NC 38601 

Haynes, David, 930 Elizabeth Rd., Shelby, NC 38150 

Head, Mary Elizabeth, 3386 Shady Oak Dr, Doravllle, GA 30340 

Heard, Adrian Durette, 449 South Center St., Hickory, NC 38601 

Heard, Angela, 449 S. Center St., Hickory, NC 38601 

Hearn, Martha P, 1038 Hunter St., Sutesville, NC 28677 

Heavner, Mercla, 420 10th Ave. Dr NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

Hedrick, DIann, Rt. 4 South Hedrick S., Newton, NC 286.58 

Hefner, Beverly R., Rt. 1 Box 21-31, Conover, NC 28613 

Hefner, Lisa Little, Rt. 1 Box 332A, Granite Falls, NC 38630 

Helms, Anne Marie, 3400 Tracelake Dr., Matthews, NC 38105 

Helms, Candace, Rt. 9 Box 290, Morganton, NC 28655 

Helms, Elizabeth, Rt. 3 Box 144, .\dvance, NC 27006 

Helms, Jerry Lynn, 283 8th Ave., Cramerton, NC 28032 

Helton, Dwlght R., Rt. 1 Box 521. Taylorsvllle, NC 28681 

Helton, John Kelly, 214 9th Ave. NW. Hickory, NC 28601 

Helton, Kim Rhea, 40 Central Ave., Granite Falls, NC 28630 

Hembree, Wanda L., Rt. 8 Box 127, Morganton, NC 38655 

Hemphill, Carol Ring, Rt. 1 Box 577-V, Hickory, NC 38601 

Henderson, David Brent, 33.39 Linda Street, Gastonia, NC 38052 

Henderson, Tatnmy ,Jo, 844 Kentwood Pk., Statesville, NC 28677 

Hendrix, Elizabeth Ann, 1044 Connelly Sp. Rd., Lenoir, NC 28645 

Henry, Tobin Allen, 511 Queens Rd. Ap. 501. Charlotte, NC 38307 

Hensby, Mlchele D., 303 E. Gordon St., Sterling, VA 33170 

Henson, Robin Lynne, Rt. 5 Box 348, Morganton, NC 38655 

Henson, Susan M. Rt. 1 Box 503, Brevard, NC 28712 

Herman, Bobby L., PO. Box 1018, Hlldebran, NC 28637 

Herman, Elizabeth, Rt. 5 Box 93, Taylorsvllle, NC 28681 

Herman, Floyd, 308 8th Ave. Dr NW, Hickory, NC 28601 

Herman, Patsy Denlse. 1221J 10th St. Blvd. N., Hickory, NC 28601 

Herndon, Kevin Gerard, Rt. 4 Box 954, LIncolnton, NC 38092 

Herold, Cheryl, Rt. 1 Box 340, Hudson, NC 28638 

Herzog Jr, Paul Joseph, 616 Plymouth St., Morgantown, WV 36505 

Hiatt, Barry T., 3265 Spalnhour Rd., Tobaccovllle, NC 370,50 

Hickey Jr, Richard Patrick, 423 N. Gurney St., Burlington, NC 27216 

Hickman Jr, Herman Eddie, 328 Richmond Rd., Rockingham, NC 28379 

Hlldebrand, Janice Klmbrell, 101 St. Germain Ave. S., Valdese, NC 38690 

Hill, Kenneth Lowell 457 N. Tradd, Statesville, NC 38677 

Hill, Ronnie Harold, Rt. 4 Box 32, Galax, VA 24333 

Hlnes, Fred, 426 N. Heritage St. '6, Klnston, NC 28601 

HInes, Mary, 159 Beaumont Ave., Kannapolls, NC 28081 

HInman, Wendy, 420 6th St. NW, Hickory, NC 28601 

HInman II, Frank, 420 6th St. NW, Hickory, NC 28601 

Illnson, Martha Scobey, 1303 NW .30th St., Gainesville, FL 32605 

HInz, Timothy Michael, 10611 Battalion Ldg., Burke. VA 32015 

HInzman, Rebecca Kay, 63 Pleasanton Dr., Dover, DL 19901 

Hobgood, Felicia. 511 13th Ave. NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

Hobson, Luan Cordell, L-R Box 7878, Hickory, NC 28603 

Hodson, Teresa Gall, 3302 W. Broadway, Hopewell, V.A 23860 

Hogewood, Douglas S., 1462 4th St. Dr NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

Hoke, Tara Lee, 3009 13th Ave. NE, Hickory, NC 38601 

Holbrook, Allsa Carol, Tarawood Condo. '188, Hickory, NC 28601 

Holbrook, Gary G., Rt. 9 Box 164, Hickory, NC 28601 

Holder, Mark C, PO. Box 404, Kernersvllle. NC 27284 

Holding, Katharine Lee, 536 Caldwell Dr SE, Concord, NC 28205 

Holland, James Grover, PO. Box 173, Southern Pines, NC 28387 

Hollar, Dawn Christine, 108 Colllngton Ct., Rocky Mount, NC 27801 

Hollar, Lori Young, Rt. 1 Box 603-N, Claremont, NC 38610 


3 Hollar, Mary Jean. 1003 7th Ave. SW. Conover, NC 38613 
a Hollar Jr, William Z.. 430 5th Ave. NE, Hickory, NC 88601 
3 Holman, Ronnie G., Rt. 3 Box 451, Granite Falls, NC 38630 

3 Holt, .Jeanne Marie, 161 Manor St., So. Amboy, NJ 08879 

4 Honeycutt, Norma H., P.O. Box 3335. Drcxcl, NC 38619 

I Honcneytt, Sonya Kay, 411 E. Ryder Ave., Landls, NC 28088 

1 Hoover, Amy Delaine. Rt. 3 Box 68A, Cleveland, NC 28677 

4 Hopkins, Lome R., 985 Highland Ct., Rich Creek. VA 24147 

7 Hopkins, Stephen, 2416 E. Broad St., Sutesville, NC 38677 

4 Horton, Patricia Ann, PO. Box 341, Lf nolr, NC 2864S 

a Howard, Sharon Louise, Rt. 4 Box 75, Radford, VA 24141 

1 Howard Jr. Kermlt Michael. 2150 N. Lafayette St., Shelby. NC 38150 

3 Howarth. Scott H., 396 Gambcl Oak Ct.. Mlllersvllle. MD 31108 

3 Hubbard. Sandra L.. 1645 Snowdon Ct.. Ashcboro, NC 27203 

4 Hudson, Grace Elizabeth, 540 11th .\ve. Cr NW, Hickory, NC 38601 

3 Hudson, Lisa Rac. 1432 Cloverdale St.. Burlington. NC 27315 

4 Hucne, Clara, Rt. 4 Box 15SB, Newton, NC 38658 

1 Huff, Gayna, 430 10th Ave. Dr NE35, Hickory, NC 38601 
3 Huffman Jr. J. V.. Rl. 3 Box 47. Claremont, NC 38610 

3 Hugglns, Jane Ann, 917 E. Main St., Maiden, NC 38650 

1 Hugglns, Mark Richard, 312 Park Ave., Sanford. NC 27330 

4 Huggins. Patricia. 917 E. Main St.. Maiden. NC 38650 

1 Hunt, Kevin Eugene, Rt. 2 Box 423, Fairmont, NC 28340 

1 Hunt, Linda, 5474 Midship Ct., Burke, VA 33015 

3 Hunter, Rondi, 131 Mineral Sp. Mtn. R., Valdese, NC 38690 

2 Hunter, Steven R., 27 Oak Leaf Drive, Fletcher, NC 28733 

3 Hurtado, Albert A., Rt. 5 Box 331, N. Wllkcsboro, NC 28659 
1 Husklns, Lisa Sue, Rt. 5 Box 772, Burnsvllle, NC 38714 

3 Huss. Barry Ray. Rt. 3 Box 61. Vale. NC 38168 

3 Huss. Philip, 314 30th Av. NW, Hickory, NC 38601 

6 Huss. Scott, 314 30th Ave. NW, Hickory, NC 28601 

1 Huston, Wendy Lee, 120 S. Linden PL, Rocky Mount, NC 37801 

4 Hylton, Michael A., 17413 Mine Rd., Dumfries, VA 33026 
3 Icard, Barry, 808 2nd St. SE, Conover, NC 38613 

2 Ikard, Bruce, PO. Box 436, Maiden, NC 38650 

1 nilg. Dean B., 207 5th .\ve. NE, Hickory, NC 38601 

3 Ingram, Paula Charlenc, 2545 31st Ave. NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

2 Irewolede, .Mlsltura Omobonike, 15 Itasin St., Modakeek Oyo St., 00000 

3 Iriartc, Anna Marcela, Rt. 3 Box 418.\, Newton, NC 38658 

3 Iriarte, Leonor, Rt. 3 Box 418A, Newton, NC 38658 

1 Iriartc, Magda Lucia, Rt. 3 Box 418A, Newton, NC 38658 

1 Irwin, Kelly Elizabeth. 3300 Cranehlll Dr. Lynchburg. VA 34503 

4 Isenhour. Kathy. Rt. 1 461 Tangle Dr. Hickory, NC 38601 

1 Isenhour, Wendy .Annette, Rt. 1 Box 318, Richfield, NC 38137 
3 Itterly, Allyn K., 801 Geo. St., Pen Argyl, PA 18072 

7 Jackson, Blllye Rae, 303 Tlmberland Dr, Lincolnton, NC 28093 

5 Jackson, Clara 203 Castlcggte Dr, Morganton, NC 38655 

8 Jackson, Faye. 3550 14th Ave. Dr SW, Hickory, NC 38601 

1 Jackson, Thomas Edward, Rd. 3 Box 194, Hockessin, DE 19707 

2 James, Lorrie .\nn, 1.521 E. Sprague St., Winston-Salem, NC 27107 
2 Janlsko, Cheryl Lynn, 328 SE 26th Ave.. Boynton Beach, FL 33435 
2 Jarboe, Donald R., Rt. 2 Box 153, Macon, NC 27,551 

2 Jenkins, Lisa Ann, Rt. 1 Box 67, Hudson, NC 286,38 

3 Jenkins, Myra L., Rt. 3 365 Brkfst. Dr, Kings .Mtn., NC 28086 
1 Jenkins, Sandra Lynn. Rt. 3 Box 304. Harmony. NC 38634 

1 .Jensen. Margaret Diane. Rt. 2 Box 44. Mlcanopy. FL 33667 

3 Jessup. Leanne M., 6003 Firewood Trail, Greensboro, NC 37410 

1 Jetmar, Teresa .Marian, 366 St. Lawrence St., Sayvlllc, NY 11782 

2 Johanson, Mir|a Leena, 35 Bon Air Ave., Stamford, CT 06907 

3 Johnson, Anna E., Rt. 8 Box 4.35, Mt. Airy, NC 27030 

3 Johnson, Chunvl Jimmy, 804 Bronco Lane, Fayettevllle, NC 38303 
3 Johnson. James Daryl, 1927 Lime Ave., Wlnston-Salem, NC 37105 

3 Johnson, Lisa, Rt. 13 Box 314, Statesvllle, NC 28677 

1 Johnson. Martha R.. Rt. 2 Box 60. Statesvllle. NC 28677 

a Johnson, Renae Kelli. Rt. 2 Box 419A. Granite Falls. NC 28630 
7 Johnson. Ronald Lee. Rt. 5 Box 283. Lincolnton, NC 38093 

4 Johnson, Tanya E., 420 10th Av. Dr NE»17, Hickory, NC 38601 

2 Johnston, Catharine Denlse, 100 Botany Dr, Ashevllle, NC 38805 
4 Johnston, Margaret T., 133 33nd Ave. NW, Hickory, NC 38601 

3 Jones, Ellsa C, 189 Ravine Cir SE, Concord. NC 28025 

2 Jones. Elizabeth Leigh, 119 Woodland Dr., Cwannanoa, NC 38778 

3 Jones, Ellen Rebecca, 823 Windsor Rd. Cumberland. MD 31502 

2 Jones, Gwyneth .\nn, 6323 Ivory Palm Dr, Charlotte, NC 28215 

3 Jones, Harrison L., 606 Conner St., Mt. Olive, NC 38365 
3 Jones, Jeff, 17 Hanover, Willlngboro, NJ 08046 

3 Jones, Jennifer L., 331 Inwood Rd., .\sheboro, NC 37303 

4 Jones, Kevin T, 520 Spring Mill Rd., Villanova, PA 19085 

3 Jones, Lafonda Renee, 33E Woodsdale Apts., Woodruff, SC 39388 

2 Jones, Lisa M., 530 Spring Mill Rd., Villanova, PA 19085 

4 Jones, Michele Lynn, SO Fairway Dr, Sprlngboro, OH 45066 

3 ,Jonc8, Shandran D., Rt. 3 Box 86, Newton, NC 28658 

2 Jones, Tammy Jane, Rt. 3, Hayesville, NC 38904 

3 Jones, Tlma A., LRC Box 7798, Hickory, NC 28603 

3 Jones, William 104 Church St.. Frankllnton. NC 27525 

1 .Joyce. Elizabeth C, 1330 Sarah Lynch PL, Lynchburg, VA 34503 

2 Kahrs, Karen Knight, Rt. 1 Box 384, Harmony NC 38634 

4 Kallmeris, Athanasios, .\gloygeorgioy 4,5 Kor. Piraeus. Greece 

3 Kandy. Cynthia Leigh. P.O. Box 160. Thomasville. NC 27360 

4 Karriker, Audrey Alese, Rt. 3 Box 491, Huntcrsvllle, NC 28078 
1 Karriker, Kathy Delane, Rt. 3 Box 440, Concord, NC 38035 

a Kayser, Susan E., 2449 Fairway Clr, Pittsburgh, PA 15237 

3 Kayser III, Wlllard Cliff, 66 Sandy Hook Rd. N., Sarasota, FL 33581 

1 Keck Jr., David R., 909 E. Nance St., Kannapolls, NC 38081 

4 Kedda, Karen Lynne. LRC Box 7764. Hickory, NC 38603 
3 Keener. Pattl. P.O. Box 3393. Drexel, NC 38619 

2 Keller, Leslie Dawn, Rt. 5 Box 292, Conover, NC 38613 
7 Keller, Lisa, 333 3rd Ave. NW, Hickory, NC 28601 

3 Kelley, Vanessa Rhea, 2197 Smokestone Clr, Marietta, GA 30063 
3 Kemp, Martin K., PO. Box 3263. Drexel, NC 38619 

3 Kennedy, Barry, Box 1351, Swansboro, NC 38584 

3 Kenworthy, Keely Luann, 1817 30th St. NE, Hickory, NC 38601 

3 Kepley, Robert Joel, 3405 Mason Place, Raleigh. NC 27604 

3 Kesler, Kathryn. Rt. 1 Box 126-6. Taylorsvllle. NC 28681 

2 Klllam. Peter Loomls. 6220 First St. SW. Vero Beach, FL 32963 

3 KllUan, Donna Lynn. 25 18th .\ve. NW, Hickory, NC 28601 
1 KllUan, Leslie D.. Rt. 3 Box 412. Hickory, NC 28601 

1 KllUan. Robert Scott. Rt. 6 Box 109.5. Hickory. NC 28601 

4 Klmrey, Lora .\nn. 1.500 Highland Ave., .\lbcmarle. NC 28001 

1 King. Darren Lamont. 4101 NE 2nd Terrace. Pompano Bch.. FL 33064 

1 King. David A.. 837 2nd St. NE, Hickory, NC 38601 

4 King, Linda Carol, 1314 Sp. Dr, Shelby, NC 381.50 

3 Kirby, Patricia, Rt. 5 Box 1320, Hickory, NC 28601 

8 Klser, Mary, 602 7th Ave. NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

1 Kivett, William Nelll, Rt. 1 Box 401, Liberty, NC 37398 

3 Klemm, ,Ioyce Lynn, 20 Soundway Dr, Rocky Point, NY 11778 

1 Klenke, Matthew Karl. Rt. 10 F C 92. Hickory. NC 38601 

3 Kleppcr. Susan Eileen. 234 Park ,\vc.. .Mount Joy. P.\ 17.552 
3 Knccht, .Ion David. Rd. 3 6 Dorchester Dr, Sussex, NJ 07461 
3 Knepp, Thomas (iregory, Rd. 1 Box 33, New Oxford, P.\ 17350 

3 Knight, Deborah Gall, Rt. 1 Box 353A, Vale, NC 28168 

2 Knlppenberg, Klmbcrly Sue, 716 Dale Ave., Cumberland. MD 21502 

4 Koch 111. Ralph. 311 Ellington St.. Fayettevllle. NC 38305 

1 KoonU. Melanie ,\nn. 201 Stuart Dr. Salisbury. NC 28144 
4 Kosfeld. Scott. LRC Box 7797. Hickory. NC 38603 

2 Krassas. Steven James. 3637 West St.. Falls Church. V,\ 33046 

1 Kreager. Kenton Dickson. 3504 Wilshlre Dr. Greensboro, NC 37408 
4 Kuehnert, Deborah H., 801 Fldders Run Apt., Morganton, NC 28655 
1 Kunze, .Jeffrey David, 4613 Tlnslcy Dr, Orlando, FL 32809 

7 Kuropas, Lydla, 3140 7th St. Dr NE. Hickory, NC 28601 

3 Kurz, Theodore. 4201 Pamlico Dr, Raleigh, NC 27609 

4 Lackey, Barbara Lynn, 1707 Country Club Rd., Lincolnton, NC 28093 
1 Lackey, Lisa Jean, PO. Box 86, Fallslon, NC 38043 

3 Lackey, Richard Lee. Rt. 7 Box 139-E. Statesvllle. NC 28677 

4 Ladrte, Susan, 9345 SW 144 St., Miami, FL 33176 

4 Lall, Rhonda Randall, Rt. 5 Box 396, Conover, NC 38613 

4 Lail, Sue Griggs. PO. Box 381. Catawba, NC 38609 

4 Lampert. Bernhard Michael, 61 W^allace Dairy Rd.. Hickory. NC 28601 

1 Lampert, Stephan, 61 Wallace Dairy Rd., Hickory, NC 28601 

1 Lancaster, Wendy Kim, 106 East Holly St., Maiden, NC 28650 

1 Lance, Catherine .Marie, 1776 Sweeten Ck. Rd.. .\shevllle. NC 28803 

2 Landrus, Margaret Ellen. 1415 Blnford Ct.. Charlotte. NC 28313 

4 Lane. Richard, Rt 1 Box 374, Taylorsvllle, NC 28681 

1 Laney, Roxanna M . Rt. 1 Box 738. Taylorsvllle. NC 38681 

5 Lasley. Doris. Rt. I Box 795. Claremont. NC 28610 

4 Latham. Derek B.. Box 727 Bermuda Run. .\dvancc. NC 37006 

2 Laughon, Wade Alvln. 430 20th St. SW, Hickory. NC 38601 

8 Laughter Susan Stroupe. 1136 16th Ave. PI. NW. Hickory, NC 38601 
a Leatherman. Lisa S.. Rt. 3 Box 544M. Newton. NC 286,58 

2 Lcdbetter. Kay E.. Rt. 11 Box 752. Hickory. NC 38601 

3 Ledford. Kay B.. Rt. 11 Box MSU. Morganton. NC 38655 

4 Legore, Robert B., 3006 10th St. PI. NW, Hickory, NC 28601 

1 Legrand, Charles .\ycock, 310 Fugleman .\ve., Burlington, NC 2731,5 

4 Lenn. Robert Michael. 7304 Guntcr. Pcnsacola. FL 33506 

4 Leonard. AUsa R., Rt. 3 Box 846. Connelly Spgs.. NC 28613 

4 Letson. Sandra Jo. 2442 Buena Vista Blv., Vero Bch., FL 32960 

4 Lewis, Aaron Grady. LRC Box 7339, Hickory, NC 38603 

1 Lewis, Ronald, 637 Pearl Rd., Winter Springs, FL 32708 

2 Llatti-Dlaz, Carlos E., .\ragon .\pts, 9A, Caracas, Venezuela 

1 Llnebarger, Angela Rebecca, RO. Box 3.54, Catawba, NC 28609 

7 Lineberger Anna, Box 364, Maiden, NC 38650 

4 Lineberger, Marsha Inez, Rt. 4 Box 345, Lincolnton, NC 38093 
1 Link, Mary Virginia, Rt. 1 Box 491, Rlchndd, NC 38137 

3 Link, S. Christine, Rt 1 Box 491, Richfield, NC 28137 

1 Little, Mary Glen, 63-28th Ave. Dr NW, Hickory, NC 38601 

3 Little, Patricia Anne, 342 6th St. NW. Hickory. NC 28601 
1 Little. Robbin Elaine. Rt. 3 Box 58. Newton. NC 28658 

4 Little Jr. Thomas. 6.509 Hazelton Dr. Charlotte, NC 38310 

3 Llttrell, Laura Marie, 5168 Hidden Hills Tr, Stn. Mtn., GA 30088 

3 Livingston, Jerry, 2-6-7 Tami Machlfuch I'-Shl, Tokyo 183, J.\ 71500 

1 Llewellyn. Susan W.. Rt. 2 Box 347. China Grove, NC 38033 

1 Loadholdt, Mary Beth. Rt. 3 Box 15. Newton. NC 28658 

2 Lockrtdge. Robert Dean. P.O Box 174. High Shoals. NC 28077 

3 Lofland. Lucy BIy, 836 South College, Newton, NC 38658 

1 Lohmann, James Kenneth, 37 Sandy Cove Rd., Sarosota, FL 33581 

2 Lombard, Mary Ann, PO. Box 487, RockwelL NC 28138 

4 Long, Jeff Waldcn, 5009 Erickson Rd., Charlotte, NC 28205 

5 Long, Mary M., Rt. 8 Box 6,5, Hickory, NC 38601 

3 Longacre, David .\ndrew, 66 Jefferson Ave., Pitman, NJ 08071 

3 Love, Susan Victoria, 18 Oyster Catcher, Hilton Head, SC 39938 
3 Love, Tommy Eric, 1800 Kensington Dr, Charlotte, NC 28205 
3 Lowman, Margaret W., Rt, 4 Box 728, Hickory, NC 28601 
3 Lowman, William Edward, Rt. 4 Box 738, Hickory, NC 38601 

1 Lowndes, Mary, 1314 Chichester Rd., Orlando, FL 33803 

3 Lowrie, Patricia, 137 Bridgeport Rd., Belle Mead, NJ 08503 

4 Loyd, Michael, 1380 4th St. NW, Hickory, NC 28601 

2 Ludwlg, Timothy David, 1974 13th St. PL NE, Hickory, NC 28601 
1 Lundy, Ronald Tracy, Rt. 1 Box 1-D, Havelock, NC 38532 

8 LuU, Bobby, Rt. 1 Box 91, Denver, NC 38037 

3 Lutz, Janice H., Rt. 1 Box 91, Denver. NC 38037 

3 LuU, Robert H., 707 Hillside Dr, Kings Mtn., NC 28086 
a Lynch, Patricia A., 1333 15th St. Ct. NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

3 Lynch, Posey L., Rt. 6 Box 352, Rocky Mount, VA 24151 
1 Lynn, Gehrig D., Rt. 5 Box 38C, Hickory, NC 38637 

4 Lyons, Carolyn M , Rt. 1 Box 131, Advance, NC 37006 

4 Mackey, Charles Alexander, 8339 Prince Geo. Rd., Charlotte, NC 38310 
3 Mackey, Tina E., 3,563 S. Cty, Line RD58, Unlonvlllc, OH 44088 

1 Maddy, Curtis Lee, 166 Eastview St., Hudson, NC 38638 

5 Madison, Sheila, 1310 6th Ave. NW, Conover, NC 38613 

2 Mandish, Karen, 1309 Woodland Ct., Hampstead, MD 31074 

I Manlove, Penny Jean, 419 First .\ve., Haddon Hgts., NJ 08035 
1 Marlow, Tamara Leellen, RO. Box 468, Banner Elk, NC 38604 

3 Martin, Jennifer Anne, 1533 Barcose St., Lenoir, NC 28645 
3 Martin, Jenny Lyn, 504 5th Ave. SW, Conover, NC 28613 

1 Martin, Maudic Lottie, RO. Box 323, Hildebran, NC 28637 


Martin, Michael Timothy. *08 S. Elm St., Chcrryvllle, NC 28021 

Martin, Pamela Ann, 168 Glen Cannon Dr., PiBgah Forest, NC 38768 

Martin, Pamela .Jane, 130 Scenic View Dr., Mt. .\lry, NC 27030 

Martin, Ke|;lna Gall, 3116 Moore's Lk. Dr. Charlotte, NC 2821* 

Martin III, .\lan J., 105 .\lta Vista Way, Morganton, NC 28655 

Masche, Ernest William, 475 28th .\ve. Ln. NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

.Massle, Samuel, 804 Waco Ct , Hampton. \.\ 2.S669 

Masters. Carol Lynn. P.O. Box 36. Horse Shoe. NC 28742 

Matheson, Jane Spencer. 221 First Ave. N.. Conover, NC 28613 

Matheson, .Joseph Robert, 221 Ist Ave. North, Conover, NC 28613 

Mattson, Lisa ,Joy, 8:H S. Park Dr., Chesterton, IN 46304 

Man, Christine L., L-R Box 7933, Hickory, NC 28603 

Maultsby, Paul .J.. 2106 Allison Ct.. Burlington. NC 27215 

Maui.ey. William Marshall. 861 2nd St. NE. Hickory. NC 28601 

Max, Marilyn. 2020 13th St. NE. Hickory. NC 28601 

Maybcrry. Susan Rcna. Rt. 8 Box 218. Statesvllle. NC 28677 

Maynard. Susan Carol. P.O. Box 60.58, Raleigh, NC 27628 

Maync, Barbara A., 20 Third St., Holbrook, NY U741 

McAfee, Donna Lynne, Rt 5 Box 143, Hickory, NC 28601 

McBee, Stephanie Ann, 103 Lee St., N. Indialantic, FL 32903 

McBrayer .Ir, William Paul, 101 Eastover Dr, Forest City. NC 28043 

.McBrlde. .leffery Franklin, 1030 3rd St. Dr NE. Hickory. NC 28601 

McCall. Nancy E., 2304 4th St. NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

McCall, Robert .Joe. Rt. 1 Box 36. Zlrconla. NC 28790 

MeCarley. Wanda M.. Rt. 2 Box 614. Hickory. NC 28601 

McCloy. Margaret L . Rt. 10 Box 614. Hickory. NC 28601 

McClure. Karen. PO. Box 816. Taylorsville. NC 28681 

McCullough, Edward .Mark. 818 2 St. PI. NE Ap. 71. Hickory. NC 28601 

McDaniel. Tera La-fiay. 2269 10th Av. Ct. NE. Hickory. NC 28601 

McDaniels. Mary Louise. DT Apt. B12 Bost W D. Newton, NC 286.58 

McDonald. Glcnnle Sue. 34 Lakeside Ave.. Granite Falls. NC 28630 

McDcmald. Susan, P.O. Box 334, Hickory, NC 28603 

McDougal. Lawrence G.. 107 Northwood Dr.. Morganton. NC 28655 

McFadyen. Anne L.. 4892 So. Salina St.. Syracuse. NY 13205 

McFarland. Kelley Dlanne. 2009 Cedar Clr Dr. Baltimore. MD 21228 

MeGalliard. Lori Ann. Rt. 2 Box 899. Connelly Spring. NC 28612 

McGaughcy. Elizabeth .lane, 2.509 Fickle Hill Rd.. Areata, CA 95521 

McGee, Angela Marie. PO. Box 26,565. Charlotte. NC 28213 

McGhee. .James Marvin. 71(1 Briarcliff Rd.. Gastonla, NC 280,52 

McGlnnis, Eddie, 222 E Poplar, Stanley, N< 28164 

.McGuffln, Sherry E., 721 Murdock Rd., Baltimore, MD 21212 

.McKiernan, Ann Michelle, Rt 2 Box 399, Strasburg, VA 22657 

McLean. Doris Elaine. Rt. 1 Box 210. Oklawana. FL 32679 

McLean. Michael Theodore. P O Box 793. Lenoir. NC 28<>45 

McLestcr. Laura Smith. Box ,560, Wythevllle, VA 24382 

Mel.estcr, Ralph .Joel, 513 Stanley Ave., R.Kkingham, NC 28379 

McMullen, William Franklin, P.O. Box 1080, Waynesvllle, NC 28786 

McMurry, Angela Shirl, Rt 2. Lawndale. NC 28090 

McNamcc. Sheila M.. 9512 Hampton Oaks La.. Matthews. NC 28105 

McNeill. .Julie Denlse. 2000 W. La Porte Dr. Charlotte. NC 28216 

McNutl. .Jennifer Diana. 303 Two Notch Rd.. Lexington. S( 29072 

McSwain, Mark Ordway. Rt. 6 Box 49. Kings Min.. NC 2808() 

McWhirter. Jill L.. 1417 Crescent Dr.. Kinsport. TN 37664 

Mecks. Heidi Lynn, 6205 Doncaster Ct., Springfield, \.\ 22150 

.Mees, Debra Sue, 233 Devonshire La.. Wilmlnglon. NC 28403 

Megarglc. Brooke O . 263 ( oulidge Dr. Sarasota. FL 33577 

Melchor. Sheryl .lean. 206 S. Rowan Ave.. Spencer. NC 281.59 

Mellen. Donna .\nne. 3306 Charing Crossrd., Greensboro, NC 27405 

Melton, .lohn Russell, 302 Cumberland Dr, Danville, VA 24«41 

Merrigan, Edward Harold, 2800 N. E. 57 Ct., Ft. Lauderdale, FL .33308 

Merli. Heather Eileen, 2047 SE Monroe St., Stuart, FL 3.3497 

Michael, Kevin S., 485 12th Ave. NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

Midgett, Michael C , 706 W. School St., Maiden, NC 286,50 

Milihrani, Barbara .\nn, 4402 Colfax Street, Kensington, MD 20895 

Miller, Carolyn, Rt. I Box 516, Hickory, NC 28601 

Miller, Christopher Lee, 2915 Kanimbla Dr, Charlotte, N< 28214 

Miller, ,Iohn E, 48 Surf Dr, St. Augustine, FL 32084 

Miller, Leslie P, 2038 St. Louis Dr., Honolulu, HA 96816 

Miller, Mary E., Rt 1 Box 226, Newton, NC 28658 

.Miller, Phyllis Anzelctt, 420 Hibriten Ave SW, Lenoir, NC 28645 

Million, Bruce T, 7124 Swift Run Trl. I). Fairfax Sta.. VA 220.39 

•Mink. Marilyn. 19 Sunshine Blvd.. New Pi. Richey. FL 33553 

•Mitchell. Dawn .Marie. I61S 2tith Ave. NO. NO Myrtle Beh., SC 29582 

.Mitchell. Lisa. Rt. 3 Box 436. Elon College. NC 27244 

Mitchell. Lori. Rt. 10 Box 603. Hickory. NC 28601 

.Mitchell. Marie. 805 Ml. View Ave.. Valdese, NC 28690 

Mitchell. Melanic A . 816 (.Quince Dr. BD T-2. Galthersburg. .MD 30878 

Mitchell. William E . PO. Box 141. Taylorsville. NC 28681 

Moates .Ir. Robert Franklin. 717 Lankashire Rd., Winston<Salem, NC 27106 

Moc. Nancy .Jeanne. 845 4th St. Dr NW. Hickory. NC 28601 

Mofford. Frank. 175 17th St. NW Apt G. Hickory. NC 28601 

Molltor. MIchele Cary. 3067 Sunset Lane. Cocoa. FL 32922 

Mooter. Terri Ann. 5 Magnolia Dr. ,\cton. .MA 01720 

Moore. ( ynthla Ann. PO. Box 448. Lenoir. NC 28645 

Moore. Issac Ray. Rt. 2 Box 486. ,Morgant<m, NC 28655 

Moose, Daria R, Rt. 4 21 Fox St., Newton, NC 28658 

Moose II, David A.. 1204 Pinevicw, Albemarle. NC 28001 

Moretz. Annette Marie. Rt. 1 Box 408. Conover. NC 28613 

Moretz. Emily Camille. Rt 5. Box 470. Hickory. NC 28601 

Moretz. Robin Nelsim. Rt. 3 Box 37. Hickory. NC 28601 

Moretz. Rufus. 440 7th Ave. NE. Hickory. NC 28601 

Morgan. Alice .\nn. 802 Bethel Rd.. Morganton. NC 28655 

Morrison. Andrea Louise. 9908 Whitethorn Dr. Matthews, NC 28105 

Moselcy. Richard P. 106 Holllns Circle. Lenoir, NC 28645 

MoBcr. Cynthia V.. 110 Heather Dr.. LIncolnton. NC 28092 

Mostellcr. .lohn, Rt. 4 Box 580, Conover, NC 28613 

MoBteller, Maurine, 12,55 l!Hh .tve. NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

Mostellcr, Wayne .leff, PO Box 776, Hlldebran, NC 28637 

Mostellcr .Ir, Richard, 12.55 19th Ave. NE. Hickory, NC 28601 

Moye. Kimbcrly Ann. Box 35 Jamestown Sub.. Hickory. NC 28601 

Mull. Angela .Joy. Rt 4 Box 757. Hickory. NC 28601 

Mull. George Pinckney. Rt. 4 Box 242. Vale. NC 28168 

Mullane. Mark Scott. 461 Louisa Ave.. Wyckoff. N.J 07481 

Mullen. Joel E.. Rt. 9 Box 184. Hickory. NC 28601 

Mulllnax. Sheila. Rt. 2 Box 139A. < atawba. NC 28609 

Munday. .Joseph Douglas. P.O. Box 552, Mt. Holly, NC 28120 

Mundy, Crystal Linette, 663 Startown Hwy., Newton, NC 28658 

Munsey, Barry Lee, 209 .\mberwood Dr., .Jamestown. NC 27282 

Munsey. Beth Dannelle. 209 .\mberwood Dr.. .Jamestown. NC 27282 

Murphy. Mark Alan. 2317 Royal Rd . Deland. FL 32724 

Muslck. Sharon E.. 318 Skcct Club Rd.. High Point. NC 27260 

Muzi. Gregory J.. 210 State Park Ave.. Salamanca. NY 14779 

Myers. Douglas G.. 2921 Buckingham Rd.. Durham. NC 27707 

Naumann. Timothy James. 3906 Madrid Court. Punta Gorda. FL 339.50 

Nelson. Armada. 1368 N. Center. Hickory. N( 28<)01 

Neshelm, Nancy. 56 Rosewood Dr.. Hickory. NC 28601 

Newbury. Anna Elizabeth. 2898 Marguerite Dr. Winston-Salem. NC 27106 

Newton. Corbin. Rt. 1 Box 303. Vale. NC 28168 

Newton. Henry Lynn. 722 12th Ave. NW. Hickory. NC 28601 

Newton. Lori Michelle. 2070 Tenth St. PI. NW. Hickory, NC 28601 

Nguyen, John, 4225 Minstrcll Lane, Fairfax, VA 22033 

Nichols, Erie, PO. Box 304, Bessemer, NC 28016 

Nichols, Robin D., Rt 7 Box 73A, Mt Airy, NC 27030 

Nordslek .Jr. (ierald Alan, PO. Box 40265, San Antonio, TX 78229 

Norman, Katherine Lynn, Rt. 6 Box 163, Candler, N< 28715 

NorriB, Barry, Rt. I Box 106, Pleasant Garden, N( 27313 

O'Brien, Kevin M., Rt. 6 Bailey Rd., Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

O'Hair, Dana ( ., 8911 Alpine Clr, Malthews, N( 28105 

Oehler, Laura Alexandra, P.O. Box 2103, Thomasvllle, NC 27360 

OcBch, Kenneth ( harles, 380 9th Ave. Dr NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

Ogata, Kent (lay, 6399 Danhury Lane, Noreross, GA 30093 

Ohie, Paul, 1806 14th St. NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

Okunola, Michael Olatubosun, %Mr S. Okunola P03168, Ibadan OYO ST 

Oliver Jr, Dcmald Richard, Rt. I Box EA-22, Ruckcrsvllle, VA 22!Hi8 

Omer, Aziz, 107 Castlegate Dr, Morganton, .\C 28655 

Ondich, Karen E., 313 Ontario PI., W. Palm Beh., FL 3;H09 

Ortiz, , Joseph Christopher. 1907 Lucille St . Statesvllle. NC 28677 

Osborne. Stephen Delmer. Rt. 3 Box 103. Wilkesboro. NC 28697 

Overcash. Michele .loy. Rt. 1 Box 561. Tcjtman. NC 28166 

Owen. Hannah. Rl. 1 Box 747B. Taylorsville. N( 28681 

Owens, Denlse Marlene. Rt 2 Box 221X. Huds(m. NC 28638 

Owens. Lori Ann. Rt. 3 Box 245. Newton. NC 28658 

Owens. Mark Kenneth. Rt 3 Box 24.5. Newton. NC 28658 

Owens. Patricia. 237 5th Ave. NE, Hickory, N( '28601 

Pace, William Alan, 1313 South York Rd., Gastonla, NC 280,52 

Painter. Janet Fern. 1137 1 1th St. Clr NW, Hickory, NC 28601 

Palacio, .lose Alberto, 3801 SH 106 Ave., Miami, FL 33165 

Pardue, Donna, Rt. 2 Box 382-A, Wilkesboro, N( 28697 

Paris II, George T, 214 N. Edinborough St., Red Springs, NC 28377 

Parker, Lisa Nan, Rt. 3 Bx 133 Startown, Maiden, N( 28650 

Parks, Lisa Marie, 3503 Normandy, Greensboro, NC 27408 

Parller, Natasha Ruth, Rt. 1 Box .5.52A. Taylorsville. NC 28681 

Parris. Gayla L.. Rt. 4 Box 209. ABhevllle. NC 28806 

Pasour. Tammy Sue. Rt. 1 Box 327, Dallas, NC 280il4 

Pate, Blake, PO Box 643, Rowland, NC 28383 

Pate, Laura L., ,523 ,\VB, Melbourne Beh., FL 32951 

Patterson, .Jerri Dawn. Rt. 5 Box .57. Kings Mtn.. NC 28086 

Patterson. Kyle Thomas. Rt 6 Box 514C. Greensboro. NC 37405 

Pcaree. Barbara. 20 Brookwood Ln.. Hickory. N( 28601 

Pearee Jr.. Larry .\llen. 650 Lichfield. Road. Wlnston-Salem. NC 27104 

Pederson, Dale Lalrus. 868 Woodland Rd.. Statesvllle. NC 28677 

Peeler. Norman. Rt. 6 Box 1I0'2. Hickory. N( 28601 

Pendleton. .Joseph Paul. 923 E (iaston St.. LIncolnton. NC 38092 

Pendleton. Tommic Sue. 933 E. (vaston. Lineolnttm. NC 38092 

Pennell. James Earl. Rt. 1 Box 6.57F. Taylorsville. NC 38681 

Perkins. Cindy D , Rt. 11 Box 335. Unoir. NC 28<>45 

Peters. Patricia Ann. 244 St.mebrook Dr. Hendersonvllle. NC 38738 

Petree. Margie. 809 8th Ave. NW. Hickory. NC 28601 

Pharr. Wendy Ann. 315 Windsor Dr.. Shelby. NC 381.50 

Phelan. Kelly Lynn. 5959 Barbara ( Ir SW. Roanoke. VA 24018 

Phillips. Connie Annette. 2924 lOlh Ave. SW. Hickory. NC 28601 

Phillips. Erie. 84 17th Ave. C 1. NW. Hickory. N( 28601 

Phillips. Mary Suzanne. 124B Perdue St.. Garner. NC 27529 

Pierce. Christine R.. 305 Centre St.. Haddonfleld. NJ 08033 

Pierce. Laura S.. 1 106 12th St. SW. Hickory. N( 28601 

Piercy. Kathy Jean. 3161 Whllson Rd.. Gastonla. NC 28054 

Pingel. Nancy. 307 2nd St. SE. Conover. NC 28IS13 

PIttman. Charles Bryan. Rt. 5 Box 161-D. Hickory. NC 28601 

Pitts. Alyssa Virginia. 861 5lh St. NE. Hickory. NC 28601 

Pltzer, Margery H , 107 Trading Block La., Forest, VA 24551 

Plants, Forrest, 339 14th St. SW, Hickory, NC 28601 

HlaU, Stacey Lynn, Opossum Road, Belle Mead, N.J 08502 

Pless. Martha Kate. 84 Sugarland Run Dr, Sterling, VA 22170 

Poe, Norma, Rt 10 Box 163, Morganton, N( 281)55 

Poindcxter, Bradley Thomas, Rt. 3 Box 4.55, East Bend, NC 37018 

Pollcke. Jonathan H . 810 Pine Tree Ct.. Deland. FL 33734 

Poole. Paul Christopher. 4 Red Forest Ct.. Greensboro. NC 27410 

Pope. Carolyn Myers. Rt. 1 Box 724. Taylorsville. NC 28681 

Pope, John Scott. 2835 Forest Ave.. Ashland. KY 41101 

Pope. Wanda E.. Rt. 10 Box .58. Hickory. NC 28601 

Porter. Christopher A.. 4794 Leinbach Dr.. Winston-Salem. NC 27106 

Poteat. Rebecca Myrlck. P.O. Box 1123. Drexcl. NC 28619 

Powell. Janet Catherine, 4t>-A North Madison, Marlon, NC 28752 

Powell, .Juan Aleta. PO. Box .5.54. Chcrryvllle. NC 28021 

Price. Katherine Elaine. 26 Zephyr Drive. Ashevllle. NC 28806 

Price. Kimbcrly Virginia. 2401 Spring Hollow L., Blacksburg. VA 34060 

Propst, Steven Monroe. 730 Williamsburg Dr. Concord. NC 38035 

Propst. Timothy James. 110 Forest Cliff Ct.. Concord. NC 28025 

Pruett. Paul Timothy. 344 Robin Road, Ml. Airy, NC 37030 

Pruitt. Susan Y., 1319 Westwood Dr, Shelby, NC 38150 

Puch, Alan R , 3025 Stanley St., Orlando, FL 3'2803 

Pugh, Amy Jo, 3233 Plnenccdles Rd., High Point. NC 37360 

Purdham. Marilyn Kay. 5101 Violet Bank Dr. Va. Beach. VA 3:9464 

tjuach. Hlep Nguyen. Rt. 3 Box 676. Newton. NC 286.58 


Quagllartllo. Dandle, 2003 Kirklln. Dr., Oxon Hill. MD 20745 

Query, Mice. Rt. 6 Box 841, Mooresvllle, XC SSIIS 

Rader. Jennifer H., 23630 Blcklng Ct., Farmlngton, MI 48024 

Radcr, Lisa .\nn. Gen. Del. P.O. Box 3, Collettsvllle, NT 2S611 

Ralev, Patricia, Rt. 11 Box 594, Hickory, NC 28601 

Ralston, .\niy Gwen, 128 College Cir. .\pt5, Staunton, V.\ 34401 

Ramseur, Douglas D., 411 Martin ,\vc., Graham, NC 27253 

Ramsey, Gwendolyn K., 5509 FalUngbrooks D., Greensboro, NC 27407 

Ramsey, Marcus David, 111 General Hoke Dr., Llncolnton, NC 28092 

Rary, Margaret Gaylc, 741 Ferndale Dr., StatesvUle, NC 28677 

Ratchford, Rebecca S., 304 Caleb SeUer Rd., Newton, NC 28658 

Rathjc, Robin Berry, Rt. 4 Box 950, Hickory, NC 28601 

Ray, .loanne E., 2ti 11th .\ve. NE, Hickory, NC 3S601 

Ray, Luther Kldd, P.O. Box 842, Newton, NC 28658 

Reavls, .\mclla, 1329 Radio Rd. Ext., StatesvUle, NC 28677 

Reece, Sharon Elizabeth, PI). Box 262, Ruthcrfordton, NC 28139 

Reed, Carl Brian, 45 N. Prestwlck Ct., Dover, DE 19901 

Reep, .\my Jeannctte, Rt. 2 Box 347, Llncolnton, NC 28093 

Reep, Joy, Rt. 6 Box 66, StatesvUle, NC 28677 

Reese, Tonla Lea, Rt 4 Box 200-M, Vale, NC 28168 

Reld. Lois. 2111 Bertha St.. Kannapolls. NC 38081 

Rellly. David Scott. 909 Falrldge Dr.. Jamestown. NC 27282 

Reltzel. Kenneth, 312 2l8t St. SW, Hickory, NC 28601 

Rempc, Michael John, 29 Highland Dr , MooresvUle, NC 28115 

Renfro, .Icffrey Leonard, Rt. 9 Box 257, Hickory, NC 38601 

Rewcrts, Karen .\nn, 106 B Melrose Dr., Lexington, NC 37292 

Reynolds, Colette, 501 W. Gold St., Kings Mtn., NC 28086 

Reynolds, Rhonda Paige, Rt 6 Box 561, Salisbury, NC 28144 

Rhine, James, 507 \V. Bonvlew .\ve.. Llncolnton. NC 28092 

Rhine. Kathy. 507 W Bonvlew .\vc., Llncolnton. NC 28092 

Rhync. Eunice. 415 Coolldge .\ve.. StatesvUle. NC 28677 

Rhync HI. Robert Rudislll. 3700 Peach Orchard Rd.. Charlotte. NC 28215 

Ribelin. Cheryl. 1010 Bethany Rd.. .\lpharetta. G.\ 30301 

Richards. Lesley. 828 8th .\vc. NE. Hickory. NC 28601 

Richards. Mark Patrick. 828 8th .\ve. NE. Hickory. NC 38601 

Richardson. .\lma .\nn. Rt. 1 Box 16. Crumpler, NC 28617 

Richardson. Louise Ann. Rt. 1 Box 16. Crumpler. NC 28617 

Rlchter. Steven E.. 4907 Bcntonbrook Dr., Fairfax. VA 22030 

Rlggs. Fred Michael. 119 Meadow view Dr , Lenoir, NC 28645 

Riley IV, William Edward, 3015 Golf Colony Dr, Salem, VA 24153 

Rhlnehart, Sheila, 432 Holland Cr., StatesvUle, NC 28677 

Rlsdon, Karla Helene, Rt 3 Box 64, Branchvllle, NJ 07836 

Ritchie, Allison E., Rt. 2 Box 633, Iron Station, NC 28080 

Ritchie, Carol Marie, Rt. 5 Box 675, Concord, NC 28025 

Rivers, Silvia C, 1 Strathmorc Ct. HAP. K Rd England 00000 

Rivers, Timothy, 109 Optimist CB593, Hudson, NC 38638 

Roane, Troy Edward, 408 Confederate Clr.. Lexington. V.\ 34450 

Robblns. Amy Lee. 1428 12th St. Dr. NW. Hickory, NC 28601 

Robblns, Patricia Lynne, 919 Emerald PI. SW, Lenoir, NC 28645 

Roberts, Brian Jefferson, 107 Shore Dr.. Emporia, VA 23847 

Roberts, Felicia Rcnee, Rt 3 Box 173R, Cherryvlllc, NC 28031 

Robertson, Brenda .\nnette, 877 Main Creek Rd., Chesapeake, \A 33320 

Robertson, Jeanne Anne, 6309 Lakeland Hlghld., Lakeland, EL 33803 

Robinson. Janet Lea. Rt. 2 Box 219A. Claremont. NC 38610 

Robinson. Yvonne Carol. Rt. 2 Box 139. Dallas. NC 38033 

Rogers. Maria Ruth, 2030 Rogers Ave.. StatesvUle. NC 28677 

Rohrbach. Mellnda Sue. 4156 Chadds Crossing, Marietta. GA 30062 

Roland. Brent Carter, 515 Laurelwood Clr., Lenoir, NC 28645 

Roper, Cynthia, Forest Hills Clr., Ruthcrfordton, NC 28139 

Roscman, Susan R., Rt. 3 Box 753, Newton, NC 38658 

Rosinskl, David Paul, 960 Walklkl Dr, Merrill IS, FL 329.52 

Roth. Terry Ann. PO. Box 7087. Greensboro, NC 27407 

Rouscr, John Richard, 16 Kern Dr, Flanders, NJ 07836 

Rowc, Anna, RO. Box 467, Rutherford Cul.. NC 28671 

Rowe. .loy. Rt 3 Box 596-B. Newton. NC 38658 

Rowc. Rebecca Yates. 748 8th St. NE, Hickory. NC 38601 

Roy. Corlnne Mary. 98 Frary Ave.. Merlden, CT 06450 

Roy. Frances Ruth. 36 Campbell Dr.. Charleston. SC 29407 

Rover, Bruce R., 2812 Evergreen Rd., Lynchburg, V.\ 24503 

Rubel, James, PO. Box 1635, Hickory, NC 28601 

Rudd, Patricia, 1108 Wood St. Ext., StatesvUle, NC 38677 

Rudislll, Dcanna Mae, Rt. 8 Box 24. Morganton, NC 28655 

Rufty, Connie C, PO. Box 463, Catawba, NC 28609 

Rupert, Glenn Thomas, 13300 Blakely Ct., Sliver Spring, MD 20904 

Ryder, Barbara L., 420 10th Av. Dr NE"17, Hickory, NC 38601 

Safrlt, Crawford Brent. 1101 Emerald St., Salisbury, NC 28144 

Sain. Pamela H., 1336 12th St NE, Hickory, NC 38601 

Sale, .lanet, 1419 Bayvlew Dr, Havre De Grace, MD 31078 

Sandbcrg, Sara, 905 4th St., Dr NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

Sandor Jr., Frederick J., 1087 Amherst Rd., Chcslre, CT 06410 

Sanner. Terr! Lynne, 1549 Elk Forest Rd., Elkton, MD 31931 

Sapp, Patricia Dawn, 4635 Shattalon Clr., Winston-Salem, NC 37106 

Scaer, Susan .Alicia, 6 Pleasant Lanes, Newton, NC 28658 

Schelberg, Diannc, 7500 SW 158 Terrace, Miami, FL 331.57 

Schmidt, David Andrew, 14108 Chelmsford Rd., Rockville, MD 30853 

Schneider, Nancy .Ann, 344 Dorset Dr., Cocoa Bch., FL 33931 

Schrone, Edie Darlene, 1002 Brookwood Dr, Kings Mtn., NC 28086 

Schrum, Emma Ruth, 1412 Mc.Arver Street, Gastonia, NC 38052 

Schutte, .\ndrew .lay, 718 Green Cove Dr., Brandon, FL 33511 

Schwartzkopf, .Maria T., Rt. 5 Box 36C, Hickory, NC 38601 

Schwarz, Cindy L., 1703 Rosewood Dr.. Clermont, FL 33711 

Sciplone, Ellen. Rt. 3 Box 298, Conovcr, NC 28613 

Scott 111, Gordon R, 310 Earlwood Rd., StatesvUle. NC 38677 

Scroggs. Joanna Jill. Rt. 3 Box 333A. Clyde. NC 28721 

Seabock. Sarah Lee. Rt. 5 Box 1321. Hickory. N( 28601 

Seagle. Nicky Reeves. Rt. 1 Box 540-55. Conover, NC 28613 

Secrest. Nancy Reed, 431 19th Ave. NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

Scidel, Christine Kelly, Rl. 4 Marstella EST«3, Warrenton, VA 33186 

Self, Steven R., 904 Brandon Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 3,3451 

Sellers, Gerald Shannon, 902 W. Scotsdale Rd., Laurinburg, NC 38353 

Semoncs, Nancy Elaine, Rt. 1 Box 186-A, Faneygap, V.A 24328 

Semple, Roger, 1860 Wood Rd., Scotch Plains, NJ 07076 

7 Scnn. Mark. 429 Trwood PI.. Lenoir. NC 28645 

1 Sessions. .lames. Rt 2 Box 589. Valdesc. NC 28690 

3 Settlcmyre. Paul W.. 1465 11th St. NW, Hickory, NC 38601 

3 SeUer, Lisa. 19 31st NW, Hickory, NC 38601 

2 SeUer, Mark Jeffrey, 917 Meadowood Dr NE, Lenoir, NC 28645 

4 Setzer, Melanle Oxentinc, 445 11 .Ave. NE Apt. D23, Hickory, NC 28601 
1 Setzer, Raymond M., 48 31st Ave. NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

4 SeUer Jr, Louis B., RO. Box 615, Newton, NC 28658 

4 Shackelford, Stephen P., 401 Nottingham Dr, Colonial Height, V.\ 238.'H 

3 Shannon. Leonard S.. 6030 Beaver Dam La.. Charlotte. NC 38312 

5 Sharpc. Mary. 313 N. Park St.. StatesvUle. NC 28677 

3 Sharron. .lames B . 1205.\ 21st Ave.. NE. Hickory. NC 28601 

3 Shaver, .\lbert Randall. Rt 10 Box 4;)0. StatesvUle. NC 38677 

1 Shaw. Carol Richards. 1701 Ludwell Dr. Maple Glen. PA 19002 

7 Sheckells. Susan Marie. 339 3rd .\ve. NW. Hickory. NC 28601 

1 Shepherd. Julie Idell. Rt. 1 Box 400, Richfield. NC 38137 

1 Shcppard. Douglas Gene. Rt. 6 Box 554. Morganton, NC 38655 

1 Sherer. Lisa Ann, 689 N. Wayne. Kenton. OH 43336 

1 Sheriff, Caroline .Alicia. 38 Overlook .\ve.. Emerson. NJ 07630 

7 Sherrlll. Christopher Scott. 472 33nd Ave NE. Hickory. NC 38601 

1 Sherrlll. Deslree. 118 5th .\vc SW. Hickory. NC 28601 

3 Shew. Wlllard, Jeffrey. Rt. 1 Box 492, Millers Creek. NC 28651 
1 Shipp. Clinton Lee. Rt. 3 Box 240. Advance. NC 27006 

1 Shoberg. Constance Lynn. 2776 Slkes Ct.. Falls Church. V\ 23043 
1 Shomaker. Lisa Lavonda. PO. Box 313. Banner Elk, NC 38604 

4 Shook, Cynthia H., 638 W. End ,\ve., Stalesville, NC 38677 
1 Shook, Jeffrey Allen, PO. Box 614, Hlldebran, Nt 28637 

1 Shook, Pauline Yost, Rt. 11 Box 591A. Hickory. N( 28601 

2 Shook. Tracy Carol. 833 » 6th St.. Newton. NC 28658 

3 Shore. Carolynne L.. 1470 Kesteven Rd., Wlnston-Salem. NC 37107 

4 Shore. Sara Hill. 138S 5th St. NE. Hickory. NC 28601 
1 Shores. Sara. 1840 8th St. NW. Hickory. NC 28601 

3 Short, James Randolph, Box 66, Raylc, GA 30t>60 

1 Short. Martha Greer. P.O. Box 1116. Gastonia. NC 28052 

4 Shuford. Barry. Rt, 1. Lawndalc. NC 38090 

7 Shuford. Helgi. 820 9th Ave. NW. Hickory, NC 28601 

2 Shumate, Robert B., 635 N 8th St , Albemarle, NC 28001 

2 Sifford, Susanne Marie, Rt. 1 Box 3i6, Llncolnton, NC 28093 
1 Sigman, Brenda, Rt. 1 Box 374, Hickory, NC 38601 

3 Sigmon, Carolyn, 713 Second St. NE, Hickory, NC 38601 

1 Sigmon, David Leiand, 11006 SW 27lh St , Ft Lauderdale, FL 33.338 
3 Sigmon, Judith Kay, 1775 14th St PI NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

3 Sigmon, Kim Denise, Rt. 5 Box 10, Conover, NC 28613 

4 Sigmon, Kyle E., PO. Box 74, Claremont, NC 38610 

5 Sigmon, .Mary, 117 Enola Rd. Apt A3, Morganton, NC 286,55 

3 Sllleman, Donald Jay, Box 8338 LRC, Hickory, NC 28603 

4 Slminski, Stephen Reynolds, Rt 2 Stralton PI , Greenville, SC 29615 
1 Simmons, Nancy Ellen, Rt. 1 Box 173, Strasburg, VA 33657 

4 Simmons, Richard Llndley. Rt 1 Box lOA, Stalcy, NC 27355 
1 Slmms, Deborah Ann, .503 N Holland St , Dallas, NC 280;M 

7 Simpson, Rosa, 315 W. Concord St., Morganton, N(" 38655 

8 Slmpton, Sandra Hampton, Rl. 3, Llncolnton, NC 38093 
7 Sims, Donna, Rl. 3 Box 47, Conover, NC 38613 

7 Sinclair, .Margaret Grace, 1831 5th St. NW, Hickory, NC 38601 
4 Sink, Sandra H., 106 Bremen Dr., Lexington, NC 27393 
4 Sinn, David Thomas, 8732 SE Sandcaslle, Kobe Sound, FL 3:i455 
3 Slpe, Sherry Leigh, Rt 10 Box FC-84, Hickory, N( 28601 

1 Slpe, Susan Lynettc, Rt. 2 Box 79, Newton, NC 38658 

2 Slsk, Janice Blanton, Rl. 3 Box I36A, Vale, NC 28168 

1 Slska Jr, John Edward, 5305 W Ogden Ave., Cicero, IL 606.50 

1 Slzemore, Mark, 4683 Greendale Way, Winston-Salem, NC 27103 

1 Slade, Karen Elizabeth, 14,506 .lerrettsvllle. Monklon. MD 31111 

1 Slaugenhaupt, Ellen Margaret. Rd. 1 Box ;i48. Roaring Spring. P.\ 16673 

1 Small. Victoria Lynn. 256 Lee St.. Hampton. VA 23669 

3 Smart. Rebekah J . PO Box 949. Brevard. NC 38713 

1 Smick IV. William Hugh. 8111 Inca Ct . Richmond, VA 23237 

2 Smith, Berk, 397 14th .\vc NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

3 Smith, Brenda D., Rt 1 Box 64MS, Conover, NC 38613 

4 Smith, Carla, Rt. 1 Box 50. Valdesc, N( 38690 

2 Smith, Carol Joy. 19 Manor Cn., Saugertlcs, NY 12477 
2 Smith, Cheryl Ann, 516 Sterling St., Newtown, PA 18940 

1 Smith, Claiborne Thomas, 1537 .\bbey Ct., Wlnston-Salem, NC 37103 

2 Smith, Cynthia L., Rt. 7 Box 415A, M.>rganton, N( 28655 

3 Smith, Joseph L., 200 N. Piedmont Ave., Kings .Mtn., NC 28086 

4 Smith, Melanle Ruth, 409 Hudson St., Salisbury, N< 28144 
1 Smith, Michael J., Rt 3 Box 563, Granite Falls, N( 28630 
3 Smith, Naomi, 188 1330 5th St. NE, Hickory, NC 38601 

1 Smith, Patricia Collins, Rt. 3 Box 202, Granite Falls, NC 38630 

2 Smith, Paula, 1 Woods Drive, Granite Falls, NC 28630 

3 Smith, Scott Simmons, 215 Buena Vista Ave.. Stuart. VA 34171 

1 Smith Jr., Roy Woodrow, 1377 Old Mill Rd., Orlando, FL 32806 
3 Snuggs, Eddie L.. 944 N. 5th St , Albemarle, NC 28001 

3 Snyder, Christopher, RO. Box 670, Albemarle, N( 28001 

3 Solmaz, Kent, Rt 4 Box 4213, Conovcr, NC 28613 

3 Sox, Diana Lynn, 3201 Danflcid Dr., < olumbia, SC 29204 

2 Spann, Sherry D., Rt 6 Box 676, Hickory, NC 28601 

3 Speagle, Jane Church, 1070 18th St. NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

2 Spears, Teresa Jamene, Rt. I Box 389, Wikesboro, NC 28697 
1 Speece, Marlene Gall, P.O. Box 1, I'nion Grove, NC 28689 

3 Splnks, Paul A., 673 Vance St., Ashcboro, NC 27303 

1 Spofford, Richard Barrett, 1375 Sherl St., Lake Suzy. FL 33831 
7 Spooner, .lohn, Rl 5 Box 292-3, Hickory, NC 28601 

3 St. Clair, Wanda Lall, Rl. 4 Box 36SA, Taylorsville. NC 28681 

2 Stafford, Donna Adele, 11.50 11th St. Clr NW. Hickory. NC 28601 

5 Stallings. Rebecca. 333 lOlh Ave. Dr NE, Hickory. NC 28601 

4 Stallings. Rickey. 3376 Springs Rd.. Hickory. NC 38601 

1 Stamey. .lohanna Lisette. 703 Church St.. Forest City. NC 28043 
4 Stanley. Alvls Anthony. 538 R<idoret St.. Valdese. NC 28690 

2 Stanley. MIchcIc Dawn, 4937 I.elnbach Drive, Wlnston-Salem, NC 37106 

3 Starbuek, Lorl Marie, 2350 Mooreland Dr, Rural Hall. NC 27045 

4 Stark, Jefferson, 716-(; W. I'nlon St., Morganton, NC 28655 
4 Starnes, Karen, 2620 Clydesdale Ter. Charlotte, NC 38208 


Staton, Cynthia 1)., Box 0112, Marshvllle, NC 28103 

Stavropoulos, Nicholas, 20 13th Octovrlou, Athens, Greece 00000 

Stebbins, Mclanlc, P.O. Box 2184, Lenoir, NC 2864.5 

Steelman. Bobbie Rcnce, Rt. 10, Box 438, Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

Stephens, Glnnifer Lea, 2!502 Heritage Clr., Statesvllle. NC 28677 

Stephenson, MarRo Rlchelle, 1926 Beach Dr., SebrlnR, FL 33870 

Stevens, Michael, 2000 Trophy Dr. N'E, Marietta, G.\ 30062 

Stevenson, Robert SterlinB, 840 SW 17th St., Boca Raton, FL 3:M32 

Steward, Terence Tyrone, Rt. 1 Box .53, Bunnell, FL 32010 

Stewart, Lisa Inez. Rt 1 Box 244, Catawba, NC 28609 

Stewart, William Dewitt, Box 622 Rt. 2, .VIoorcsville, NC 28115 

Stlnson, .Janet Michelle, Rt. 2 Box 467, Hickory, NC 28601 

Stirewalt, Darlene Diann, Rt. 2 Box 166.\, Rockwell, NC 28128 

Stlrewalt, Emily G., 502 W. Rice St., Landls, NC 28088 

Stirewalt, Rhonda .lean, Rt. 2 Box 6.56. Salisbury, NC 28144 

Stivland, Dcbra Lee, 3011 Buekineham Way .\pex, NC 27.502 

Stout, .Jeffrey V., Rt. 3 Bx. 53-.\, Brevard, NC 28712 

Stoutamlre, Andrea Christian, 725 Carrollton Ave., Salem, VA 24153 

Strange, Blake C. A., P.O. Box 477, Chester, VA 23831 

Stutts, GreRory Alan, 903-A Westover Dr.. Hi|!h Point, N( 27260 

Sucher, Adam .John, 1131 X. Alabama ,\ve., Deland, FL 32720 

Sullivan, Sheri Lee, 262 Orchard Dr., Big Flats, NY 14814 

Sumlln, Howard Steven, 1.520 Harper .\ve. NW, Lenoir, NC 28645 

Surface, Frank E , 12143 Richland Dr., Catharpin, VA 22018 

Sutton, Michael Robert, 409 Springtime Dr., Greensboro, NC 27409 

Sutton, Tina Louise, Rt 5 Box 523, Candler, NC 28715 

Swanson, Carol, 179 Walt Arney Rd., Lenoir, NC 28645 

SwarLzcl, Vicki Rae, 201 Beth Dr., Hcndersonville, NC 28739 

Swegheimer, .James Alan, 3258 (holla Way, Orlando, FL 32808 

Swltzer, Connie .Jean, 836 E. Main St., Shelby, NC 281.50 

Swor, Elizabeth, Rt 2 Box 903, Connelly Spring, NC 28612 

Szudrowlcz, Andrea Gabriele, Rt. 1 Box 5.56D, Morganton, NC 28(>55 

Talbert, .Jennifer Lynn. 3932 Shlloh Ave., Hampstead, MD 21074 

Talbot, Stephanie Dawn, 7135 Evanston St., Faycttcvllle, NC 28304 

Tart, Patricia, 1140 18th Ave. NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

Tatsapaugh. Erik Randall, 630(i Buekhorn Rd., Greensboro, NC 27410 

Taylor, Danielle .Marie, 24 Liso I)r, Mt. Sinai, NY 11766 

Taylor, Mark Edward, 2232 Pcndrason Rd., Klngsport, TN 37660 

Taylor, Mclinda, 41 33rd Ave. NW, Hickory, NC 28601 

Taylor, Shirley Dcnlsc, Rt. 1 Box 228, Alcolu, SC 29001 

Teague, Kathy L., Rt. 1 Box 518, Granite Falls, NC 28630 

Tcague, Scottlc, Rt I Box 214, Taylorsvillc, NC 28681 

Teague, Susan, Rt. 3 Box 2ti9, Granite Falls, NC 28630 

Tellefsen, Torrey Rt. 2 Box 811, Morganton, NC 286.55 

Terrell. Kathyrn. Rt 10 Box 937. Hickory, NC 28601 

Thick, .llm. Rl. I. Taylorsvillc, NC 28681 

Thigpen, Ned Carlton, Rt. 2 Box 498C, Leland, NC 28451 

Thomas, Christopher Vaughan, 6282 Holly Court, Buford, GA 30518 

Thomas, .Joy, 1109 Kith Ave. PI. NW, Hickory NC 28601 

Thomas, Paige Ellen, 4903 Bentonhrook Dr., Fairfax, VA 22030 

Thompson, Brian Slerrett, 424 10th St. PI. NW, Hickory, N( 28()0I 

Thompson, .lennlfer Lynne. 144 Windsor .\vc., Westmrmt, \.l 08108 

Thompson, Karen 1.508 B. W. Braller, Austin, TX 78758 

Thompson, Truccy Lynn, 144 Windsor ,\ve., Westmont, N.J 08108 

Thompson, William B., 1107 (ireer Ave., Marion, VA 243.54 

Thornburg, Dawn, Rt I Box 273B, Dallas, NC 280:)4 

Thornburg, Ellen Adair, Rt. 3 Box 133A, Newton. NC 286.58 

Thuesen, Peter Johannes, 1910 13lh St. NE, Hickory, N( 28601 

Thucsen, Sarah, 1910 13th St. NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

Tldwcll, Shawn Renee, 1002 Grove Ave. SW, Lenoir. NC 28645 

Tomlln, .Jimmy W., Rt. 2 Box 492A, Hickory NC 28601 

Tonnesen, Laurecn B., 7508 Fiesta Way, Raleigh, NC 27609 

Toy Florence M., 55 ( urlis Ave.. Woodbury N.J 08096 

Trcadway, Sandra B.. 109 Valdese Ave.. Morgantcm, NC 286.55 

Tregde, Donald .John. Rt. 5 Box 170, Hickory, NC 28601 

Trexler, David R , Rdl Hky Hill Dr., Norristown, PA 19401 

Tripletl, Renee, PO. Box 1041, Lenoir, NC 2S645 

Trivette, Charles, Rl. 10, Box 812, Hickory, NC 28601 

Trullt, Frankle Dawn, Rt. 3 Box 288A. Vale, NC 28168 

Tucker, Ann Dru, 301 W. Wiggins St., Monroevllle, Al 3(>4<iO 

Tucker, Catherine, 536 7th St. SE, Hickory NC 28601 

Tull, Stephen Edward. 36 Oakeresl Dr, Dover DE 19901 

Turner, Carol, 1282 12lh St. Dr. NW, Hickory N( 281)01 

Turner, Lorl Lynn, 115 Labans La , Lincolnton, NC 28092 

Turney, Quclly Elizabeth, 2529 W. Inncs St., Salisbury, N( 28144 

Twiford, Celeste Marie, 1021 15th Ave. NW, Hickory N( 28ti01 

Tynes, Donna Lamal. 5 Birchni.od Cl Ap2M, .Mineola. NY 11,501 

Inderwood, Mary Frances, 3808 I olgale PI., Raleigh. N( 27609 

Vanderford, Linda Lee, 12 Spleewoiid, Salisbury, Nf 28144 

Vanderlinden, Lisa Elaine, Rt. 1 Box 8.5-C2, Sherrills Ford, N< 28(i73 

Vanctlcn, Mareia, 178 Tara Wd. 5 St. NE, Hickory NC 28(>0I 

Vanhoy Elizabeth A , PO. Box 166, Gold Hill, N( 28071 

Venson, Aar<m W., Rl. 9 Box 46, Fayetteville, NC 28301 

Vetsopoulos, T<my 412 Hlllcrcsl Ave, Burlington, NC 272IS 

Vltamvas, Linda Sue, .504 W. Church St., Elizabeth City, N( 27909 

Vogclsbcrg, Sarah .loan. Box 4271, Wilmington, DE 19807 

Waeenske, .Jeffrey ( harles. 270 Orchard Dr.. Big Flats. NY 14814 

Wagner, Cornelia D., 100 ( liffview Dr, Knightdale, NC 27.545 

Wagoner. Lorella Dcnlsc. DownUiwn .\pts. *I}|7, Newton, NC 28658 

Wakeman, Barbara S., 1751 8lh St. Dr NW, Hickory NC 28601 

Wakcman, Stephen Kinne, 1751 8th St. Dr. NW, Hickory N( 28601 

Waldon, Kristin Ann, Rl. 10 Blx. .560, Hickory N( 28601 

Walker, Amelia Hudglns, Rt. I Box A-277, Olin, NC 286f>0 

Walker, Beth. Rl 7 Box .5.52H, Hickory NC 28601 

Walker, Cynthia Gall, Box 220 12479 O PEN, Rouzervillc, PA 172,50 

Walker, Dell Ruth. Rt. 1 Box 241, Connelly Sprgs., NC 28612 

Walker, .Jeffrey Scott, Rt. 9 Box 539, Hickory, NC 28601 

Walker, Lee Conklin, 108 Ann St., .Morganton, NC 28ti55 

Wall, Darryl Kirk, 1229 Huntsmoor Dr, Gastonla, N( 28052 

Wallace, Christopher Alan, 7623 Yorkhouse Rd., Columbia, S< 29206 

Walser, ,James Barkley 1415 Bolton St., Winston-Salem, N( 27103 

Walters, Gordon William, PO. Box 785, Elkln, NC 28621 

Ward, Angela Dcnlsc, Rt. 1 Box 273W, Connelly Spring, NC 28612 

Ward, Carl, RT. 1 Box ,540 84, Conover, NC 28613 

Ward, Claudia Lois, 1426A Overlook Dr. SW, Lenoir, NC 28645 

Warliek, Lorl Ann, ,5792 Shallowford Rd., Lewisville, NC 27023 

Warliek, Rebecca D., 228 W. 13th St., Salisbury, NC 28144 

Warren, Anne Irene, Rt. 3 Box 10-lA, Taylorsvillc, NC 28681 

Waters, Deborah C, 106 Woodbridge Apts., Morganton, NC 28655 

Watkins, Lisa Rcnce, 821 S. Hampton St., Eden, NC 27288 

Walters, Frances, Rt. 3 Box 4.54, Conover, NC 28613 

Walters, Steven D., Rl. 3 Box 4.54, Conover, NC 28613 

Watts. Lynne, 86N. Highland Ave., Granite Falls, NC 28630 

Watts, Ronnie Norman, Rt. 1 Oxford Park, Claremont, NC 28610 

Weatherford, Irl R., 4423 Stratford Rd., Richmond, VA 23225 

Weaver, Katherlne Denlae, 428 3rd Ave. SW, Hickory, NC 28601 

Weaver, Lori f arol, Rt. I Box 512, Hickory, NC 28601 

Webb Jr., .James William. Rt. 1 Box 60A, Lacrosse, VA 23950 

Welch, Lisa Rae, Rt 10 Box 336, Winston-Salem, NC 27107 

Welher, Lori Ann, 519 N. Livingston St., Arlington, VA 22203 

Wells, David Warren, Rt. 5 Box 763, Reidsville, NC 27320 

Wells, Mary Helen, Rl. 8 Box 978, Henderson, NC 27.5.36 

Welsh, Joseph Thomas, 7 Blue Jay Way, Medford, N.J 080,55 

Wentz, Christine D., 2148 Nova Village Dr., Davie, FL 33314 

Wetmore, Eddie, 1251 18th Ave. NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

Wetzel, Katherlne, 5329 Cedar Chase. Dunwoody, GA 30338 

Wheeler, Daniel, (rest Knoll Apt. .5-A, Taylorsvllle, NC 28681 

Wheeler, Sheila Dean, 182 Walt Arney Rd., Lenoir, NC 28645 

Whcless, Michael Edward, Rt. 1 Box 323, Asheboro, NC 27203 

White, Freddie Steven, Rt 3 Box 530, Granite Falls, NC 28630 

White, Mark R., 224 Roblnwood Clr., Lenoir, NC 28645 

Whltener, .John, Rt 1 Box 249-0, Hickory, NC 28601 

Whltcner, Pamela Dlanne, PO. Box 422, Hickory, NC 28603 

Whltener, Patti ( arole, 8823 Nottoway Dr., Charlotte. NC 28213 

Whltener, Thomas, 7043 2nd St NW, Hickory, NC 28601 

Whiteside, Lorl .1 , Rt. 6 Box 291 P, Taylorsvllle, NC 28681 

Whitfield, Stewart C, 1045 Winding Ck. Tr., Atlanta, (iA 30328 

Whitley Charles, 114 Amity Circle, Belmont, NC 28012 

Whitmore, Dwayne Eugene, 1706 Orchard Lane, Staunton, VA 24401 

Whltson, .Janice E., Rt. 5 Box 1296, Marion, NC 287,52 

Whitson, Larry M., RO Box 781, Claremont, NC 28610 

Wiener, Mary Catherine, Rt. 11 Box 888, Hickory NC 28601 

Wike, Rodney <;., 509 Mt. Olive Rd., Newton, NC 286.58 

Wiles. Jeffrey E., 310 Bahama Dr., Indialantic. FL 32903 

Wilkinson, Rebecca Lail, 708 S. Brady .\ve., Newton, NC 286S8 

Wille, .Joseph Robert, 22 River Dr., Tequcsta, FL 3:i4.58 

Williams, Brett, 4280 Randmore Rd., Columbus, OH 4;f220 

Williams, Clayton M., 2101 Snowhlll Dr, Ml Airy NC 27030 

Williams, Diana E., 647 13th \ye. PL NW, Hickory NC 28601 

Williams, Felicia D., Rt. 2 Box ,389, Kings Mtn., NC 28086 

Williams, .layne E., 313 E. Boyd St.. Maiden, N( 286,50 

Williams, .John .\llen, 4401 Brown Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46226 

Williams, Kay Frances, 1315 20th Ave. PI. NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

Williams, Mary Lynn, 938 E. Sixth Ave., CJastonla, NC 280.52 

Williams, .Vllscha K., Rt. 18 Box 366, Lexington, N( 27292 

Williams, Pel Ling, 145 E. Stonebridge Dr., Morganton, NC 28655 

Williams, Stephen Miars, Rt 2 Box 14, (Taremont, NC 28610 

Williams, Susan A. Rt. 4 Box 101-Apl. 9, Conover, NC 28613 

Williams, Susan C. Rt. 9 Box 20.5-L, Morganlim, NC 286.55 

Willis, Kalhryn Stacle, 2.30 Dogwood Dr., Mt. H<dly, NC 28120 

Willis, Pamela Diane, Rt. 3 Box 113, Vale, N( 28168 

Wilmoth, Thea .Jane Whitaker, Rt. 3 Box 285, Elkln, NC 28621 

Wilson, Nancy Deaune, 4721 Pickett Rd., Fairfax, VA 22032 

Wilson, Sandra, 418 Chestnut Lane, Statesvllle, NC 28677 

Wlncmillcr, lames Mitchell. 1208 Cypress Ave . Venice, FL 33,595 

Wines, Harriet Stllwell, 129 Lk. Florence Dr., Winter Haven, FL 33880 

Winkler, Renae K , Rt 3 Box 132Y, (iranite Falls, N( 286.30 

Winkler. Sandy Deland, Rt. 1 Box 374, Hudson, NC 28638 

Winter, Suanne, 5022 Ozard Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 1.5239 

Withers, Elaine Michelle, 18707 Appollne, Detroit, M( 48235 

Withers, .Icnc Camillc W., Rt. 6 Box .567, Hickory JMC 28601 

Withers, Laurie Pendleton, 815 A S Poplar St., Lincolnton, NC 28092 

WIthrow, .John D., Rt. 7 Box 605, Morganton, NC 286.55 

Wood, John Phinehas, 1212 Marchestcr Dr, Raleigh, NC 27609 

Woodall, I.esa Belen, Rt. 10 Box 747, Hickory N( 28601 

Woodruff, Brenda, Route 6 Box 370-A, N. Wllkesboro. NC 28659 

Woodruff, (irady Arthez, RO. Box 142, Franklin, (iA 30217 

Woodrum, .Muttie Lucille, 216 2nd Ave. PI NE, Conover, NC 28613 

Woods, .lohn Kenneth, 3051 Magazine Dr., Winston-Salem, NC 27106 

Woolen, (iina L.. Rl 1 Box 2.53A, East Bend, NC 27018 

Woolen, Kelly (iordon, Rt. 3 Box 760, Newton, NC 28658 

Workmelster. .John Timothy, 5(>6 .National Hwy, Lavale, MO 21502 

Worley, Tony Lee, Box 8,533 LRC, Hickory N( 28603 

Worrell Scott Barry Box 6337 Compton Dr., Ashevlllc, NC 28816 

Wrenn .Jr. Thomas M., P.O. Drawer 1, Winter Park, FL 32790 

Wright, Ann Elizabeth, Rt. 1 Box 57,5(;, Forest ( Ity, NC 28043 

Wright, ( hrlslopher Scott, Rt. 3 Box 40, Vale, N( 28168 

Yancey Tracy Cllne, PO Box 673, Glen Alpine, NC 28628 

Yarbrough, Shcrryan, Rt. 2 Valley Ridge, Covington, VA 24426 

Yelde, Katherlne Elizabeth, 2015 Cilcn Ross Rd., Silver Spring, MD 20910 

Yelton, Deane, Rt. 2 Box 185, Maiden, NC 28650 

Yoder, Charles, 222 2 11th Ave. NW, Hickory NC 28601 

Young, David S., Rl. 6 Box 235K, Morganton, NC 28655 

Young, Kelly Mlchcle, Rt. 2 Box 8, Walnut Cove, NC 27052 

Young, Lynetic Ann, Rt. 1 Box 72-C, Conover, NC 28613 

Young, Paula Raye, Rt. 1 Box 270. Connelly Spring. NC 28612 

Young, Teena M., Rd. 4 Box 186, Hickory NC 28601 

YounI, ( ynlhia, 141 Village Circle, Hickory, NC 28601 

Yount, .lames Michael, 102 Allen St., Belmont, NC 28012 

Yount, Mary Eugenia, 629 Eighth St. NE, Hickory, NC 28601 

Young, Susan. Rt. 11 Box 852, Hickory, NC 28601 

Zayas, Frederick Anthony, 1980 Bedford Ct., Titusvillc, FL .32780 


JLife can onlu be undeniood bachward, but it muit be lived 

Jiran Jsirkeqaard 


In Memoriam 

David Augustus Moose III 

December 26, 1962 

March 18, 1984 

"It takes so much to be a full human being 
that there are very few who have the enlight- 
enment or the courage to pay the price . . . 
One has to abandon altogether the search for 
security and reach out to the risk of living 
with both arms. One has to embrace the 
world like a lover. One has to accept pain as a 
condition of existence. One has to court doubt 
and darkness as the cost of knowing. One 
needs a will stubborn in conflict, but apt al- 
ways to total acceptance of every conse- 
quence of living and dying. " 

— Morris L. West 

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